Updated: November 2017

Hair Dryer Reviews:

We have all heard people say it, "I'm having a bad hair day" and it usually means that their hair is not behaving properly. Consumers spends billions on hair products each year trying to solve hair issues or enhance fading hair lines. All the shampoo, gels, sprays, curling irons, etc. won't work unless you can strategically dry your hair with a good hair dryer. Hair dryers are pretty much marketed to women since 99% of men don't have hair that needs drying or they don't care to use them. With all the hair types in the world how can you find the hair dryer best suited for your hair. There are hair dryers, blow dryers, and ionic blow dryers that you can choose from. A hair dryer comes with basic settings and various sizes like full-size, midsize or compact (travel size). Blow dryers differ in wattage and usually have multiple speed settings along with a cold air knob. Top manufacturers of blow dryers are Babyliss, Conair, and Chi. Ionic blow dryers now comprise 90% of the hair dryer market and are better at drying your hair faster with less heat resulting in minimal damage to your hair. Ceramic hair dryers use "far infrared" technology to reduce frizz.
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When searching for the best hair dryers, there was no conclusive evidence that ceramic or ion technology made one better or worse so don't choose on that feature alone. We went to Amazon.com to find out just which models of blow dryers people are buying and which ones get the best reviews. For the best ionic hair dryer, (RECOMMENDED) the Conair 225NP Comfort Touch ($39.99) was the top rated by consumers. The Conair hair dryer comes with the Tourmaline ceramic technology, 1875 watts, 3 heat/2 speed settings, and a high torque DC motor for fast drying. Owners say the Conair performs better than the costlier Wigo ($100) and leaves hair soft and shiny. The Conair 208R Infiniti Tourmaline Hair Designer was a close second with customer satisfaction ranked very high. It "manages your hair by controlling frizz, promoting volume, and straightening unwanted curls". Women say it works great on straightening unwanted curls, styles your hair without damaging it, and detangles. Some reviewers say their hair "finally resembles the way it does when they leave a beauty salon". Finally, if you are willing to spend a little more, (RECOMMENDED) consider the Elchim Professional Classic Hair Dryer -- though it costs closer to $75, it is the only dryer that gets 5 star reviews from users. Simply put, people love this hair dryer. You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling hair dryers here.

Best Hair Dryer:

The Elchim Professional 2001 is top rated by salon experts and owners alike. At $75 it's still a great purchase with excellent features like 7 switch combinations of speed/temperature, high quality heating element, made in Italy, and gives you high air flow but without harming heat that damages hair. The Elchim 3900 is another winner in most categories but you are looking at $150 and that price point is beyond what most people are willing to pay. Those that work in salons have no problem with putting that much out for a new hair dryer since they use it professionally almost every day. In talking to several local salons, the Elchim are definitely a preferred brand based on performance and long term reliability. The T3 brand is certainly well recognized and we go into their offerings down below.

Best Travel Hair Dryer:

Nothing is harder than traveling without all your favorite beauty supplies, especially a hair dryer you can count on. Sure hotels provide the basic models in your hotel room, but having your trusted blow dryer while traveling for business or pleasure is important. The Conair Ion Shine Folding Handle Blow Dryer for around $25 is the ideal size with a folding handle so it packs up nicely. Features 1875 watts of drying power, a concentrator attachment, removable filter, a quiet tone motor, and 2 speed heat settings. Owners say it's lightweight and fits nicely in all luggage. Other quality travel blow dryers are the Hot Tools 1039 Professional Dual Voltage Folding Travel Hair Dryer, Vidal Sassoon VS521 1875W Ion Select Travel Dryer, and the Andis 75230 1875W Quiet Travel Hair Dryer. Most all priced from $15-$25 and come with limited warranties. The one concern with smaller hair dryers amongst users is that the motors will blow out too easily and that is a common complaint with many models - they just suddenly stop working.

Professional Hair Dryer:

Anyone that has been to a top hair salon knows that the professional hair dryers used in the salon do wonders. How much are those professional blow dryers and are they really worth it? The top rated T3 Tourmaline Professional Featherweight ($200) gets great reviews in womens magazines and in online discussion forums for beauty products. It uses tourmaline negative ions and far infrared heat technology to dry hair 60% faster than other models and it leaves your hair shinier, smoother, and healthier. The 4 year warranty is only good if you buy the blow dryer from one of their authorized resellers. Other similar models are the T3 Tourmaline 83808 Professional Featherweight Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer ($140) and the T3 Tourmaline 83888 Evolution Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer ($155). The Farouk CHI GF 2100 Rocket Professional Hair Dryer ($135) is another blow dryer we found in many articles, but could not find any consumer reviews. Many women are used to the bonnet hair dryers you find in hair salons that fit right over your head and dry your hair. We looked online for the best bonnet hair dryer on the market and although we found many models from top hair dryer makers, none of the reviews for the products were very positive which makes us think it might be hard to get the same quality at home as in the salon. You can visit Conair.com to see their selection of bonnet hair dryers and perhaps find a style you like. They are not as expensive as you might think - usually no more than $50.