Updated: November 2017

Best Invicta Watches for Men

Find out about what makes Invicta Watches so great - models, features, where to get low prices.
Invicta started as a Swiss watch company in 1837 (Raphael Picard founded the company and his family ran it for 150 years, but a private investment company took it over in 1991), and they have always been known for building precise, solid watches at "modest" prices. What the heck is "Invicta"? Invicta means invincible in Latin - and that's a good description of these watches. While considered luxury watches, many Invictas sell for $100-$200, meaning you get the look of a very expensive watch without getting the pricetag of an automobile attached to it. Personally, I switch off between heavier and lighter watches -- like many watch-owners, I own a few. I used to wear Skagen watches until I found out about the Invicta Slims, which are one of the thinnest and lightest weight watches around. But Invicta makes all kinds of watch styles and designs to fit just about any taste and budget. The most popular Invicta watches include the Lupah, Pro Diver, Subaqua, Speedway, and Chronograph.

All Invicta watches come in very recognizable gold display boxes - their signature. All watches come with a 1 year warranty (does not cover scratches to crystal or bands). Designed to be water resistant to 30 meters depth (with some models down to 300m), most Invicta watches feature what is known as a "screw down" crown. Instead of just pulling the crown up and then turning to adjust the hands, you first unscrew it until it pops up (and when finished, you push it down and then screw it into place). Like most watch makers, they offer quartz (battery powered), automatic (winds automatically from movement of your body), and manual wind models (wound daily by hand).
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Buying an Invicta Watch Online

Buying a watch online can be worrisome for many people. I know when I shop for expensive items, I always wonder who I'm dealing with on the other end of that website -- is it a legitimate vendor or some guy in Texas who just imported a crate of knock-off products from China? Point is, you can't tell just by looking at a website. So for stuff like jewelry and watches and electronics, we follow a simple rule. Send visitors to a website they know and trust -- in this case, Amazon.com. Amazon has a section of their site devoted solely to Invicta watches - the Invicta Store. With everything from the Pro Diver to the Lupah to the Force, they offer more than 2000 different styles of Invicta watches, all at great prices. So shop with peace of mind! Shop with Amazon when you are ready to buy your Invicta watch.

Invicta Men's Watches

For most men, buying the best mens watch means buying a hefty, solid timepiece, ruggedly constructed, that can deal with day to day life -- waterproof, scratch resistant crystal, comfortable band that doesn't pinch hair and won't break or snap when you swing a hammer or play basketball. Just picking up a man's watch , you can get the feel of it. One thing that makes these Invicta men's watches so popular is that they are built like tanks. I invite you to check out this one guy's test of the Invicta Diver watch, where he first freezes it in a block of ice, that plops it into boiling water just to see how tough it is. And it passes the test! (www.geekhideout.com/freeze.shtml). The most popular mens Invicta watches have a case carved from a single block of 316L surgical grade stainless steel, some also have titanium cases. Most feature sapphire crystals to prevent scratches (a sapphire crystal rates a 9 out of 10 on the Moh's scale, diamond is a 10). Look for crown protectors that keep the winding stem from getting damaged. Invicta men's bracelets are designed to fit wrists ranging from 5.5" to 9". Over the last 2 decades I've probably gone through something like 20 watches, and personally, I don't like to spend more than $250 on a watch. That gives me a lot of choices when it comes to Invicta. Browse the selection and styles of men's Invicta watches here. They come in so many looks and colors, rather than recommending a specific model, you are better off browsing and finding a style that suits you.

Invicta Diver and Invicta Pro Diver Watch

invicta chronograph watchThe Invicta Diver and Pro Diver Watches are two of their most popular and recognizable timepiece lines. The Pro Diver collection is not just a single watch design -- Invicta offers more than 200 different designs, combining different colors, chronograph functions, bands and bracelets, with prices ranging from just $75 to around $1000 for some of the diamond versions. While many compare these Invicta Dive watches to models made by Rolex (namely the Submariner), you just can't say the same about the price -- and that is what keeps loyal Invicta buyers coming back. These watches really offer great value for the dollar, without sacrificing style. The Grand Diver Alarm is plated in 23 karat gold, has a 51mm case, has an alarm, an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and is water resistant to almost 1000 feet. With a blue face with gold accents, this doubles as both a rugged sports watch and an elegant timepiece you can wear in a formal or business setting. It's large, it's heavy, but as we said above, those are nice things to have in a man's watch. The Pro Diver DX combines analog and digital readouts, so you get complete calendar functions, a dive log (record dive times, durations, depth, lowest temp, etc) and dive alarm, ascending speed warnings, water temperature readouts -- all of which reminds us that these are serious dive watches and not just for show. Rotating bezels allow you to monitor time at a glance. The Pro Diver Invicta watches feature Miyota mechanical movement, very reliable and well tested over many years. Don't feel bad about buying one of these watches if you are not a diver -- you won't be the first. These diver watches just don't go out of style when it comes to men's jewelry.

Invicta Chronograph Watch

A chronograph is watch with a built-in stopwatch feature. Most Invicta chronographs have sub-dials that track minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds. I like the Invicta Speedway Chronograph model (around $130) - it looks somewhat like a Rolex Daytona. It has a fairly large case at 41mm (13mm thick) and a gorgeous blue face. Some people aren't crazy about the anti-reflective surface on the crystal, but I think it works and I like the way it looks (some watches are VERY tough to see in certain bright lights). There is a sweep second hand, and while it is good, it's also true that it is not as smooth a sweep as a Rolex -- not a deal breaker for me. They also make a Pro Diver Chronograph design (which sells for around $70-$250, depending on model number). Not everyone likes or needs the Invicta Chronograph design - but if the multiple inset dial look is for you, give these watches a look. Again, the quality of the build you get for such an affordable price really is amazing. Browse the entire Invicta Chronograph family here.