Updated: October 14, 2016

Packing Cube Reviews:

Just as there are different types of personalities, there are different types of packing for travel. The type A's have to make sure that everything is folded neatly - ironed and then folded neatly. Outfits are planned down to the right pair of socks. They even leave room for a souvenir on the return trip. Then there's the rest of us who shove and cram our belongings into our luggage bags, hoping it will all fit. For this latter group, there is hope. Packing cubes are designed to make travel more convenient for types A's and B's and everyone in between or beyond. This guide will introduce you to the best packing cubes to help make packing easier than you would ever have thought possible. You will find packing cubes available at stores like Target, Walmart, and online at Ebags and Amazon.com.
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What are Packing Cubes? - Packing cubes can best be described as packing aids. They are simply zippered fabric containers that are designed to fit into your travel luggage to help you organize. This is helpful for any number of reasons beyond just having a very neat suitcase. Packing cubes are useful because you can put toiletry items in one pouch, clothes in another, dirty clothes in another, and those small miscellaneous items that often have no home of their own and risk getting lost (like sunglasses, pens, travel clock, vitamins) in yet another. These cubes, which come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, assist in helping you find exactly what you want without pulling everything out of your suitcase. Because, inevitably, what you want is on the bottom. Packing cubes make unpacking much quicker, which is a definite bonus at the end of any trip, and they can be helpful at the airport as well. Luggage inspection is much quicker because travel cubes typically have mesh sides that leave your items visible. An inspector can easily search your bag without leaving you with an unfolded mess of clothes and other items. If you're living out of your bag or are a frequent traveler, a packing cube is a must. One downside noted by PracticalTravelGear is that you may be able to seek out every packable inch by just rolling your clothing and packing it firmly into the bag. A packing cube can sometimes leave a little wasted space on the side. If you want to trade a small amount of space for better organization (which might free up space for you), packing cubes are ideal. RECOMMENDED - We suggest shopping online at Amazon.com since they carry all the leading brands and often have the lowest prices on the Internet. You can browse the best selling packing cubes here.

Best Packing Cubes:

The Best of the Best website, which offers recommendations for travel and leisure products, says the best packing cubes are made by Magellan. You can find a set of three of these top quality packing cubes featuring durable, flexible, and lightweight mesh and Jacquard nylon with PVC backing and see-through mesh tops. You will get three sizes: large, which measures 10x13x3 inches, is perfect for shirts, pants, and other larger pieces of clothing; medium, which measures 7x10x3 inches, is ideal for socks and underwear; small, measuring 4x10x2.5 inches, is perfect for those small, easy-to-miss miscellaneous items. The Magellan packing cubes receive rave reviews from customers as well, one of whom said that they helped him pack much more efficiently. This set of three is available at Magellan's website for $18.95. Another name you will hear again and again when it comes to packing cubes is Eagle Creek. They call their packing cubes the "best thing since sliced bread." Do consumers and experts agree? They do, and this makes Eagle Creek an excellent choice for your next trip. Associated Content praises the unique design of Eagle Creek cubes, and the variety offered by the company is certainly convenient for any traveler. One of their most popular options is the PackIt 2-Sided Cube. This is a great choice for packing and is ideal for separating clean and dirty clothing. This PackIt offers a mesh top for visibility and breathability, but beyond this, it has LinkSeal Mesh sides to keep moisture in its place (great for a trip to the beach), a Floating LinkSeal mesh divider to keep clean and dirty clothes in their own territory, a two-way zippered opening, and a quick grab handle. This travel cube measures 14x10x4 and weighs a mere 7 ounces. The cube is made of LinkSeal Mesh, Mesh Poly, and Recycled EcoLite Weave. You can find the 2-Sided Cube for $22 on Amazon. Eagle Creek offers a host of packing solutions, including shoe cubes (finally, a good way to pack your shoes!) and PackIt Folders, which are great for minimizing wrinkles. The PackIt Folder 18 was featured on NBC's Today Show. You can check out Eagle Creek's great collection here.

If you are a fan of Rick Steves' Europe, you'll be thrilled with his packing cubes. The Rick Steves Travel Gear Packing Cube Set reviews very well on Amazon and other consumer sites; one reviewer noted that while she wasn't sure if she'd like the travel cubes, she ended up being a huge fan of the quality of Rick Steves' line. In this set, you will get three flexible packing cubes. These offer enough room to stack your clothing and keep them organized. Each cube has a 3-side zipper for convenience and see-through mesh construction. These collapse to nearly nothing, making them as easy to store as they are to travel with. A set of three costs a bit over $17 (see all the Rick Steves packing gear here). Ebags are another top name in packing cubes. In addition to packing cube sets, much like those offered by Eagle Creek, Magellan, and Rick Steves, another popular eBag option is their 3-Piece Slim Packing Cubes Set. These cubes are longer and slimmer than the cubes we've discussed, and they're designed to maximize your packing space. The cubes feature corded double zippers, mesh top panels, fully finished interior seams, and a carry handle. You can find this set for under $18. A great way to maximize your space and make your packing cubes even more functional and versatile is to use them in conjunction with compressing bags. These can help you reduce volume by as much as 80 percent. The Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Medium/Large Compression Sac Set, for instance, is a 2-in-1 set with patented one-way pressure valve and patented zip closure. This set is $18. Anyone can be organized and pack more efficiently. All you need is a great set of packing cubes, and you'll be surprised to find out how much actually fits in your suitcase - and how easy it is to find anything you need. View top rated packing cubes here.