Updated: November 2017

Men's Loafer Reviews:

Men's Loafers: Versatile, Stylish, and Easy - There are men who own two pairs of shoes: dress shoes and boots, sandals and hiking boots, or sneakers and sneakers. There are other men who have a closet full; one for every occasion - and then some. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, there are a few staples that you should add to your closet. Everyone should have some sneakers (we all need to work out!), winter wear, summer wear, dress wear, and loafers. If you absolutely hate dress shoes or aren't a dressy type of guy, the loafers can do double duty as both somewhat formal as well as casual. These are an essential for any man because of the versatility. This guide will look at some of the best men's loafers and men's dress shoes to help you choose the pair (or pairs) that is (are) right for you and your style.
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Why Loafers? - Men's loafers have somewhat of a reputation for being of the geriatric set, but according to AskMen, they are not just for "old folks or the Midwest" anymore. The crack about the Midwest is really rooted in fact: the original loafers were created by Norwegians, who needed an easy-on/easy-off leather shoe for checking on their herds. The trend caught on in town and traveled with the Norwegians to the new land. Despite their rugged and practical beginnings, loafers are generally thought of as casual or semi-dress shoes and are worn by men all over the world. They can easily dress up a pair of jeans for an evening or weekend look; they can just as easily and effectively make a dress outfit a bit more casual. Because they come in a variety of styles and colors, you can easily find the look that works for you and your needs. No matter what look you're going for, loafers offer the convenience of no laces and retain that sensible easy-on/easy-off design. What should you look for in a men's loafer? That depends largely, and almost entirely, on your personal taste. Whether you like very minimal design, leather, suede, work-casual, tasseled loafers, or the ever-popular Penny loafer, you want a style that appeals to you and works with your clothing and the types of events you go to. Also look for quality. We all know that quality costs more, but if you're one of those guys who doesn't like to go shoe shopping, a quality pair of loafers can ensure that you don't have to step foot in a store (or click on one, for that matter) for years. Higher end models from Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, and Gucci can cost several hundred dollars. If you can't afford the crème de la crème, get the best that fits within your budget. Experts recommend that no matter your budget, you look for the 3 Cs - comfort, class, and construction. We suggest shopping online at Zappos.com since they carry all the sizes, widths, and brands. Read owner reviews and see which shoes rate the best. You can browse the best selling men's loafers here.

Best Men's Loafers:

We'll skip over the Guccis and the Kenneth Coles. Any pair you purchase from one of these top designers will certainly have the 3 Cs you're looking for. To start, we'll look at a brand that made the "Best of" lists on both BestCovery and About.Shoes: Cole Hahn. BestCovery chose the Pinch Cup Penny Men's Slip-on Shoes as their favorite men's loafer. The Pinch series is designed for use in the office or out. The attention to detail and hand-antiqued brush-off leather makes them more than respectable for any workplace; the neutral design, comfort, and superior quality make them ideal for anytime and anywhere. These Cole Hahn loafers are $145; this may sound like a lot, but you won't need to replace them any time soon. Because of that "neutral" design, you can wear these with anything from suits to jeans, so you won't have to buy yet more shoes for different looks (see all Cole Haan loafers here). About.Shoes liked the Air Infinity Driver. This is a great, sporty loafer that is ideal for casual occasions. They are "drivers," which have nubs that protrude from the sole. They typically provide very little traction. This pair comes in a variety of shades in high quality leather. What separates these loafers is that they have Nike Air technology built into them for superior comfort and performance. These come in both medium and wide widths so you'll get the perfect fit. And don't settle for less than the perfect fit. For $175, you want to make sure they're comfortable for years to come. Dress it up a bit with the Calvin Klein Marin Dress Loafer. This was also a BestCovery top pick, and in contrast to the sporty Air Infinity loafers, these are more on the dress side, though not too far. They are still casual enough to wear with most things. They are made of top quality leather and have a leather/rubber sole. Available in black and brown, you will find these are classic, minimal, and sophisticated. Perfect for work or casual evenings, the best part of the Marins is that they are comfortable and versatile. You can find these for between $52 and $130. If you want a great budget pair of loafers that still offer outstanding quality and lasting comfort, try Stacy Adams Men's Avenue Slip-on. These were chosen by About.Shoes as the best men's loafers for their stylish look and classy design. These Stacy Adams loafers feature beautiful soft buffalo leather construction, rubber sole, padded collar, breathable leather linings (you can go sans socks and not create an odor), moc style design, square toe, hidden elastic goring for easy, comfortable fit. Stacy Adams says their shoes "cover your style from hip-hop to silky soul." These can dress up jeans or go to the office. They cost $75, but you can find them on Amazon for $40. A great deal for the shoe you're getting. As one Amazon reviewer says, "if you want them now, you'll be satisfied later." There are hundreds of styles, textures, and colors from which to choose, but when looking for men's loafers, remember to consider comfort, construction, and class. You won't go wrong.