Updated: November 2017

Best Tanning Bronzer Review

Why Use a Tanning Lotion or Bronzer?
Ideas of beauty change from time to time. It used to be the standard of beauty to have very pale skin; then a perfect tan was seen as desirable and people flocked to the beach or to tanning salons. Now, hopefully, there is only one standard of beauty when it comes to skin: health. Whether your skin is very pale or very dark, or somewhere in between, it is essential that you take care of it and keep it supple and fresh. For those who want to enjoy a sun-kissed appearance or darker skinned women who want to highlight features, bronzers can be a tremendous help that allows you to achieve the look you want without the danger of damaging your skin.

Why not go to a tanning salon? Or save money and just sit in the sun? A recent article in New York Magazine had some comments about indoor tanning. The article stated that tanning beds are almost as deadly as mustard gas (what a comparison!). The chances of getting skin cancer from using tanning beds grows exponentially with each use, and it is no longer looked upon as the "in" thing to do. Direct sunlight without protection from sunscreen is actually recommended by doctors for a maximum of about 15 minutes in the mornings. This allows the skin to absorb Vitamin D. But beyond that, sunscreen is a necessity and sun tanning is most certainly not. Skin cancer, which is primarily caused by sun exposure, is the most diagnosed form of cancer. Beside the health effects, you also have lasting effects on your skin: lines, wrinkles, age spots, and an overall leather handbag appearance. Tanning lotion and bronzers are a great way to get a tan that is perfect without having to expose yourself to harmful rays, whether from the sun or from indoor tanning. Self tanning lotion is a much better choice for your skin and your health. In this guide, we'll take a look at some of the best-selling tanning bronzers, and see how they work, what people are saying about them, and how much you can expect to pay for them.

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The Best Tanning Bronzers and Tanning Lotion - Bronzing Powders

What is a tanning bronzer? How do tanning bronzers work? Bronzer is simply a cosmetic product that you apply in order to give your skin a healthy bronze glow. They can come in the form of powders or lotions. Among the best powder bronzers is Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals All Over Face Color. Bare Escentuals has made a name for itself offering women natural cosmetics that are actually beneficial to their skin. By creating makeup from minerals, Bare Escentuals was able to give something to the skin, not just clog it up with heavy layers. Their bronzers were ranked in the top ten by iVillage users for their beautiful coverage, natural appearance, and friendly price. Their All Over Face Color, for instance, is made of all-natural ingredients and applies smoothly and evenly to give your face a glow that seems to come from within. It is a light powder which makes your skin feel and look make-up free; it allows your natural beauty to shine through. It just gives it a boost! You can find Bare Escentuals All Over Face Color on Amazon for just over $15. How many tanning visits is that? You can be assured that your bronzer powder will last longer and help you look and feel much better.

If your budget is a bit larger, you can indulge in Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder. This was rated as one of the three best bronzing powders by Bestcovery.com, and users say nothing compares to the look and feel of this luxe powder. This Sephora product gives your skin the appearance of a perfect tan while moisturizing. It is long-wearing and has oil-controlling powder to protect against skin-aging free radicals. There is a shade for all skin types and tones. A compact full of this bronzer costs about $46 at upscale retailers. You can also opt for a bronzing gel or spray. The one drawback to these is that it is more difficult to see where and how much you are applying, which can lead to streaking and an uneven look. On the higher-end, Guerlain Terracotta Transparent Self Tanning Spray for the Body 150ml/5.0oz makes a top-rated spray tanning product (about $30), which dries instantly and has a pleasing aroma. You can also find Laura Mercier Self Tanning Gel for about $45 -- this was also rated highly by iVillage users.

Keep an eye out for products marketed as "dark tanning lotions" and such. Something like the Paint It Black 50X Auto-Darkening Dark Tanning Lotion is actually meant for people who use tanning beds and want to accelerate their tanning -- it is not a sunscreen product or bronzer. Their products may be great at what they do, but they are not the same things as bronzers.

Beyond Bronzer: A Great Self Tanning Lotion

Jergens Natural Glow is also a relatively inexpensive bronzing product. This was named by About.Beauty as one of the best self tanning lotions or bronzing products on the market. What can it do for you? You apply the product as a moisturizer, which keeps your skin supple with its natural ingredients. Gradually, it begins to bronze your skin. Many people prefer products like this so they achieve a natural, perfect tan over time. You don't have to show up at work one day, orange and very obviously self-tanned. This is gradual and thus looks far more natural and subtle. At the same time, it gives your skin necessary hydration. You can find Jergens at any box store or drug store for under $10, or for about $5 if you look online.

Australian Gold is a widely respected self tanning lotion name, and their products have been traditionally sold exclusively in tanning salons. You can find them with online retailers, and this is an excellent route to go for a lotion. You can find a variety of self tanning lotions here for all levels of tanning, as well as different budgets. A good bronzer is Australian Gold's Cheeky Brown Natural Bronzer. It absorbs quickly and has skin-healthy ingredients. Users who have lighter skin say this is a must if you want a perfect tan because it doesn't make very fair people turn red or the dreaded fake bake orange. It, like Jergens Natural Glow, is more gradual and provides a lovely bronze warmth.

There is an incredible selection of self tanning lotions, bronzers, gels, sprays, and beads for a wide variety of effects and price ranges; you do not need to sacrifice your desire to have a perfect tan, nor do you have to sacrifice your skin's health and long-term appearance. So, get your doctor-recommended 15 minutes in the sun. After that, protect yourself. Ideally, you can find bronzers that also have some SPF value and/or skin moisturizing properties. You can still get a tan; you just need to do it smarter!