Updated: November 2017

Flat Iron Reviews:

Jennifer Aniston has made a hair style famous and women everywhere want similar looks at home without having to pay a hair salon $100's to do it for them. Flat irons, or hair straighteners, are the popular choice of many women who want fashionable, sleek hair. A flat iron will take thin hair, normal hair, coarse hair, wavy hair, or long hair and turn it into straight and shiny hair. Hair straighteners have been around for a while, but they have suddenly become more popular and manufacturers are making them easier to use. Using a flat iron is not that difficult but it may take a little practice to get used to the temperature controls and how to place the hair into the iron. Since the flat iron operates under hot conditions, practice with it unplugged once or twice so that you get the hang of it while it's cool. On to the hair straightening. Use anti-frizz spray, lotion, or serum while your hair is still wet. If done properly on wet hair, the lotion will soften hair as it dries - don't put it on dry hair or it may become "greasy". You will be able to maximize the duration of the hair style and the straight hair. Next, you blow dry your hair until it's totally dry - your goal is to get the moisture out of the hair (not to straighten it). At this point styling experts say you should use sectioning clips and a rat comb to help with the flat iron process. Comb your hair and use the clips to section off portions of your hair and go over each section with the flat iron slowly. It takes some time, but continue until all your hair has been done. Below we will go into features and top brands of flat irons.
flat iron

Flat irons resemble a pair of barbeque tongs - a "V" shape. The plate types vary by material - ceramic, Tourmaline, sapphire, gold-tone, traditional, and metal. The temperature controls are adjustable or fixed and some have digital displays. Some come with overheat protection, surge protection, or an electromagnetic wave shield for safety. The plate width ranges from 3/4" to 3-inches. As we will discuss below in our reviews, there are specific flat irons for certain hair types. Prices on hair straighteners go from under $20 all the way up to over $150. The top brands are CHI, Bion, Hot Tools, HAI, Solia, Sedu, Solano, BaByliss, Futura, Kenta, FHI, GHD, Bio, T3, Conair, and Wigo. So which one is right for you? You need to consider your hair type, how much you want to spend, and the plate material that will work best on your hair. We did some online research at sites like Folica.com, Flatironreviews.com, and Misikko.com to see just what consumers and experts have to say about the latest flat irons and hair straighteners. My wife owns a Hot Tools Ceramic flat iron and I must say it can do wonders with her hair, although we'll see how it does in head to head comparisons with other brands. Most reviewers said they were looking for a hair straightener that works easily, doesn't pull or snag your hair, or burn the hair. See our findings below. View the list of best-selling flat irons here.

Best Flat Iron:

The Sedu Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener ($125) is rated the #1 hair straightener by salon professionals and top stylists worldwide. Customers have the same positive feedback as the experts on this one. The patented ultra-smooth ceramic/Tourmaline plates create 6 times more negative ions than regular ceramic straighteners and hair becomes up to 3X's smoother and silkier. The smooth plates eliminate pulling or breakage of hair say users. Owners also say the Sedu heats up much faster than conventional coil flat irons. The Sedu Ionic works great on all hair types (coarse, fragile, damaged, wavy, thick, thin). Just set the temperature control setting for the type of hair you have and the flat iron will do the job. It's lightweight and ergonomic design make it easy to maneuver. Owners say the Sedu flat iron is the best hair straightener on the market and makes going from curly to straight a sinch. The 1 1/2 inch plate width is great for fast results, however Sedu does offer the same model with a 1" plate for more control (meant for short to medium hair). A close 2nd in customer feedback and ratings was the Solia Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4") ($88). The Solia flat iron features a Dynamic Alignment System which creates ideal contact between the ceramic plates and your hair and heat is distributed evenly so hair will turn out straight and silky. The ceramic/tourmaline ion technology produces frizz free hair with no heat damage. One reviewer notes that the Solia is sturdy, easy to use, doesn't pull or snag hair, and leaves hair smooth and silky looking. Another owner says the Solia "glides through her hair" with no problem and great results.

Normal Hair Flat Iron:

The Farouk Chi Turbo Flat Iron ($125) with 2-inch plates and free Chi Biosilk serum is the best in this category. The versatility of the Chi flat iron is what sets this apart from others. It will not only straighten all hair types, but it can also curl and flip hair. It's heats up in an amazing 6 to 8 seconds and the quality, lightweight ceramic plates will last a long time (all Farouk Chi models here). The HAI Convertable Ceramic Flat Iron ($115) is another top rated flat iron and consumers rate it very high for performance and ability to straighten hair with ease. However, most owners say that after 2 years or so, the cord has developed problems and the flat iron stops working or has problems staying on. Amazingly enough, all these owners recommend the HAI flat iron since it's performance overshadows any electrical shortcomings. Buyer beware on this one (did not occur too all owners).

Coarse & Wavy Hair Flat Iron:

Perhaps the biggest market for flat iron users are those with coarse or wavy hair, especially when it's longer. The Japanese Ceramic Digital Hair Straightener by Bion ($190) is an excellent choice for hair that is hard to manage and straighten. The Bion flat iron was designed for hairdressers and features scratch-resistant ceramic/tourmaline plates and a new ergonomic design. The far-infrared heat will keep your hair vital and eliminate frizz. The adjustable temperature setting is great for all types of hair and the Bion will make curls, dreadlocks, waves/crimping, and flips. Owners say the Bion is excellent quality, performs well, heats up fast, and is durable. One women says it straightens her hair in half the time that her old Conair and Remington used to. Another user says that her hair went from wavy and coarse to soft and silky almost instantly. Although the Bion flat hair iron is more expensive than most, it appears that the results are worth the extra $$$'s.