Updated: November 2017

Shaving Cream Reviews:

Get a Better Shave with Better Shaving Cream - We all want silky, smooth skin. It seems so effortless when we see actresses and models with perfect legs or their male counterparts with baby smooth skin on their faces or an artfully trimmed beard. But if you've ever nicked and cut your way to get those smooth legs or faces, you know that it is far from effortless. The next time you go to do battle with your razor, make sure you have the best shaving cream possible. Great cream or gel makes shaving much easier, and your skin will look - and feel - better than ever. Let's take a look at some of the top shaving creams to help you get skin you love to touch.
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Best Shaving Cream for Men:

We'll start with men because they're the ones who have to wear the results of a bad shave around on their faces. Not only can a poor shaving cream create a poor shave, it can also leave your face itchy, irritated, and inflamed. For a good shave, you want a top quality men's shaving cream or shave gel, not foam. Cream offers you the best hydration, which is what will keep your face from feeling like you got stung by a hive of bees. Here are some great suggestions: Both ShavingStuff.com and BestCovery.com (which reviews products and creates a short list to help consumers make more informed decisions) choose Billy Jealousy as one of their favorites. Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream was also the winner of Esquire Magazine's Best Shave award. When you buy shaving foam, which is the most popular, you are getting lather that is mostly air. In other words, the quality of the lather is poor. Billy Jealousy is made instead of millions of beds of water-soluble micro-silicone. Instead of poor lubrication and cushioning for your face, you get a lot of necessary hydration. This formula doesn't break down with water, as foams do.

BestCovery said Billy Jealousy provides a "sharp and clean look without the mess." You can find Billy Jealousy for $20 on Amazon. It is more expensive than the cheap foams you can find everywhere, but it will give you a smooth, clean shave. And if you want to treat yourself after a shave, try Billy Jealousy Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm. This was named Men's Health Best Splurge. You can find that for $20. Another BestCovery pick is Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Shave. This is a unique formula with phospholipids, which are essential fatty acids for your cell membranes. This binds moisture to your skin and prevents razor burn. It also has Jojoba and Eucalyptus to soothe and nourish skin. Jack Black Beard offers an entirely "new way to shave" because the lightweight formula penetrates your skin and helps soften whisker growth and hold in moisture. And best of all, it does 3 jobs in 1. The oil is used to prepare your skin for the shave, it has a high quality shave cream, and it is also a skin treatment. This is $16. Other top choices include Clinique M Shave Aloe Gel, The Art of Shaving Cream, and Zirh Shave Cream. The prices for these are in line with those of the Billy Jealousy and Jack Black Beard creams. Why would you pay $15 to $20 for shaving cream when you could pay a few dollars for a can of Barbasol or Old Spice at the store? If you've been experiencing razor burn, nicks, rashes, and other irritations, it could be that your shave cream is not effective. You'll pay more, but you'll definitely get more with the brands named above. Shaving experts often recommend using a badger hair brush and shave soap to get the best shave. If you want to go this route (it only takes a minute or two longer, and the results are phenomenal) make sure to use a pure badger hair brush. Cheap ones are made with coarser boar hair, which will irritate your skin. Omega is a good brand. Their Stripey 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush is made in Italy and has 100 percent pure badger hair. You can find it here for $32. Good badger hair brushes start at about $25. An MSNBC feature on the perfect shave recommended Prosaro Shave Cream. This provides rich lather and helps hydrate your skin. It also has eucalyptus, coconut oils, lanolin, and glycerin for smooth, soft, and refreshed skin. This is $11. You can browse the best selling men's shaving creams here.

Best Shaving Cream for Women:

Ladies, don't touch your husband or boyfriend's Billy Jealousy! Why? Will it do a good job? Sure, it will. But the man in your life may not want to share. Women's and men's shaving cream are not greatly different. In fact, the biggest differences are in fragrance, price, and packaging. Women's shaving cream is more likely to feature "sensitive skin" types or different scents to appeal to feminine users. The basic ingredients are the same, and you could definitely use men's shaving cream and get excellent results. You may prefer a more feminine experience, though, and there are a lot of great shave creams out there. ShopWiki chose BeneFit Bathina Sweet Satin Shave as one of its favorite high-end shaving creams. An epinions reviewer said she never knew shaving could be so much fun. The "heavenly scent" and great packaging are often cited as major pluses. BeneFit Bathina Sweet Satin Shave is a creamy mousse (here is that difference in men's and women's shaving cream we were talking about: men would never buy a "mousse" for their face). It provides a clean, smooth shave. The only con for many reviewers is the price. A 12-ounce tub costs about $24. You can find it at Bloomingdale's and other upscale retailers. You can also check eBay and see if you can get it for less. There are also a lot of great shaving creams and gels that are more accessible to a wide range of budgets. ShopWiki recommended Aveeno Shave Cream and Skintimate as two of the top choices for under $10. You can easily find these at your local drugstore or department store. You can also find Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal on Amazon for under $5. It has fantastic ratings from consumers and offers relief from razor bumps, nicks, burns, and irritated skin. It is a great quality lubricating gel that is wonderful for those with sensitive or dry skin. This fragrance-free Aveeno formula is made with natural oatmeal and allantoin to soothe skin, while moisturizing lubricants hydrate and refresh skin. Aveeno is well loved because it is easy on the skin, yet effective. This gel is noncomedogenic, which means it won't clog the pores. This is a great way to take care of your skin. Skintimate can be found for a bit over $3. The Lavender Moisturizing Shave Gel, for example, has a blend of 8 conditioners, emollients, and lubricants to care for skin, as well as baby oil, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B, and soothing lavender to make it smooth and soft. When you do select a shaving cream, here are some quick tips to get a better shave, whether on your legs or your face:

*Wet shave. Shave while you're in the shower to soften and plum your hairs. It is so much less irritating than dry shaving, and you'll notice a drastic reduction in burn.
*Use an exfoliant before shaving. This opens up your pores and reduces ingrown hairs.
*Use a sharp blade! Dull blades are actually responsible for more damage.
*If you want a super close shave, apply your shaving cream and shave in the direction your hair is growing (with the grain). After, reapply a coat of cream and shave against the grain. This provides an incredibly smooth shave. You may not have time for this every day, but it's nice for those times when you want super smooth skin.

When choosing your shaving cream, remember to think of quality not quantity: that is, you want a rich lather instead of a lot of empty air. With a better quality shaving cream, you can get the skin you want. View the top rated women's shaving creams online here.

Shaving Cream Coupons:

We see them all the time, in newspapers, magazines, even online. Shaving cream coupons are easy to find and can save you a bit of money. Most of the manufacturers want to entice you with an instant coupon for savings. They know that most men or women rarely change products once they start using things like shaving cream. The $1 or $2 coupon is a great investment if you stick with their product for years. You can sign up for Edge Shave Gel coupons on their website at Edgeshave.com. Gillette has similar offerings on their website and don't think we've forgotten about the ladies in the crowd. Skintimate and Aveeno have plenty of printable coupons that we found online as well. If you are thinking about changing your shaving cream brand, look for promotions or special offers before purchasing anything.