Updated: November 2017

Review: Men's Slippers - Best Slippers for Men

Men's Slipper Styles - Where to buy slippers for men? Best Slippers
Let's face it, slippers are not exactly the most macho shoe purchase a guy makes. But like a like a favorite t-shirt and baggy sweats, nothing beats changing into your favorite slippers and clothing at home and relaxing. A good, comfortable pair of slippers can hit the spot in summer and winter, especially if you go for a sheepskin pair that insulates and wicks away moisture. I've got 2 pairs of slippers I switch between - a lighter, soft-soled pair that is for indoor use only and a heavier leather pair (sheepskin-lined interior) with a rubber sole that double as light outdoor shoes when you need them. In this buying guide, we'll take a look at some of the most popular slipper styles for men, see what features to look for, how much you can expect to pay, and where to shop.
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You can browse the up-to-date list of best-selling men's slippers here.

Mens Slipper Styles

Slippers tend to come in a few different styles -- the first step in buying slippers is to decide what look, style, and function you are after. The main slipper styles are:
  • Scuffs
  • Moccasins
  • Standard Slippers
  • Booties
Scuff slippers have no backing around the heel - you just slide the on and off. The name comes from the fact that they have a tendency to slide off, so you tend to "scuff" your feet along the floor a little more to keep your foot inside. For casual indoor use and just sitting around, scuffs are a popular slipper design since they are so easy to kick on and off, and are usually very lightweight. The moccasin style looks like, well, moccasins. These look more like loafer slip-ons, and usually have a faux shoestring "tie" on the front, even though you don't tie and untie the strings to use them (you just slip them on and off). Moccasins look a little more formal than scuffs, and stay on your feet a little better. Next up is the standard slipper look - soft slip-ons, usually of leather, full heel, no ties or strings. Some will have more durable outer soles, some will be soft leather all around. Bootie slippers are the final style. These look like an extended version of the standard slipper, with the top stretching furthing up the ankle, often with a folded-over collar or cuff. With all these styles, your next choice is for the outersole material (do you need hard rubber soles for outdoor use, or just soft soles for indoor use?), and for the interior liner material (wool, fleece, synthetic materials, suede, etc.).

Mens Shearling Slippers and Wool Sheepskin Slippers for Men

The words "shearling" and "sheepskin" are often used interchangably. Shearling is skin from a freshly shorn lamb. Through the tanning process, the wool remains intact on the skin. When sheepskin or shearling slippers are made, the leathery skin material is on the outside and the soft wool is on the inside. Many sheepskin slippers add a more durable sole to the bottom of the slipper, since the shearling leather eventually wears from use. Wool or fleece slippers are popular because they insulate and keep your feet warm in the winter, while wicking away moisture in the warmer months to keep your feet dry. Some shearling slippers offer a replaceable sheepskin innersole insert, making it easier to "clean" the inside of your slippers if they get dirty over the years. If you decide to wash your sheepskin slippers, be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions, which always means using special wool shampoo, no washing machines or dryers, no drying in direct sunlight or heat. So if you are looking for soft, warm slippers, you really can't do much better than a nice pair of shearling slippers. You can expect to pay from $35-$135 for sheepskin slippers, depending on make and style. Here is the best selection of sheepskin slippers for men. You can also check out Kiwi-Sheepskins.com for a nice selection of sheepskin slippers (and other sheepskin products) made from genuine New Zealand wool, in styles ranging from soft sole booties to clogs and scuffs. Zappos.com is of course another source for leather slippers, sheepskin slippers, and much more.

Mens Ugg Slippers - Uggs for Men

Boots and shoes made by Ugg have exploded from Australia and ended up on feet all around the world. Ugg also makes great slippers for men. We recently picked up a pair of the Mens Miramar UGG Slides to take them for a spin. The Miramars cost right around $100, and they are designed as both an indoor and outdoor slipper. The insoles are suede, while sheepskin lines the sides and upper portion of the slipper interior. The outsoles are rubber (infused with cork, for what it's worth) and grooved for outdoor traction. They are available in black leather, Fall Tan leather, or Chestnut suede. I went with the Fall Tan leather exteriors, which I think looked the best. These are clog-style slides -- you just slip your foot in and out, with just a slight lip in the back to help keep your foot in. I bought mine from Overland.com, via Amazon (though not always available on Amazon, I found them on Zappos.com at the same $100 price). With the suede insole, they are not quite as soft and warm as fully-lined sheepskin slippers, but they are pretty close. They are also rugged enough to pass for shoes (personally I hate seeing guys wear slippers that look like slippers outside of the house) if you need to run to the market or gas station, and the rubber sole means going outside is not a problem. In fact, the rubber soles are super sticky - I find I need to be careful not to drag my feet while walking indoors over hard wood floors or you will stop in your tracks with a big squeak noise -- these things really grip. The outer suede and leather is pretty easily marked up -- I've got a few scuffs on mine from rubbing against the legs of chairs, I don't mind the worn look, but some people might. In terms of size, I would say they probably run about 1/2 size smaller than marked (ie, if you want a 10, order a 10.5), though a number of the reviewers on Zappos thought they were a whole size smaller. So consider that when purchasing. Ugg makes a variety of other mens leather slippers, like the Scuff Romeo, Tasman, and Byron, and tend to run from $60 for basic scuffs to more than $125 for more expensive designs.
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