Updated: November 2017

Stretch Pant Reviews and Buying Guide:

Why Stretch Pants are an Important Part of Most Women's Wardrobe - Stretch pants were popularized in the 80's. You probably remember the style of people wearing baggy sweaters over stretch pants. Sometimes their stretch pants even had stirrups. This trend from the 1980's never exactly went away because stretch pants are so practical. Stretch pants do very much what their name would indicate- they are made of a material that can easily stretch to accommodate your body. Often stretch pants are made with spandex. A very common look is black stretch pants that are made of a t-shirt like material and have an elastic waistband. Women's stretch pants have the advantage that they are very comfortable. In fact, many women feel as though they are wearing their pajamas when they wear stretch pants. They also will fit even if you gain a couple of pounds. And the general hope is that the weight will not be noticeable if a big shirt or baggy sweater covers it up. One of the reasons that stretch pants are so popular is that they are inexpensive, comfortable, and will accommodate a woman's weight if it changes. Also stretch pants serve a variety of needs such as stretch ski pants for women, stretch pants that are suitable for biking and plus size stretch pants. You can see a wide variety of stretch pants online here.
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Plus Sized Stretch Pants - Plus sized women often need to shop for their stretch pants in different collections. A good choice for plus size stretch pants are JM Collection Plus Size Pants, Pull On which sell on Amazon for about $30. These plus sized stretch pants come in black, chocolate, charcoal and navy. Reviewers on Amazon comment that these pants are slenderizing and extremely comfortable. Also they point out that the elastic waistband is comfortable. There are also a good variety of plus Sized Stretch Pants at Old Navy, JC Penney's and Macy's. Browse all the most popular plus size stretch pants here.

Stretch Ski Pants - Many skiers hate pants that are restrictive, and so stretch ski pants are quite popular. After all, if you take a break to eat a big lunch when you are skiing, you don't want to have to unbutton your pants! According to About.com Adventure Travel guide, one of the best stretch ski pants are the Mountain Hardware's Ski/Snowboard Insulated Stretch Piste Pants. About.com mentions that these pants have a tough fabric and are extremely comfortable. These Mountain Hardware stretch pants have a low-rise front and high-rise back. They will also keep the moisture at bay when you are skiing. Another highly recommended pair of stretch pants that are good for skiing are the REI OXT Power Stretch Pants. These pants are lightweight and quick-drying. Reviewers at REI said that they are warm, stretchy and can be worn not only for outdoor winter sports, but also for casual activities like errands. View the top selling women's ski stretch pants here.

Best Women's Stretch Pants:

American Apparel Women's Stretch Cotton Yoga Pants are a popular item and sell for about $33. These stretch pants are often used for athletic purposes like yoga. They can also be worn at home, to sleep or even for a casual outfit. According to reviewers on Amazon, these stretch pants are comfortable and fit well. Some reviewers advise that they run slightly on the small size. Stretch pants also often go by the name of "leggings." Another popular pair to consider are the metrostyle Skinny Denim and Twill Leggings which run for $20. According to Amazon reviewers, these stretch pants are comfortable and stylish. Another pair of stretch pants that have a slightly different style that hits the mid-calf instead of the ankle are the Newport News Mid-calf leggings. You can buy this product on Amazon for just $12 in white or black. Of the reviews we saw, customers loved the price and felt that the leggings fit well. As you can see, women's stretch pants are very reasonably priced so it will not be a large investment to buy and test out several pairs. Check out the best selling stretch pants online here.