Updated: November 2017

Shapewear Reviews:

Just what is shapewear? Long ago there was the corset, then came the girdle, and now we have body shapers or more simply put - shapewear. Shapers help keep your body looking slender and slimmer than it appears. Corsets were too uncomfortable and women were glad to get rid of those. Girdles became associated with grandma types and lost their appeal to younger women. Now shapewear for women has become a billion dollar a year industry (latest figures from 2010) and it seems to only be getting bigger. The shapewear as seen on TV often shows slips, camisoles, and tummy control products that are designed to slim down your body in certain areas. Some are thigh shapers whiles others go after the waist or the region below the breast line and the waist. Tummy control shapewear is perhaps the most popular variety - women say that it does a good job of concealing extra flab or fat in their midsection. The body shaper garments can work wonders, but some women say they are a hassle to get on and off.

We read a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Rachel Dodes and she tells countless stories of women put into strange predicaments while wearing the shapewear clothing. The biggest problem is that eventually the shaper comes off and the concealment is done. Women note that they feel uncomfortable having to expose their "real bodies" to a man after hiding it while dating. Going to the bathroom with some of the shapewear on can be a bit of a struggle - ladies be prepared for some awkward moments. Women's shapewear has certainly evolved over the last decade as the company Spanx (founded by Sara Blakely) is the leading seller of these slimming products. The good news is that there is shapewear for plus size women and even for men. It seems that not only are women concerned with their images - men are starting to use shapewear products as well. Shapewear for men is still limited, but you can get it on websites like Amazon or stores. We found lots of plus size shapewear available on Amazon for women with full figures that need to control the extra flab. Even with these undergarments on, it's not totally possible to get rid of all your extra curves, and they are certainly not meant to be worn for long periods of time. The camisole shapewear is one of the most popular products - it helps keep your waist and midsection in check. Spanx also sells the Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Panty with thong back which also comes available in a sleek bodysuit style too. The full slip from Spanx get excellent reviews on Amazon and other sites that sell it. A "shapewear slip can really make or break an outfit" say some women as everyone is looking for that straight tummy look. The top brands include Spanx, Newport News, TC Fine Intimates, QT, Va Bien, Flexees, and Bali. Pricing is roughly $40 to $100 with items like the Rago waist cincher selling for under $30. We all know how image conscious women can be, so we can only assume that this type of undergarment will continue to flourish and become more popular. You can browse the top selling women's shapewear online here.

Best Shapewear:

RECOMMENDED - Without a doubt the most popular and best selling shapewear is from Spanx. Whether you want their high rise brief, adjustable strap camisole, full slip, or bodysuit with thong in back, we believe the Spanx Shapewear is the best solution. The popular Spanx Hide & Sleek full slip is available in 8 different sizes and offered in nude and black colors. Priced at $70 it sells quite well online and reviews back up the marketing from Spanx. Sizing is an issue for some, although several women mention that you should order a 1 size smaller than normal so that it will be effective. We would suggest starting with the basic Spanx Hide & Sleek high rise brief and see how you feel before venturing into the bodysuit or full slip. You can view the best selling Spanx products here.

Shapewear for Women:

Although Spanx is really the inventor of "shapewear", there are lots of other brands that get rave reviews from women with all shapes and sizes. The TC Fine Intimates line of shapewear gets perhaps the best overall owner reviews and pricing on their undergarments is very competitive. Another top rated brand is the Flexees Shapewear with a waist shaper and thigh slimmer along with a strapless slip great for dresses and evening gowns. Their products receive high praise for comfort and fit. Va Bien makes the Body Briefer and QT has a new lineup (no reviews yet). Most are available in misses, petite, and plus sizes. I'm not sure why they even have petite sizes, but perhaps thinner women still have a use for these.

Body Shaper:

What types of body shaper products exist? Shapewear is broken down into 6 main groups - bodysuits, briefs, camisoles, slips, thigh shapers and waist shapers. The biggest selection are the shapewear briefs followed by the shapewear camisoles. The bodysuits can be effective, but keep in mind that you are going to be wearing it for hours and think about comfort after a while. We read one story where the waist shaper was pressing in on the bladder of the owner so hard she practically went to the bathroom in her pants. That's not a good sign and perhaps that particular shapewear was not a good fit. The thigh shapers and even the waist shapers should still give you some comfort and keep the circulation moving so that they don't become numb. Sizing is key to the comfort - no sense in wearing these things if you are in pain or totally uncomfortable all night. See all the shapewear sizing options and apparel online here.