Updated: November 2017

Rain Jacket Reviews:

It doesn't take an expert to know that a rain jacket or raincoat is worn to protect the body from rain. Typically, when it starts raining, I always immediately want to put on my rain jacket. Yes, I love my umbrella too, but the rain jacket is more reliable at keeping me dry. Rain jackets and raincoats are usually not very expensive and come in extremely handy during a downpour. For this reason, it only makes sense to have one on hand! Usually rain jackets tend to be a bit longer to keep more of the body from getting wet. Rain jackets are usually made from materials to keep the body dry. Popular fabrics include Gore-Tex, and nylon. If you live somewhere where it rains a lot a good rain jacket is an essential item to have. You may even want one with a hood. Although umbrellas work to protect the body from rain, if the rain is really hard you will get wet even with an umbrella. I have also found it is important to have a raincoat to cover the body when I am holding things in my hands and don't have a third hand for the umbrella. Sometimes, rain coats are chosen to specifically compliment an outdoor sport like biking, hiking or golf.
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Best Waterproof Jackets - Recently, the About.com Walking guide covered the 10 best waterproof jackets. These choices included the RRS Performance Rain Jacket, and New Balance Storm Striker Jacket. One of the reasons that the New Balance comes highly recommended is that it has a soft fabric so it works for dry weather too. It also has "unobtrusive" colors and a removable hood. This article also recommends two choices by Patagonia, the Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket and the Patagonia Eco Rain Shell, which like many of Patagonia's products is made from recycled polyester. Trails.com also recommends eco-friendly Patagonia. Trails.com states, "The Rain Shadow Jacket is a lighter weight shell that is more packable and perfect for hikers of backpackers who want to pack it just in case." According to Trails.com, the right rain jackets is Arcteryx. "Ones such as the Alpha SV and the Theta SV, which are made with Gore Tex Pro Shell, are hard shells that will keep you dry and protected in just about any storm as long as you don't go swimming." North Face Venture Jacket - In its list of the top 10 Rain Jackets, About.com also recommends the North Face Venture Jacket. This raincoat has a shirttail hem for rear coverable and long warm pockets. The rain jacket from North Face is another selection which is suited well to packing. Reviewers love how breathable and light this jacket is. In fact, some reviewers on Backcountry.com comment that this is the "best jacket ever." The only complaint we saw from a few owners was that the hood can be hard to adjust. Definitely practice at home before getting caught in your first storm! You can find the Venture jacket online here.

Marmot Rain Jackets:

Of About.com's 10 selections, four of those were from Marmot. Marmot, founded in 1974, consistently provides quality gear for the outdoors. These selections included the Marmot PreCip jacket for men, The Marmot Precip jacket for women, the Marmot Oracle for men and the Marmot Oracle for women. The Marmot Oracle runs about $134-$165 on Amazon. It's more waterproof than other brands due to a proprietary technology. Reviewers found that water still beads up after a year. Another plus to the Marmot Oracle is that it is extremely light and can be packed easily. We surveyed reviews for this product and found one reviewer mentioned mentioned that the only main problem he had with this jacket was it had a plastic feel inside which wasn't too comfortable with humidity if you don't wear a long sleeve shirt. However, most people are extremely pleased with this jacket and how you can easily layer it when it is cold. We also found lots of positive feedback on the Marmot PreCip jacket on REI's website. Outside Magazine also recommends the Preclip for best cycle-commuter-friendly rain jacket. People stated that the PreCip was wasy to travel and even small enough to fit into a water bottle. This means that you can carry it easily wherever you may go. The PreCip has a micropourous coating that keeps the rain out. However, it also easily circulates moisture due to sweat out of the jacket. The PreCip also has a Dry Touch finish which reduces condensation. The PreCip features a laminate coating for its waterproofing and breathability. Since all laminates wear off eventually, after a few years of active use you will need to reapply your laminate. We like the Marmot warranty program since they will replace your jacket if it is still under warranty. One more thing is that the style of the PreCip is great according to reviewers. The bottom line is that the Precip jacket will keep you dry and free from overheating. Amazon has great prices for the PreCip for Women, and the Precip for Men The Marmot PreCip doesn't leave the kids out either. There is a Marmot kids raincoat which only runs about $50. RECOMMENDED - We suggest that you browse the best selling Marmot rain jackets online here.

The Best Low Cost Rain Jackets:

You can definitely find some bargains on raingear if you shop around. Often there are significant discounts on off colors and sizes, so if they fit you, you are in luck! Also if you don't care about style too much and are looking for a significant cost savings, a good choice is the Rain Shield 02 Rainwear. The reviewer at About.com said "I was truly pleased with how supple, scentless, and breathable the O2 Rainwear rain suit was." The jacket can be purchased for anywhere between $21-$32 on Amazon. The Rain Shield O2 Hooded Rain Jackets also packs in a handy sack that is included. It only weights about 5.5 ounces and is made from 3M Propore Fabric.