Updated: November 2017

Knee High Boot Reviews:

There are few things that most women can agree on: one is that shoes can make or break an outfit, and another is that as far as sexy footwear goes, knee high boots are at the top of the list. These boots are actually incredibly versatile, making them a great choice for any number of women - and any number of occasions. If you haven't been won over by tall boots, be prepared to be dazzled by their flattering qualities, style, practicality, and the limitless options they present. How do you pick the right pair for a chic, sophisticated look? How do you avoid looking like Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman? Or maybe that's exactly the look you're going for! In any case, tall boots can help you create a host of fun, chic, practical, sassy looks while flattering your body. Here are some tips for choosing the right boots for you.
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The Beauty of Knee High Boots - Celebrities across the range of ages and styles have been spotted wearing knee high boots: Leona Lewis, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Hayden Panettiere, Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes...the list goes on and on. Can you get celebrity style? Sure! It's all about knowing how to pick the right boots. If you have larger legs, women's knee high boots can help make them look slimmer and even a bit longer as well. But you may also have difficulty finding a pair with a shaft that is big enough to fit. Not to worry: you don't have to have Victoria Beckham legs to fit into knee high boots. Just find a pair that stretch or are made for wider calf muscles. We'll look at some great options in just a bit. Likewise, if you have very small legs, you'll want a pair that provide a bit of structure. Thicker legs are slimmed by chunkier heels (which also provide more stability for those of us not used to running around in 3- or 4-inch heels), while thin legs are toned out by very slim or stiletto heels. You can also go with a pair of tall flat boots for a more comfortable and entirely different look. Ultimately, it will come down to what feels most comfortable on you and what you feel flatters your legs the most. The great thing is that there are few people that knee high boots do not flatter. Other things to consider are color and fabric. You can choose from any number of materials, including leather, suede, and synthetics. Your choice will depend on your preference, your comfort, and your budget. A pair of premium grade knee high leather boots will cost much more than a pair of synthetic boots you pick up at Old Navy. Cost is a huge factor in your decision, and luckily, there is an equally huge selection of boots available for different budgets. Comfort is another reason to consider fabrics carefully; leather is gorgeous, but it can be a bit uncomfortable and restrictive. Suede offers a bit more stretch and comfort. You can browse the best selling knee high boots here.

Best Knee High Boots:

While there are fabulous knee high boots that rival one of your paychecks, there are also very affordable options. About.Shoes names the Nine West Manhuntw as one of the hottest. They're also some of the best budget boots around, particularly if you find them at Amazon. The Nine West boots retail for $180, but you can scoop them up for just $65. What are you getting for this reduced price? These knee high boots are made of leather with a man-made sole. The shaft is about 17 inches from the arch, and your legs will look long and sleek with the 3.75-inch heels. The boot opening is about 15 inches around, so make sure to measure your calves! These tall boots are ideal when worn over skinny jeans, with dresses, and with skirts of all lengths. The heel is rather slim and there is a side zipper closure. Available in black, dark brown, and dark neutral, these are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. If you like a fun, edgy look, About.Shoes recommends the Blowfish Women's Humvee Boot. These are made of either fabric or faux leather for those who choose not to wear leather. They have a man-made sole and a 16-inch shaft. The boot opening is about 15 inches around. Adorned with military-inspired buttons, overlay straps, textured rubber heel panel, and stud detailing in the rear, this comfortable boot is fun, fresh, and cute. It is also relatively budget-friendly at $52 to $81. There are so many choices available; half the fun (ok, probably more than half) is looking at all your options and deciding which will work best for you. Our suggestion is to get a price range in mind and then stop by Amazon and Zappos to take a look at their selections. You can be as sexy, sensible, chic, fun, sassy, sophisticated, daring, or practical as you want - often in the same boot! That's the beauty of versatile knee high boots. A must-have for any woman's closet! View the most popular knee high boots online here.

Knee High Boots Wide Calf:

For those of us with wider calves (a common "problem" for athletic women), boots are now available in a wonderful range of styles so we don't have to sacrifice style for an excellent fit. Try the Blondo Delphine and wide calf boots from David Tate, Fitzwell, RSVP, Lumiani, and Naturalizer. Let's look at the Fitzwell Frantic Wide Calf. These knee high boots are perfect for casual fun. They feature your choice of beautiful soft suede or leather uppers, stretch panel on the back for greater comfort, side zip closure, square toe, and man-made sole with a durable tread. The knee highs have a gentle 1.5-inch heel. These boots are made for walking, and they're also made for women who have muscles from walking! A great fit. These are available from Zappos for about $160, though you can catch them on sale for under $100. It is worth making a trip to Zappos because they have a large wide calf knee high boot section with stylish choices. Chunky heels, skinny heels, no heels - see all wide calf boots here.