Updated: November 2017

Rain Boot Reviews:

Buying Good Rain Boots - Waterproof Boots - Just because it is raining doesn't mean you can call an end to all the activities you enjoy in a day. You still have to go to work, shopping, take the kids to school, maybe even go for your daily walk if you are the intrepid type. In some parts of the country, such as Seattle Washington or Hilo, Hawaii, it seems to be raining on most days, and if you let that keep you inside you would never get out. The key is to have the right rain gear to keep you dry when you go outside. That gear includes waterproof rain boots for you and for the rest of your family as well. The good news is that there are hundreds of different makes and types of rain boots available, all you have to do is be a discerning buyer, and we are here to help you with that! I recently set out to get rain shoes or rubber boots for our family (we live in Portland, Oregon).

When buying rainboots, you'll need to consider a number of factors, like what material they are made of, whether you want pull-on/slip-ons or ones with zippers or velco, whether you want a warm liner inside, etc. Sizing Rain Boots - The number one consideration for any rain boot you buy, whether we are talking women's rain boots, men's rain boots, or kids rain boots, is the comfort of the fit. For the most part, you know what you are going to get in any rain boot, they are all made of rubber and they all have good grips for safety. Where you are going to run into big differences from brand to brand is in the sizing. As usual, men don't have to worry too much about the right size rain boot; mens fashion follows rules that are the same for boots, shoes, and everything else. Women and children, on the other hand, have to be careful when trying on rain boots in order to find the one which is the best fit. Some brands will have boots that are actually a bit larger than a woman's usual size, while others can be wider. For example, all reviews of Merona's boots on Amazon.com stated that the various boots were a half size larger than the stated size. Chooka boots are wider, and there were a lot of reviews that said while they did look great and had a price tag suggesting quality ($60) the thin linings did not work well and the boots tended to fall apart. That seems to be a problem across Chooka's fashion rain boot line, so buyers beware; there are plenty of rain boots that offer a nice look while still functioning adequately. Kamik, for example, make a line of boots which are fashionable and tend to receive good reviews at all online review shopping spots including Amazon. You can browse the best selling mens rain boots here. Womens rain boots can be found below along with childrens.

Rain Boots for Women:

Not too long ago, people were stuck with black rubber rain boot options, and that was about it. Today, though, designers of all sorts have made rain boots fashionable and even eye catching. An article on Associated Content talks about just how far these boots have come, from workman's only to a whole range of rain boot styles which are perfect for any woman. Some of the best reviewed rain boots in the article as far as fashion went were from well known fashion and activity companies including LL Bean, Capelli, Chooka, and Coach. Women can find rain boots in styles ranging from playful, such as Chooka's tiny whale design boots to the borderline sexy with a tall Merona model. Most models of women's rain boots come with a strap/cinch located at the top of the boot, to allow for easier access as you put the boot on and a secure fit once it is on. There are handle models available, but these are best used by the woman wearing the rain boot for strictly utilitarian purposes (work or going outside with the kids) because they certainly aren't the definition of high fashion! If you are really looking for a high end, seasonably comfortable, practical rain boot which will make everyone say "wow", Oprah's site has a few suggestions. These range from the sleek and expensive ($400 a pair) Splash Out from Burberry to the less expensive, heel incorporated Sperry Top Sider which sells for $200. Check out the most popular women's rain boots online here.

Buying the Best Kids' Rain Boots:

First of all we'll take a look at buying rain boots for kids. Keep in mind as you do this that kids feet are always growing. You can expect to buy different rain boots at least every year (buy bigger than you need!), and with kids 10-14 years old (if your teenagers will even wear rain boots) you might have to replace even more frequently. We really like rain boots with handles on the sides for little kids, like the Fire Chief rain boot from Western Chief. It can be really hard for kids to pull those big boots all the way on, and it can even be a little bit painful from time to time. The handles make the work a lot easier both for mom and child when putting on kids rubber rain boots. Keep in mind too that in some places, it is cold when it rains. People living in northern climates in particular shouldn't just look for any rubber rain boot, but rain boots with some kind of lining. Often you will find that your kids socks aren't enough when it comes to keeping out both the cold and the rain, and an extra lining inside can make all the difference keeping their toes warm during cold and rainy days. See all the top selling kids rain boots here.