Updated: November 2017

Safety Razor Reviews:

Are you the type of guy that uses the disposable razors once or twice and then throws them in the garbage? Are you constantly irritating your facial skin while using an electric shaver? There is another solution guys. Yes, the old fashioned safety razors are making a comeback these days. Why you may ask? Well, they are safer for the environment and cause less waste. You can recycle the used stainless steel razor blades every week and the razor itself will last for decades. Our grandfathers shaved with the safety razors, some even used the straight razors you periodically see in barber shops. I know my father was reluctant to change over from his safety razor to the more modern disposable types or electric model. I will agree with him that the newer shaving products don't give you as close a shave as the old fashioned styles. I think one of the main reasons the younger generation has gone away from safety razors is fear of cutting themselves. If used properly they are very safe and give you a very close shave. Perhaps time is an issue - or maybe you like using the electric shaver in your car on the way to work. We just suggest trying a safety razor whe you have time and see what the difference is like.
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Choosing a Safety Razor - There are really 3 main brands when it comes to safety razors - Merkur, Edwin Jagger, and Parker. $30 to $40 is what you'll pay for one of these. The Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor is the most popular of them all and it's made in Germany (has been for decades). The long handle provides plenty of control even for those with larger hands. There is definitely a learning curve to shaving with a safety razor, but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it. We provided a nice instructional video down below so you can watch someone using a safety razor and see how they do it. Let the weight of the razor do the work and never pull down on the razor. That will only result in cutting yourself. After a few times you'll get the hang of it and never look back. We found countless reviews posted online from men who estimated they had spent $1000+ on disposable shaving products and now they were happy to cut that budget way down. Just get replacement blades when yours get dull. Many recommend the Merkur-Razor Double Edge Razor Blades. How many shaves can you get with a single razor blade? Depends on your whisker length and thickness. Each guy is different. A good estimate is 5 to 10 shaves. Keep in mind it's much safer to shave with a sharp blade than a dull one. You risk cutting yourself more often when using a dull blade - you will try tugging at the razor to get the blade to cut and that is not good. Another excellent model is the Edwin Jagger De89lbl Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome Plated - closer to $40 but still worth the price. Owners say the 'balance' on this is superb and it helps reduce ingrowing hairs. The razor comes with 5 Derby safety blades. Men that are used to Gillette shaving products like the Mach 3 or Fusion may change their minds if they try wet shaving with a safety razor. Countless comments posted to Amazon talk of 'no going back to Gillette' and razor burn issues. The Parker 99R is the last safety razor worth considering. It features a brass frame that is nickel plated for durability. The 4 inch long handle combined with the 3.4 ounce weight make this a heavyweight. A few guys mention that the blades it comes with are no good, try others before giving up on the product. A few others say the build quality is not that of a Merkur or Edwin Jagger. The one Parker we like is the Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor. A slightly different shaving experience, but the straight edge looks great. You can browse the best selling safety razors here.

Best Safety Razor:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 seller on almost any website and in any store is the Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor at $30. Merkur is made in Germany and offers up superior craftsmanship for high quality shaving. The chrome finish and long handle are 2 nice features on this model. The double edge design will give you a close shave and the nonslip grip is ideal for wet shaving. Sick of razor burn or cutting problems? The Merkur is perfectly balanced and the long handle provides the confidence you need to shave smoothly everytime. You will need to stock up on the stainless steel razor blades from Merkur and find a shaving brush (we prefer the Escali). Other razors from Merkur are the Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor #34C - slightly more expensive - shorter with more weight than the 180 listed above. A good shave comes down to the feel of the blade on your face and how your hand is able to move the blade without effort. Find the proper size and weight ratio and you'll never go back to modern shaving.

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor:

RECOMMENDED - The Edwin Jagger De89lbl Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome Plated Lined Detail - for $40 you get the razor and 5 Derby blades. Cartridge razors just can't compete with these beautiful razors. They will literally last a lifetime is taken care of. Just replace the dull razor blades periodically and the double edge razor is good to go. If you are sick of throwing away disposable razors every week, then make the switch and go classic. The real reason many guys change to the Edwin Jagger is because it's much cheaper over the long run to use a safety razor. Blades are often about $.50/each and within a few months you have made your money back on the razor itself. "Disposables are for teenagers and college kids" says one comment we found online. The DE razor shaves perfectly and it fits all standard DE blades. Again, we suggest watching the video posted below if you are new to wet shaving with a real safety razor. There are a few things you should learn before shaving your face with the real deal. The majority of negative reviews were from newbies who didn't know how to use a safety razor and they cut themselves the first few times using it and gave up. Watch the video and that won't happen to you.