Updated: November 2017

Snow and Cold Weather Boot Reviews:

If you live in a cold weather climate like Oregon, you know how handy a good pair of cold weather boots can be. We get all the weather up here - from rain to snow to ice storms. Winter months can be dangerous and I have found that having a quality pair of snow boots makes a huge difference. I call them snow boots, but you'll see them listed as winter boots or cold weather boots just as often. My yard is partially sloped so when it gets slick I want to make sure my footing is stable and dependable. If I could I would have about 4 pairs of winter boots, but several of my pairs perform double duty - they work great in cold and snowy weather as well as on those wet, rainy days. The top selling brands for cold weather boots are Baffin, Kamik, Columbia, Pajar, Sorel, and Keen. You can buy them online at sites like Amazon or go in person to stores like REI or The North Face. I prefer to do most of my shopping online so that I can compare prices and features instantly without wasting time at stores that typically don't carry that much inventory. Below you can see which brands hold up the best and give you the reliability in cold weather conditions.
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Choosing a Snow/Cold Weather Boot - You need to consider where you will be using these boots most of the time. Do you ski alot and need boots to walk around in the snow and icy conditions after you get off the slopes. Do you work outdoors during the winter months with constant exposure to wet and rainy conditions? Perhaps you just need a solid pair of winter boots around the house. I always look for boots that provide ample insulation so that my feet stay warm (especially your toes). Good traction is another necessity so that I can stay balanced on icy or wet sidewalks or slopes. Lastly, a cold weather boot must keep your feet dry. They need to be waterproof and resistant to any moisture getting inside. The Columbia Sportswear Men's Bugaboot Plus Cold Weather Boot is a well recognized option - comes in 5 color varieties, features a rubber sole, and has waterproof shoe material. The Sorel Men's 1964 PAC T Boot is another favorite - I use mine when I'm shoveling snow from the driveway. They keep my feet warm and the bottoms provide excellent traction on the icy concrete. For a slightly more casual look, consider the KEEN Men's Anchorage Waterproof Winter Boot. Reviews are near perfect for this versatile cold weather boot. Whether you are cleaner your gutters up on a ladder or just raking up leaves in damp and mudder conditions, the Keen's perform admirably. Pricing tends to be about $100 for almost all the boots we looked at. REVIEWS - Without a doubt the best comments and feedback you'll find are at Amazon.com. There are literally dozens of owner reviews for some of the models. You'll find some of the widest selection of sizes as well - ranging from size 4 to 17 with varying shoe widths too. Sierratradingpost.com and Backcountry.com also provide plenty of information and opinions on which brands perform the best with consumer comments to back up their findings. You can browse the best selling cold weather boots here.

Best All Weather Winter Boot:

RECOMMENDED - Few boots get the ratings that the Columbia Men's Bugaboot Plus II Omni-Heat Snow Boot get from actual owners and experts. This winter shoe is made with leather and a rubber tread sole. They will keep your feet warm and dry while the outside is rugged and will hold up well even in tough conditions. The TPU coated leather is abrasion resistant and quite durable. The non-slip rubber sole give you the confidence to walk or step on slippery surfaces and maintain your footing. At around $80, the shoes are considered an excellent price by many owners and another commom comment is that they boots are very comfortable. Perfect for hunting, working in the yard, or walking in the snow. The one complaint we read about online is that a few of the eyelets can 'snap off' if put under too much stress. Check out all the top selling boots online and see which one makes the most sense to your needs. Some are considered all weather while others are made for more specific conditions. In terms of price, the Kamik brands are well received with great reviews and lower than average prices.

Top Rated Cold Weather Boots:

RECOMMENDED - We really like the look and feel of the Kamik Men's Hunter Cold Weather Boot which retails for only $50. Made in Canada (Columbia shoe above is made in China), consumers say the construction and comfort are second to none. Great in cold weather - rain or snow. They feature a removable 8mm thermal guard liner, rubber soles, waterproof construction, and they are lightweight. Their 100% waterproof rating along with a thermal rating of -40 degrees F, these winter boots will serve you well. Many owners say the drawstring at the nylon collar is perfect for keeping out snow or moisture. The Kamik Hunter boots are just one style of boot they offer. Other popular models include their Nationplus Boot and the Men's Greenbay. In terms of affordability, it's hard to find anything that is cheaper that still has excellent consumer feedback.