Updated: November 2017

Men's Leather Wallet Reviews:

Men do not have quite the same obsession for fine wallets as their women counterparts do for fine handbags and purses, but that doesn't mean the gentlemen can't enjoy a top quality, good-looking wallet. The best way to house your money and credit cards while making sure you're at the top of your fashion game is to use a men's leather wallet. There are few materials as durable, stylish, and functional as leather, and this is true of the wide selection of wallets you will find on the market. The trick is to choose one that's right for you and that leaves you with some cash left over to put into it. Here is your guide to men's leather wallets.
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How to Choose a Men's Wallet - If you're here reading this, congratulate yourself on your sense of quality and your practicality. Choosing the right wallet is important for a host of reasons, not the least of which are how it looks and how much it costs. But you also want to consider other factors, like the construction. Men typically wear their wallet in their back pocket, and it receives a great deal of wear that way. For this reason, it is also important that you choose one that fits comfortably in your pocket, whether front, back, hip, or jacket pocket. Here are some things to think about:

*What do you need to carry in your wallet? Cash? Credit cards? Checkbook? There are men's wallets that are designed to handle different functions.
*Do you want a tri-fold or bi-fold? These are the most common, and typically tri-folds are a bit thicker, though they may also be smaller in other dimensions. They work well for credit cards and cash and are the wallet of choice for hip or back pockets. A checkbook wallet will be the size of, you guessed it, a checkbook. This makes carrying it in a back pocket somewhat impractical - as well as making you a good target for a lazy pickpocket. Consider where you will put it before you buy. A checkbook wallet is ideal for the pocket of a coat or jacket, as well as in a briefcase.
*What type of leather do you want? Leather is a clear choice if you want a men's wallet that is professional, rugged, stylish, and durable all in one. Your lowest price leather option is split leather, which is made of the lower layer of the hide. It is usually very thin. If you can afford it, upgrade to top grade or full grain leather. Of these, full grain is the most long-lasting choice.

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Best Leather Men's Wallets:

This depends on your taste, size preference, and your budget. Typically, you can find a great leather wallet for between $25 and $35, though there are models that can cost much more. Here is a look at some of the best. About.Jewelry loves Fossil (see all Fossil wallets here). These men's leather wallets are of excellent quality and have a host of features that you will find useful. The Fossil Tri-Fold Extra Capacity Chicago, for instance, is a favorite of About.Jewelry and Amazon reviewers. One reviewer, after noting the appearance, usefulness, and durability of the wallet, said, "I know it sounds silly to have so much praise for a wallet but trust me, buy one of your own and find out for yourself how much you will enjoy the feel of a thicker wallet than that thin crap." So there you go. The Chicago features genuine full grain leather construction for extreme durability and exceptional appearance. It has 8 credit card slots, bill compartments, a business card holder, and an ID window. A subtle Fossil logo tells you it is of the highest quality. In your choice of black or brown, the Chicago men's leather wallet is only $25. An unbelievable steal for what could be the last wallet you buy in quite some time. A slightly more upscale choice ("upscale" in terms of price, certainly) is Cole Haan. This is a premier name in the industry, and you will find an incredible selection of men's leather wallets. One of their best is the Cole Haan 'Portage Collection' Slim ID Wallet. This is a very streamlined wallet that features a secure interior currency pocket, 9 card slots, and an ID window. The Cole Haan signature wave-pocket design makes it easy to access cards. This gorgeous wallet, which was another About.Jewelry favorite, is made from vachetta leather from Italy with a tumbled and burnished look, contrast topstitching, and raw-edge construction. Great shape, great style, and very manly: you can't go wrong. The Portage Collection Slim Wallet is priced at about $85 and is available at fine retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, as well as the Cole Haan website. Look here for a great selection of Cole Haan wallets, and get the leather wallet that works for you. A great choice if your budget is a bit smaller but your taste is no less refined is the Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Passcase Wallet. Amazon reviewers love the soft leather and the great craftsmanship of this top men's leather wallet. It is a bi-fold wallet with 8 card pockets, a flip-up card case with ID window and 2 card pockets, a fully lined bill compartment, 6 Mylar card sleeves for additional cards, and a great turned edge construction. This Kenneth Cole men's leather wallet offers easy access to cards and ID, as well as subtle Kenneth Cole Reaction logo in the corner. This is a great buy at $26. There are so many top quality choices when you're searching for men's leather wallets. The top names, in addition to those mentioned, include Tumi, Hermes (definitely on that upscale side), Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jack Spade, American Eagle (a great budget choice), Johnson and Murphy, Gravis, and Columbia Sportswear. You can get the look of leather that you love at virtually any price range.

Men's Leather Wallet with Coin Compartment:

Many men don't like carrying spare change in their pockets - it's just not a habit we were brought up with. Credit cards dominate when purchasing things no matter where you are so not everyone carries cash - even a few coins. There are countless times I have been asked by the cashier - Do you have a dime? 3 pennies? etc. It would be nice to have a smaller coin compartment on a wallet that holds a bit of change that would definitely come in handy once or twice a month. The MONETA - Men's Italian Leather Wallet with Coin Compartment is a well regarded option if you need a space for change in your wallet. The wallet is offered in dark leather or black and is handcrafted in Italy (hence the price of close to $80). The coin compartment offers a button snap closure. No more having to keep spare change in your pocket.