Updated: November 2017

Review: Best Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver

Do you get tired of all the hassle of shaving with a straight edge razor every morning? The blades get dull and need to be replaced, you can only use them in the sink and in front of a mirror, get a little bit careless and you end up with a bleeding neck when you shave. One solution that many men opt for is the wet dry shaver. Wet dry shavers are electric razors which by definition can work with shaving cream or without. They can also be used in the shower if you want to combine a few of your daily grooming tasks. There are a variety of wet dry shavers on the market, but we are going to look specifically at Panasonic wet/dry shavers in this review. Panasonic has been a leading name in razors and shavers for both men and women - how do their latest model stack up?


Qualities of the Panasonic Wet Dry Shaver - Panasonic Pro Curve

While there are about 16 different lines of wet dry shavers from Panasonic, some of them are very different than others. We will see this in the next paragraph, but first it's worth looking at the similarities so you know what Panasonic is offering compared to other companies such as Braun and Remington and so on. All Panasonic wet dry shavers are of the foil variety. This means the blades are behind a thin screen; this eliminates the possibility of cutting the skin while at the same time the head action provides a close and smooth shave. Consumer Reports mentions that although the difference is not much, foil shavers tend to do a better job than their rotary counterparts, which operate behind a grid. All of Panasonic's shavers come with a 30 day return policy. This is to make sure that a person buying the blade finds it works well with their hair type. Not all shavers will work equally with different hair types, so the company keeps the option open as the customer determines if his hair will adjust to the new shaver.

High End Panasonic Wet Dry Shavers - Panasonic Vortex

The average wet dry shaver from all brands tend to run in the neighborhood of $130-$170 but Panasonic offers a couple of models which include a few features that put them well above this price range. The most expensive in the line is definitely the Panasonic Wet Dry ESLA93K, which is priced at $400. As you might expect, this high price tag buys the customer a heck of a lot of additional features. You get the Nanotech blades (ultra thin and layered for the smoothest shave possible) standard in all Panasonic models above the $150 mark as well as the linear motion heads, also standard in the average and above models. In addition, the ESLA93K includes the ultra useful Hydra-Cleaning charger patented by the company. One thing about wet dry shavers is that they can be tough to clean, but the automatic Hydra Clean system cleans out this wet dry shaver as it charges - just drop it in the charging dock. The charge time is only one hour, which will last for 14 shaves. In addition, this model comes with a useful adaptor for travel; it works in outlets both in the USA and abroad. If you are looking for a slightly less expensive model (even reviews on Panasonic's site suggest this might be too pricey for a shaver) you can take a look at the Panasonic Wet Dry ES8249K. Like the ESLA93K, this model has the cleaning set, the 1 hour charge for 14 shaves, and the patented Panasonic technology. What it does not have is the international converter, but if you don't travel much that will not be a big deal. With four blades and the cleaning charger, it fulfills all the functions of its higher priced cousin.

Affordable Panasonic Wet Dry Shavers

Now, it's understandable if dropping $300 or more on a wet dry shaver makes your eyes pop open a bit, fortunately you have plenty of options from Panasonic at about half that price. The $140-$190 range includes Panasonic's Vortex ES8109S wet dry shaver, rated by ConsumerSearch as the best wet dry shaver on the market (+ more than 200 Amazon consumer reviews at 4.5 stars out of 5). This could be said to be Panasonic's pilot model when it comes to the wet dry shaver, as it is definitely the best selling. Consumer Reports states that as far as wet dry shavers go, it comes the closest to giving that straight blade shave feeling, without the danger of nicks and scratches. It rated particularly well in the areas of cleaning (again, it has a version of the Hydra Shave cleaner and charger, although smaller than the more expensive models) and features. Something that was particularly noted was the pop up trimmer included in the Vortex system, which made it easier to get to sideburns as well as cut down on longer beards and mustaches before the shave. It also includes a handy five minute charge feature; if your battery is getting low (as indicated by the three point LED system) but you need to shave right away, plug it in for a five minute charge and a fast shave. This model at full charge is good for 14 shaves. The Vortex 8077 is very similar, but with only 12 shaves available after a one hour charge.

The Panasonic Pro Curve Wet Dry Rechargeable is another popular model, priced right around $100. It's similar to the Vortex above, but lacks the automatic cleaning system -- if that is not something you need, save a few bucks and pick up this very solid shaver (80+ Amazon consumer reviews at nearly 4.5 stars out of 5).

Economy Panasonic Wet Dry Shavers

At the low end of the cost spectrum are models such as the ES383K, in regular and travel versions. The travel version runs a mere $20, while the slightly larger version sells for $40. These models have just two blades, and tend to use up power faster and charge longer than other Panasonic lines. Expect to get seven shaves out of an eight hour charge.

On the whole, Panasonic's line of wet dry shavers receive positive reviews everywhere we looked. They can be purchased online at sites such as Amazon and Neuegg, or in retail at stores like Wal Mart, JC Penney, and Neimann Marcus (see all wet dry shavers here).