Updated: November 2017

Tap Shoe Reviews:

If you have a daughter, odds are you will be involved with tap dancing at some point. It seems that all young girls aspire to dance and many are drawn to tap or ballet dancing. My daughter started with a few ballet classes and quickly switched to a combination tap/modern dance class. Of course you are required to buy the appropiate footwear for these classes and it can really add up. As parents we all know that kids feet grow quickly and buying shoes every 6 months is not budget friendly. The good news is that most of our kids are not professionals and don't need the most expensive pair of tap shoes in order to be the best. Where do you buy tap shoes? Which brands are best for toddlers? How much are they? We attempt to answer all those questions below.
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Choosing Tap Shoes - The first rule of thumb is that any tap shoe should fit snugly. I ventured down to the dance studio in our little town and the teacher explained the type of shoe I should be buying for my daughter. She said "snugness" is a big factor in a comfortable shoe. The Mary Jane style tap shoes with the classic ribbon on top are the most popular for the beginners. They look great and the girls are all very proud wearing them. As you advance in skill level, the leather tap shoes from Capezio are ones to get. Since they are made with leather, they will expand a bit as you wear them in, so a snug fit at first should end up being perfect after a few months. Most shoes we saw online and in stores were available for boys or girls, so if you are looking for your son, you should be able to find something. Split sole tap shoes - Here is about the only place we found any disagreement amongst experts. Some say the sound quality is poor in split sole tap shoes while others say that the ability to do advanced tap steps outweigh the negatives. If you are just starting out in tap, then you probably don't need to deal with this controversy just yet. Full sole tap shoes are pretty much par for the course when it comes to beginners. Brands - The main brands are going to be Capezio, Bloch, Leo's, Dance Class, Giordano, and So Danca. Prices - We found the Capezio - Toddler Girls Jelly Tap Shoe in Pink selling for $10 online. That's hard to beat. Even the Capezio Women's Jr. Tyette N625 Beginner Tap Shoe goes for less than $25 on Amazon. Only the professional tap shoes were above $100 in our findings. Tap Shoe Reviews - Amazon is the best source with literally 100's of reviews to read. About.com has a good buying guide and some top picks for tap shoes. Dance.net, Dancewearsolutions.com, and Zappos (now owned by Amazon) also provide plenty of consumer feedback and comments on the top brands. You can browse the best selling tap shoes here.

Best Tap Shoes:

If there is one brand that stands out, it is Capezio. The Capezio tap shoes are top rated by experts in the field and by consumers who actually use them. The Capezio Women's Teletone Xtreme Tap Shoe is a best seller and comes in black, caramel, or tan colors. The price is $50 to $68. Capezio offers shoes for all ages and is a very reputable brand amongst tap dancers. Unlike the cheaper toddler tap shoes you'll find, the Capezio shoes are well made and meant to last for more than a season of dance classes. Amazon carries all their top sellers and many have customer comments to help you in your buying decision. Check out top rated tap shoes here.

Tap Shoes for Toddlers:

Toddlers are the hardest to buy shoes for. Reason #1 - they tend to outgrow shoes so quickly it's hard to justify the cost. Reason #2 - Their interest in something like tap classes could easily be a passing fancy and you could be stuck with brand new tap shoes after just a few weeks of practice. These two reasons are why you should only purchase a cheap pair of tap shoes when your child is starting out. We found several pairs priced under $25 that rate well and should support your childs feet for at least a year. Toddler tap shoes come in pretty pink (girls) or solid black (good for boys or girls). Perhaps a perfect fit are the Dance Class T100 Flexible Tap Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid) which cost roughly $20 to $25. Their affordability is what draws in most parents, but your child will perform just fine in these tap shoes. I bought these shoes for my daughters dance performance and she absolutely loved them. Shiny black and with a removable gross grain ribbon. Sizing - buy whatever your child wears in regular tennis/street shoes.