Updated: November 2017

Jewelry Steam Cleaner Reviews:

Finding the Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners - If you have ever sent a ring, earrings, or other pieces of jewelry to be professionally cleaned, you know the tremendous difference it makes in the appearance of the piece, as well as your enjoyment of it. Your stones sparkle and the metal work gleams. A home steam jewelry cleaner is an ideal way to save the expense of professional cleaning and add the convenience of cleaning your pieces quickly and easily whenever you wish. Because the safety and appearance of your jewelry is so important for both financial and sentimental reasons, you need to ensure that any product you choose will clean without damaging the stone or setting. This guide will help you make the best decision so you can enjoy your jewelry without worry.
jewelry steam cleaners

Why Should You Clean Your Jewelry - and Why Should You Clean It at Home? - Part of the pleasure of jewelry is the way it catches the light. Even people who don't consider themselves "jewelry people" cannot resist a beautiful, shining piece of jewelry. Over time, as we wear these gorgeous pieces, the oils from our body, soap, and other residue of daily life dulls the sheen of our jewelry. This is especially prevalent with engagement and wedding rings, which, in addition to being big investments, are also very valuable and special to the people who are wearing them. When jewelers clean your pieces, they typically use ultrasonic or steam cleaning to restore its shine and multi-faceted beauty. This is exactly what you'll be able to do with home steam cleaners. When choosing the right product for your needs, look for the following:

*Chemical-free cleaning. A steam jewelry cleaner uses only the power of simple tap water.
*Easy operation, quick results, and no mess to clean up.
*Features to ensure your safety when using the steam jewelry cleaner
*Self-regulating temperature
*Wide, stable base
*Manufacturer's warranty
*Price. This can vary from $99 to over $1,000. Get the best quality that you can comfortably fit into your budget.

Here are some great suggestions that will have your jewelry sparkling and new in no time. Browse the best selling jewelry steam cleaners here.

Best Jewelry Steam Cleaners:

Jewel Jet Steam Jewelry Cleaner - Jewel Jet was one of the first commercially available jewelry steam cleaners on the market. According to Jewel Jet, this cleaner is rated number 1 by professional jewelers nationwide and is far more effective than ultrasonic cleaners. Steam is able to power away dirt and grime and leave nothing but sparkle behind. The Jewel Jet features a ready light on the steam switch, low maintenance design, 8-ounce water reservoir, 3-minute heat up time, and a convenient mesh basket for holding jewelry. It will fit right into your home, and rather looks like a little cappuccino machine! To use, you simply fill the reservoir with regular tap water and wait for the indicator light to go on. The Jewel Jet converts the water into steam and releases it through a nozzle. When you hold your jewelry near the nozzle with the provided tweezers, the pressure from the steam provides an unbelievably thorough, and safe, cleaning. This is the same technology that jewelers have used for years - only in a smaller package to accommodate convenient home use. A review in Associated Content said this was the best way to get a professional clean right in your own home. You can find the Jewel Jet for about $100 on Amazon. See the Jewel Jet in action with this YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz7mHwuDqTU).

The Sharper Image Jewelry Steam Cleaner - According to MySteamCleaners.com, the Sharper Image Jewelry Steam Cleaner produces outstanding, professional results right in your own home. Like the Jewel Jet, it is a compact unit that is designed to clean your personal jewelry. It uses simple tap water, and like the Jewel Jet, uses tweezers, a mesh basket, and a steam nozzle in order to pressure clean your jewelry. Easy to use, sleek, and effective: what could be better? You can see the Sharper Image steam cleaner in this YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLciE_RLs0E). It really is amazing what simple tap water can do! And at the low price of $80, it is more amazing still.

Professional Steam Cleaners - The Jewel Jet and Sharper Image steam cleaners are ideal for home use and when you want to clean a piece here and there. If you want to clean a number of pieces, or perhaps you own a jewelry store and need to capture the power of steam, than a larger machine is called for. JewelrySteamCleaner.org recommends the Blitz Professional Jewelry Steam Cleaner. This is a professional quality steam cleaner. While ideal for business use, it is affordable enough to use on a personal basis as well. The Blitz cleaner uses 42 ounces of tap water - compare that to the 8-ounce reservoir in the Jewel Jet. This saves you the bother of having to refill the tank to clean large amounts of jewelry. You will also find a durable steel shell and a host of safety features, including built-in self-regulating temperature. You can find the Blitz Professional Steam Cleaner for Jewelry on Blitz's website for $185. BEST - The high end cleaners are from Reliable. You can view the Reliable steam cleaners for jewelry here.

Tips for Using your Jewelry Steam Cleaner:

Before you use your steam jewelry cleaner, make sure you read the instructions carefully. This is a step that many of us are more than tempted to skip in our haste to use our new product. But when you are handling jewelry, it is essential that you take the time to care for your jewelry properly. Part of this is knowing which of your specific pieces can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. Some fragile stones, like pearl and opal, can be damaged by steam. For jewelry with fragile stones, make sure you use an alternative method of cleaning. Many cleaners, including Jewel Jet, recommend that you pre-soak your jewelry. The appropriate solution will either be included with your steam cleaner, or the manufacturer will recommend a good pre-soaking cleanser to use. Your jewelry is too important to trust to just any cleaner, and it is certainly too important to you to let it remain dull. Commercially available jewelry steam cleaners are a great way to get a professional shine and sparkle whenever you like. Look here for more jewelry steam cleaners.