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Many guys just walk into their favorite barber shop and ask the barber to use the #2 and give them a short hair cut. Hair clippers are fairly common in most barber shops and you will find them in hair salons as well as they are handy at trimming down hair and helping to shape it. Lots of men also own some kind of hair clipper for personal use to shave hair off their head or backs. Beard trimmers are ok, but a good hair clipper will do much more than just keep your beard looking tidy.

The Oster 76 hair clippers are some of the best professional style trimmers you can buy for your home. Next time you get your hair trimmed at the barber or hair cut shop, ask the person cutting your hair what brand of hair clipper they use. Why pay someone $25 for a basic haircut when you can do it yourself at home in just a few minutes. The new hair clippers are consistent and offer a quality hair cut each time. The only thing you will need to do is replace the blades periodically or grease/oil them to keep them cutting your hair efficiently. What should you look for in a hair clipper? How much do you need to spend?

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The video below shows the basic functions of an Oster Classic 76 so you know what to expect:

What to look for in a hair clipper?

Electric hair clippers are small, handheld personal grooming devices that range in price from $35 to $100. They are used mainly for trimming, cutting, or shaving hair found on your head or neck. Some men with excessively hairy backs or chests also shave that off with hair clippers. Corded hair clippers are what most professionals use, but you will find some models in the cordless variety that offer a rechargeable battery pack. You can imagine the cord getting pretty wound up on the corded models, so cordless is the best way to go if you have a choice.

The rust-resistant, titanium blades never have to be sharpened which is a huge plus. The only time you might change the blades is if you want to cut your hair to a different length. Other features to consider are things like a blade guard and comb attachments. Blade guards will help your blades stay sharper longer and the comb attachments let you cut hair to different lengths.

The most versatile clippers are those that cut hair at a variety of lengths. The best selling hair clippers on Amazon.com are Wahl, Oster, Remington, Andis, Babyliss, and Conair. The Wahl 79450 ComboPro is a top seller at only $20, but some reviews show that it doesn't perform as well as the comparable Remington Short Cut Clipper. For just a bit more money the Wahl 79524 ($35) is a much better buy for consistent cutting and trimming action.

We have found that buying any supplies in a barber shop or beauty salon is asking to get ripped off. Look online at Amazon.com for the best prices and selection. In terms of hair clipper reviews, we found some excellent feedback and owner comments at Epinions, Target, Folica.com, and Amazon.com. Consumer Reports does tests on beard trimmers and electric shavers, but we couldn't find their opinions on hair clippers. When they do come out with test results, we will be sure to include their feedback. The majority of salons and barber shops that we asked use Oster hair clippers or Andis products. It seems that Wahls and Remington hair clippers are lower end and priced to sell below $60.

The biggest problem with the cheaper hair clippers is the life of the motor and the overall power you get. Some reviews show that certain models just "stopped working" after only a year or so and others mention that the blades "don't cut evenly". Read reviews and choose wisely based on expert opinions and consumer feedback. To see a list of the top selling hair clippers go online here.

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Best Hair Clippers:

We found 3 different hair clippers all priced around $50 that tended to get the best overall ratings from consumers. RECOMMENDED - The first one was the Oster Fast Feed Clipper ($50) which is lightweight and compact and has twice the power of magnetic clippers. You can go from size 000 to size 1 with an simple blade adjustment giving the person giving the haircut options. The Fast Feed comes with 4 comb attachments, oil and cleaning brush, and size 000 blade. The motor is quiet, yet powerful enough to cut through wet hair. One owner that had been using a cheaper Conair hair clipper says the new Oster Fast Feed "works really well" and one owner said they used it on their dog who has thick, matted hair.

RECOMMENDED - The next popular clipper is the Wahl 79524 26-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit ($35) which features a high-speed PowerDrive motor making quick work of wet or dry hair. The high-carbon steel blades never need to be adjusted and it comes with 10 guide combs and an adjustable taper control. The kit also has 2 hair clips, barber's cape, neck duster, scissors, and 3 combs. There is a 5 year limited warranty on this Wahl hair clipper.

Lastly, we found several comments from salon employees who say they currently use the Babybliss Forefex Pro ($50) clipper on their clients and they wouldn't change for anything else. The taper control lets you get the exact cutting position required on all head shapes. You can view the complete list of top rated hair clippers online here.

To check out how to use hair clippers as part of a complete grooming routine - click the image below to go to video.

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Professional Hair Clippers:

The Oster Clipper 76 & Finisher Combo ($150) is the top rated professional hair clipper on the market. We saw some price gouging on certain websites trying to charge close to $200 for this product. Amazon.com is your best source for the cheapest price even on high end goods. You can find complete product details for the Oster 76 on Amazon. This Oster hair clipper is not only powerful and offers a heavy duty motor, but most owners say it's pretty much indestructable. The overall efficiency of the Oster 76 is what makes it so perfect.

Consumers say cutting through thick or even wet hair isn't a problem. There are 13 blade sizes available for this model and the detachable Cryogen x-blade system lets you easily and quickly change blades to your desired levels. The unit on Amazon is sold with #1 and #000 size blades, a blade guard, blade oil, clipper grease, and a cleaning brush. These powerful hair clippers are just what you find in barber shops and salons nationwide. You can find more reviews for this product on Folica.com. Additional sized blades run about $20 and can be found on Amazon.com. Check with your barber to see which # blade you have your hair cut with (i.e. - the #2 blade) and get that for your Oster.

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Top Rated Electric Hair Clippers:

We knew we couldn't write an article on haircut clippers without including something on the Remington Short Cut Clipper ($34). It isn't their most expensive model, but it gets excellent ratings from many consumers online for a "good value" hair clipper. The Short Cut clipper offers a bi-directional cut and it's light weight make it easy to maneuver around. The battery is rechargeable and it's the best clipper for those wanting to give themselves a haircut. This Remington hair clipper is the ultimate in a home "buzz cut" or almost bald.

Plenty of guys don't keep a lot of hair on their heads so why pay $15 or more for a haircut that takes all of 5 minutes when you can get the same results at home without much hassle. The Remington is available on Amazon.com and other beauty supply websites.

More videos and resources are here on our Hair Clipper Resource Page.

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