Updated: November 2017

Fanny Pack Reviews:

Why Fanny Packs are Making a Comeback - Fanny Packs were first made popular in the 90's.They were first used by travelers to hold personal items on a trip, and then the popularity quickly spread to all types of people who were looking for a convenient and safe place to hold belongings. One of the advantages of the fanny pack is that they allow people to have full use of their hands. Most women find a fanny pack more comfortable and convenient than a purse. Plus, it takes pressure off of a woman's shoulders. Men, on the other hand, find that they are able to use a fanny pack as a substitution for a purse. They can carry all of their belongings with them in a "socially acceptable" manner. As a woman, I have talked to quite a few men over the years who are jealous that women get to have a purse to hold their belonging and men can't use a purse! Sure enough, a fanny pack solves this problem. Also fanny packs offer a degree of safety because people can sling them forward making it very difficult for people to steal a wallet or other belongings. Shortly after they became popular in the 1990's, however, fanny packs began to get a bad rap and became labeled as dorky. Due to the extreme level of convenience that fanny packs offer, they are now making a comeback. People are once again appreciating how convenient these little bags make life for everything from dog walking, to traveling to hiking. There are other names that fanny packs currently go under including "waist pack" and "lumbar pack". Browse the best selling fanny packs online here.
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Fanny Pack Review - So what are the best fanny packs? The answer to this question really depends on what exactly you plan to use it for. We looked at a variety of sources including Epinions, About.com, and Amazon to see what people are considering to be the best fanny packs. One highly rated fanny pack that is only about $8 comes from Everest (see it here). As the name would suggest, The Multiple Pocket Fanny Pack by Everest has a lot of pockets. There are three zipper-compartments and a special cell phone pocket. This means that you can find spaces for your phone, wallet, headphones, and keys. Reviewers love this fanny pack and its high levels of usability and durability. Many people commented that this bag stood up very well to more expensive fanny packs. For $8, owners say you really couldn't go wrong with the Multiple Pocket Fanny Pack by Everest. Another popular choice is the Large Fanny Pack Waist Bag w/Cell Phone Holder & Credit Card Organizer in Black Leather, which sells for about $25. This is a great fanny pack for those who want a nicer material as this bag is made from leather, it is also slightly larger. This bag also gives a lot of consideration to usability and convenience. It has two holders on the front for smaller things like cell phones and keys. Reviewers on Amazon really appreciated this bag. People mentioned that it even had pockets within pockets. Quite a few consumers remarked that they loved how they could empty out all the contents of their purse into this fanny pack. Of course, one potential drawback is that this large waist pack may have so many pockets that you have trouble remembering where you put things. Another potential negative for this fanny pack is that a few people mentioned that the bag had held up well, but some of the zippers had fallen apart. View the most popular fanny packs here.

Best Waist Packs:

Are you looking for a waist pack instead of fanny pack? Well, actually the two are remarkably similar, as it seems that "waist pack" is just an updated and more polite name for fanny pack. However, in general, the fanny packs and waist packs carry the load in the front. A lumbar pack, on the other hand, carries the load in the back and clips in the front. A highly recommended waist pack is the JanSport Adventure Series Fifth Ave Waist Pack which sells for under $20. This recommended waist pack comes in a variety of colors and patterns, some are pretty tacky, so you may have to look through the options carefully before finding the option that suits you. The JanSport Fifth Avenue holds just enough of your belongings for brief "on-the-go" activities. It has a large main compartment along with a front zippered pocket. One feature of this waist pack that many people appreciate is the headphone exit port. You can easily run your iPod out of the waist pack when you are on the go. Reviewers of this waist pack loved the quality of the bag. For the money, the general consensus was that you cannot go wrong. Browse top rated waist packs here.

Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Packs:

According to Epinions.com, About.com and the Gadgeteer, The Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack is great. It sells for about $80. Certain types of fanny packs are technically now called "lumber packs" because they are stationed on the lumbar region of the lower back. The Mountainsmith Day Lumber Pack has 854-cubic-inch of space, so you can carry a lot more than you could with a typical fanny pack. One of the reason that Epinions likes this lumbar pack so much is that the compression and stabilization system compresses the load of what you are carrying and pulls it into your lumbar region. The load is carried on the small of your back and so near your center of gravity. The fanny pack itself is about 2 pounds so as you can imagine this is one of the larger types of lumbar packs that you can get. About.com mentions that this pack fits comfortably on your lumbar area and can even be worn under a jacket. Reviewers at Amazon give this lumbar pack high marks. People mention they were thrilled with how much the bag carried. Also owners like how it moves with you, and doesn't swing around. Another big advantage of the lumbar pack for an activity like hiking is that you can get things out of it easily, as opposed to a backpack which you would need to remove from your back and unzip. One reviewer mentioned that they could carry everything they needed for an overnight stay in the outdoors just in the Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack. See all the Mountainsmith lumbar packs here.

Recommended Lumbar Packs - Another recommended lumbar pack is the High sierra lumber pack, which sells for about $25. This lumbar pack doesn't carry as much as the Moutainsmith Day packs; it has about 275 cubic inches. However, it is lightweight and great for hiking if you aren't planning on carrying too much. This is a great lumber pack because it looks like a cross between a fanny pack and a lumber pack. It is suitable for hiking (it carries water bottles) as well as for a long day at the mall. Reviewers mention that this lumbar pack in particular is great for cameras and camera accessories. We have found in the reviews that many photographers say that they take this High-Sierra Envoy lumbar pack with them on shoots. Check out the top selling High Sierra lumbar packs online here.