Updated: November 2017

Motorcycle Boot Reviews:

I have been riding motorcycles for about 2 decades now and when I first started I wasn't too concerned with safety. After my first accident I completely changed my mind on which protective gear to own and motorcycle boots were the first purchase I made. Even if you are just a weekend motorcycle rider, having the right equipment can protect you from some serious injuries when you crash. Since my initial wipe out almost 20 years ago I have been in one other accident and I was lucky enough to be wearing my boots, jacket, gloves, and helmet so that my injuries were minimal. The biker boots were a bit scuffed up but nothing too terrible. More importantly, I was ok and still continue to ride today. I wanted to write this article for all those riders that are looking for motorcycle boots and need a little advice. Which motorcycle boots are the best? Do I need racing boots, touring boots, or motorcycle shoes?.
motorcycle boots

The first thing you need to know is that there are many types of motorcycle boots depending on the type of riding you will be doing. Those with sport bikes might prefer a pair of racing boots (also called sport boots) while the casual weekender on his Harley would probably prefer touring boots. Anyone riding their motorcycle daily may like the style and design of motorcycle shoes which give you many of the same safety features of higher end boots but these can be worn on the job. Most experts agree that any boot or shoe you choose should at least cover your ankles. The extra support is great in case you need to keep your motorcycle from falling over, sliding, etc. If you wear motorcyle pants (leathers), then the higher boot or shoe will protect the region that the pants may not. Boots with a shifter pad on them help keep wear and tear down since you will be shifting often. Since the boots will be touching the ground or street surfaces, they should have plenty of traction and grip for things like water, gravel, sand, and the worst of all - OIL. Roads get slick and the best motorcylce boots will keep you stable on your bike when coming to a stop at a light or stop sign. Look for motorcycle boots made with leather - this material is superior to most others and it should be reinforced around the toes and ankle. I prefer boots that have no laces (just one more thing that can get caught in the bike) - go with zippers, velcro or boots with a latch system (similar to ski boots) are the best. Waterproof motorcycle boots are essential as well, you never know when rain will come down. Most boots are water resistant but make sure when ordering. You can find motorcycle boot reviews online at sites like Webbikeworld.com, Best-Motorcycle-Gear.com, and Amazon. Find brands like Harley Davidson, Red Wings, Frye, TCX Oxtar, Harley-Davidson, Bronx, and Xelement. Motorcycle boots range in price from $50 to $200+. You can browse the top selling boots online here or HERE.

Motorcycle Touring Boots:

RECOMMENDED - The Tour Master/Cortech T/M Solution WP Boot Mens are an excellent pair of motorcycle boots that most casual riders will enjoy wearing. Amazon ranks these high and I have to agree owning a pair myself. Tour Master is a well recognized name in the industry and the boots come in men's sizes 7 to 14. The fit is just right on the pair I own and they are very stylish. The waterproof road boots are made with durable 1.8mm to 2.0mm waterproof leather and the seams are fully sealed keeping your feet dry and warm on the inside. Features side opening with YKK zipper and a full length hook and loop flap closure system. Performance and flexibility are unmatched on this pair of riding boots. Ladies sizes are also available (7 to 10). Reviews by owners on Amazon back up the hype behind these boots. Another boot to consider (if you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator movie) are the Red Wing Motorcycle Men's 969 Harness Boot - these black motorcycle boots feature a rubber vibram lug sole that is heat, oil, and slip resistant. The durable Goodyear Welt construction will keep these boots lasting a long time and the steel toe gives you feet the extra protection they need in case you get in an accident or the bike falls on your foot. Owners say they the Red Wing boots are "breathable and flexible" and others note that the "water resistant leather is perfect".

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots:

No motorcycle product category would be complete without the name - Harley Davidson. They make well built motorcycles that are seen on roadways nationwide and Harley enthusiasts are always looking for apparel to match with their beautiful bikes. We found a nice selection of Harley Davidson motorcycle boots on Amazon.com. HD offers zip boots, medium and wide width boots, tall boots, and those that lace up. Although the boots that just go over the ankle are probably the most comfortable, the top sellers are the boots which come up towards your knee (covering the calf). Many have the Harley logo on the side or other design features which symbolize "biker toughness". You can view the entire collection of Harley-Davidson boots here.

Racing Boots for Motorcycles:

Motorcycle racing boots should be lightweight, very durable, and provide excellent grip on the street or track. We believe that 2 brand names stick out in this category and both are worth considering if you need a pair of boots to match your sport bike. First, check out the TCX Oxtar racing boots here. The cheapest pair is just under $100 but the high end boots are closer to $250. For those interested in any kind of off road, consider the AXO motocross boots.