Updated: November 2017

Men's Dress Shoe Reviews:

Today we're going to talk about something a little painful for you men. Something that you'd maybe rather not have to think about. Dress shoes. There comes a point in nearly every man's life when he'll need a good pair of presentable dress shoes, preferably both up-to-date and attractive. And you probably want them to be comfortable. That's a tall order for a pair of dress shoes. Why not just give up and go to a wedding in your sneakers? Try a job interview in your best flip flops? No, it's time to suck it up and get some dress shoes, but we'll show you which are the most stylish and comfortable so you might actually look forward to wearing them.

Choosing the Right Pair of Dress Shoes - AskMen suggests that when you are looking for dress shoes, you look for the leather. Not only are leather dress shoes practical, they are stylish and appropriate for every occasion from a wedding to a funeral and a job interview to a client meeting. High quality leather will cost you more; you could pay in excess of $300 for good dress shoes. You don't have to necessarily pay that much, but it is worth considering a few things: one, how often are you going to be wearing these? If you need them for work or you attend formal events, you'll need good dress shoes and the expense is likely to be well worth it. And two, how often do you want to go through the hassle of buying dress shoes? If the answer is that you don't want to go through it even now, then a top quality pair will keep you out of the shoe store or off the online equivalent for quite some time. Buying men's dress shoes is easy on websites like Amazon.com. They offer extensive shoe sizes, widths, designs and more. You can browse the best selling men's dress shoes online here. Get owner reviews on almost every shoe so you can make an informed buying decision.

Choosing the Right Dress Shoe:

There are various kinds of dress shoes so you can show your personal style and individuality a bit in your footwear. Here is a look at the different types:

Men's Dress Shoes: Oxfords - Oxfords. This is perhaps the classic dress shoe, and you can wear it to virtually any event. They typically come in subdued shades like brown, black, cordovan, oxblood, chestnut, and sometimes white. The shoes, regardless of their color, are usually very simple. They have no fussy adornments, which mean that they can go anywhere. For a formal occasion, a pair of glossy black leather oxfords will be a sleek and sophisticated choice. You can choose other colors to wear to the office or go with the classic and versatile black. You'll have your pick of great oxfords because they are the most popular shoes. A few good ones to try: About.MensShoes recommends the Calvin Klein Men's Estell Oxford. The slim, streamlined shoe has a smooth calf leather upper, tapered toe, and dual seamed bicycle style detailing. Five eyelet lacing, cushioned lug insole, faux leather lining, flat traction outsole, and 1-inch stacked heel make this a great choice. These are $130. If that's a little more than you want to spend on dress shoes, About.MensShoes also recommends Kenneth Cole oxfords, particularly the Simplicity and Snake Eyes models. These look very similar to the Calvin Kleins. They are handcrafted from Italian calfskin and feature a square toe, gel heel pod, and molded arch support. These are a comfortable and stylish choice. They're also a bit less at $70 to $102. Other oxfords to try include those made by Cole Haan (recommended by AskMen), Hugo Boss, and Giorgio Brutini.

Men's Dress Shoes: Monk Straps - If you prefer a slightly more casual look, you are far from alone. The high gloss of oxfords can be a bit much in some situations, or they simply may not suit your style or your personality. Still dressy but a little more casual are monk strap shoes. These, as the name tells us, have a strap in place of laces. They are very similar to loafers, but while loafers are either plain or have a little tassel where the laces would be, monk straps have a small buckle. The simple addition of the buckle can be enough to dress down a suit or to dress up some jeans. Here too you have a lot of choice, but the best are a bit on the expensive side (or a lot on the expensive side). You can get high quality Bruno Magli Monk Strap Shoes for $425 or Hugo Boss's version for $395. Both are high quality, superb choices. If you prefer a lower price, try the Giorgio Brutini monk shoes. These cost under $80. Featuring dual texture leather, subtle detailing, stacked heel, simple buckle, and insole padding, this is a comfortable men's shoe. You might also try the Kenneth Cole Reaction Monks Shoe. This is a far more casual choice, so you may not want to wear it to very formal events. It does, however, dress up a casual outfit very nicely. You can even wear it to the office. Pick these up for $70. The Kenneth Coles are a good choice for those who really do not like the idea of men's dress shoes.

Men's Dress Shoes: The Dress Boot - For a different look that is still polished and sophisticated, you might consider a dress boot. Again, Giorgio Brutini is a quality and affordable choice. Their Men's 15911 Boot has a rubber sole, side elastic panels and collar loop for easy and quick slip-on, brushed kidskin leather build, square toe, turned center seam, leather overlays, dual elastic gores, smooth lining, stitched topsole, dressy midsole, flat traction outsole, 1-inch heel, and cushioned insole. While perfectly suitable for formal events, these look great with casual suits and jeans. Find them for only $50. There are a lot of choices out there, which can be daunting. When looking, narrow your choices down to what appeals to you at first. This may be a very streamlined, slim oxford or a more robust monk strap. Choose a color that will be appropriate for your wardrobe and the type of events which you will be attending. When in doubt, go with black. It will go anywhere with virtually anything, so you cannot go wrong. Take a few minutes of extra time and spend a few dollars more, and you won't have to think about your dress shoes again for quite some time. I have plantar fascitis and have found that the Johnston & Murphy dress shoes give me the most relief and of course their comfort is well recognized in the men's shoe industry.