Updated: November 2017

Motorcycle Pants Reviews:

Mick Jagger notwithstanding, leather pants actually have a very useful purpose. Motorcycle apparel was born, not out of a desire to have your butt look good, but to keep the skin on it. And your thighs and arms and back. This is really the primary reason that motorcyclists wear leather; it is the best protective material and one that is breathable, durable, and easily waterproofed. If they spill, bikers can help prevent road rash by wearing quality leather motorcycle pants and jackets. That may be the practical reason, but motorcycle pants have spread beyond the practical to the world of fashion. No matter what you're using them for, leather motorcycle pants can be a great investment. This guide will show you how to choose, what to look for, and how much you can expect to pay. You're on your own with accessorizing, though.
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How to Choose Motorcycle Pants for the Biker - Motorcyclists need reliable motorcycle clothing that will protect them and keep them cool (or warm) on the road. When choosing motorcycle pants for actual use on a motorcycle, consider the following:

*Road protection. This is really the main goal of leather motorcycle pants. Jeans offer some protection but you'll not only shred the denim, you'll likely shred your skin as well. For the best protection, you'll need leather to prevent abrasions or friction-related injuries. For extra protection, you can wear jeans under leather. Another good option is to wear a pair of jeans covered with leather chaps.
*Waterproofing. Everyone gets caught in the rain, and leather is a good thing to be wearing when that happens. It can be waterproofed easily, but experts recommend that you get motorcycle pants that are geared specifically towards riders. These will not use materials or chemicals that are flammable or will melt near heat sources on the bike. You want to make sure the legs are relatively close fitting so they don't too close to the bike's running parts.
*Fit is another very important consideration. You don't want pants that are baggy because they tend to flap and they can get too close to running parts and become very hot. You don't want ultra-tight pants (unless you do. Then, hey, whatever), but don't get loose fitting ones. If you plan to wear clothing underneath your leather pants, take that into consideration and get them just big enough to fit. Comfort is important, and the best leather pants won't bunch up.
*Durability and thickness. This is important in preventing road rash as well as being injured by rocks or bugs.
*Price is always a consideration. Here, it is best to get the highest quality you can afford because leather motorcycle pants are essentially safety equipment.

Top brands are Xelement, Joe Rocket, Tourmaster, River Road, and more. You can browse the best selling mens leather motorcycle pants here.

Best Motorcycle Pants for Bikers:

Some top names you'll encounter when looking for leather motorcycle pants are: Icon, Aerostitch, Joe Rocket, and Tourmaster. Icon, which doesn't usually make leather motorcycle pants (from Icon), has created a top quality pair of armored leather riding pants. They feature 1.2 - 1.4mm premium grade leather chassis, removable and adjustable CE knee impact protectors, relaxed fit for use over pants, and expansion leather knee panel. These can be cut to length for superior fit. If you want to wear them over your pants, buy your regular size. If you want to wear them without jeans or other pants, go a size down from your usual. You can find these for $295 on Amazon. Another top of the line choice is the Joe Rocket Speedmaster 5.0 Perforated Men's Leather Motorcycle Pants. These offer cowhide leather (1.2mm to 1.4mm), knee protectors, adjustable padding for the hips, and stretch panels for legs that are fully flexible. These have a sportier look than traditional leather motorcycle pants and sell for about $330. If you're on a budget, can you still get good quality leather motorcycle gear? A product that reviews very well with Amazon consumers is the Jafrum Leather Chaps. These are made of 1.1 - 1.3mm cowhide leather and feature an adjustable waist, nylon mesh lining, cover with flap, side zippers, and braided detailing. One reviewer said don't be fooled by the cheap price. These chaps are as good as the ones you'd buy for $250 elsewhere. Others say they are awesome and great values. A few customers did note that the sizing was not what they expected. While the construction and quality are good, you may want to order a size up from your norm. Is getting a bigger size worth it? For under $40, that is a resounding yes. There are also leather motorcycle pants that are designed specifically for women. Several sites recommend the Fieldsheer Tracker Leather Pants for women. These motorcycle pants are made of race quality 1.2 - 1.4mm cowhide and are fitted for riding. They have a polyester mesh non-allergenic lining, aramid stretch knee panel, heavy duty zippers, CE approved knee armor, SP Memory Foam removable hip pads, Velcro adjustable waist, and elasticized leather on the upper knees. Reviewers love these but caution that like many brands, they run small. You can find them starting at about $122. Fieldsheer Women's Tracker Pants are made of 1.2-1.4mm cowhide, desirable for race quality, and are fitted to be comfortable to the body's shape in the riding position. These leather pants have a polyester mesh non-allergenic lining and stretch panel of Aramid behind the knee area down to leg cuff. The zippers are heavy duty. The CE approved knee armor and SP Memory Foam hip pads are removable. The upper knee has elasticized leather and includes patches of Velcro for knee sliders. Knee sliders are sold separately. Velcro helps make the waist size adjustable. Please note: Many of our customers report that Fieldsheer sizes run small.

Choosing Leather Motorcycle Pants for Style:

The advantage of motorcycle pants doesn't end with being safe and protective: they can also be very stylish. The goal here is not so much thickness and protective qualities as fit and shape. And comfort. We found that Spiegel was a great place to look for slimmer fitting leather pants. A great pair for women to try is the Spiegel Lamb Leather Bootcut Pants. These run from size 2 to 18 and feature 5 pockets, front zipper, seaming at the knee, bootcut style, and unbelievably soft lamb leather. These are $200 and come in a soft brown. Xelement Classic Fitted Men's Motorcycle Pants are good for either motorcycle use or casual use. These review very well with users of LeatherUp.com, where you can find quality leather pants at fantastic prices. The Xelements are made of high grade 1.2mm cowhide and feature 5 pockets, jean style fit, zipper closure with snap, 1 piece straight cut front panel, unfinished hems, and lining from waist to knee. These retail for $270, but you can find them for $75 (http://leatherup.com/p/Leather-Chaps--pants/Classic-Fitted-biker-motorcycle-or-Casual-Mens-Leather-Pants/41254.html), an incredible deal. Whether for casual or practical use, motorcycle clothing is an excellent choice and will provide you with endless wear.