Updated: November 2017

Heated Jacket Liner Reviews:

Riding a motorcycle in the cold weather without some kind of heat source is not very comfortable. Unlike cars, motorcycles don't have built in heater systems. There are clothing items like heated glove liners or heated jacket liners that can help keep you warm and cozy on a frigid day. All across the United States motorcyclist commute to work in all weather conditions and when winter hits, they need to find warm clothes. One of the best products on the market are the jacket liners that heat up and keep you warm. Just how do they work? The heated jacket liner is just one part of the system. You will need to get a temperature controller device - sold separately from the jacket liner. There are single and dual portable heat-troller units depending on your needs. Heated jacket liners run about $180 and the heat controllers go for another $90 or so. This can be a great investment if you plan on riding a motorcycle in cold climates. We go into top brands, a quick buying guide, and our 'top picks' down below.
heated jacket liner

Choosing a Heated Jacket Liner - There are 4 or 5 top brands when it comes to motorcycle heated jacket liners - Gerbing, FirstGear, Venture, Tourmaster, and Powerlet. When talking to experts (motorcycle shop owners are our favorites), they generally steer you to the Gerbing, Tourmaster or FirstGear products. On the flipside of things, while looking at all the owner comments and opinions posted online in forums and reviews, the 3 same brands dominate the space. Venture gets well above average feedback from consumers, but the others are superior in all areas. The only real questions you need to ask yourself before buying a jacket liner that is heated are - what size are you? Do you want a single or dual temperature controller? What is your budget? We always prefer to start our products searches online at reputable websites and see what they are saying about the latest products and get owner feedback as noted on reviews posted to their websites. Revzilla.com had some excellent head to head comparisons between the Gerbing and Tourmaster liner products. Many say the Gerbing sizes are too large - so be careful when ordering. When getting the right fit, Gerbing rates quite well when compared to brands like Tourmaster. There were a few other complaints in regards to the neck collar being 'too tall' as one consumer noted. It then heats up your neck and makes it uncomfortable. You can always fold the collar down a bit to alleviate the situation. Several owners say that the Gerbing is less 'bulky' than the Tourmaster liners and that makes for a more comfortable ride. The 90 Watt heated jacket liner from Firstgear scores really well in consumer reviews at the Motorcycle-Superstore.com. Sizing variety is a plus and many people mention that they like that it is offered in both 65 watt and 90 watt versions. Ease of use with the Firstgear motorcycle jacket liner is what sets it apart. Hook the heat controller up to your battery and set the heat levels. Most owners say the dual heat controller is the preferably method since most riders are also looking to heat up gloves or pant liners. Wondering how all these liners hook up properly? We have supplied an informative video down below showing just how the jacket and glove liners setup using the dual heat controller. The video is for Gerbing products, but the others all work very similarly. Just remember, there is no need to be cold when riding a motorcycle even when it's 30 degrees outside. Get a complete heating system - jacket liner and heat controller - and you'll be enjoying that ride once again. You can browse the best selling heated jacket liners here.

Best Heated Jacket Liner:

RECOMMENDED - The Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner - 90 Watts is a top performer and is available in 9 sizes. The jacket liner is also available in a 65 watt option. You plug the jacket liner into a DC power source or battery pack. The jacket liner is designed to be worn over a single layer of clothing - say a shirt. Then, you should be wearing a protective motorcycle jacket over the liner. The dual heat-trollers for this jacket are what most experts and owners recommend. That way you can hook up multiple liners (gloves, pants, jacket) to the controller and be on your way. The dual heat troller will cost your $90 (available on Amazon as well) and it's simple to connect all the cables together and get warmed up quickly. Owners say that within 30 seconds or so the heated liner on the jacket is generating significant heat. A few consumers mention that the jacket liner is a bit 'stiff' since there are wires running through it. Others mention that the jacket liner is 'easy to use with wireless charger' and most say it's an 'awesome jacket liner'. After testing several liners, we like the Firstgear products the best. They are the easiest to use, most comfortable to wear, and certainly keep you within a nice temperature range while riding along in cold weather.

Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner:

RECOMMENDED - Tourmaster has an excellent reputation in the motorcycle industry selling all sorts of clothing accessory items. The Tour Master Synergy 2.0 Heated Jacket Liner is no different in terms of customer satisfaction. The liner is a bit more expensive than the FirstGear (listed above) - but that is because the dual controller and connection cables are included. The jacket liner is available in 8 sizes, the color option is only black. One person describes the jacket liner as 'like riding in a heated blanket'. Plug in the cables and within about 1 minute you will have heat flowing to your jacket liner. The liner is designed to work specifically with your 12 volt electrical system. The heating elements are made with durable steel fiber - providing electronically controlled infrared heat. The steel fiber elements are both flexible and lightweight, the perfect combination for a jacket liner. They are also totally safe to operate in wet environments. The dual heat theromstat is also water resistant making for the perfect compliment to the heated liner. Customer comments for the Tourmaster include 'a game changer on cold rides' and 'riding in 30 degree weather I am now comfy'.