Updated: November 2017

Tennis Bracelet Reviews and Buying Guide:

tennis bracelets What is a tennis bracelet? When I first heard the term, I wondered why such nice pieces of jewelry were only being worn for tennis matches. Actually, as it turns out, the tennis bracelet doesn't really have too much to do with tennis. Apparently, in 1987 Chris Evert was wearing an expensive but comfortable bracelet during a tennis match. The clasp broke and she asked for the game to be stopped until she found her bracelet. At that point, these elegant wrist bracelets got named "tennis bracelets." You can find tennis bracelets in your local jewelry shop. We found that any jeweler at the mall charges a huge premium. Sometimes you are better off going to a jewelry store that is by itself versus ones at the shopping mall. Also, online jewelers have really done quite well over the last decade. Amazon sells millions of dollar worth of jewelry each year, so do some price comparisons online before buying anything.

What to Look for with Tennis Bracelets? - Tennis bracelets can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are typically made of a uniform arrangement of individual diamonds that are held together in a flexible style with a clasp. The bracelets themselves may be made out of silver, gold, or white gold. Even if cubic zirconias are used instead of diamonds, it is still called a tennis bracelet. These days, tennis bracelets don't even have to look like diamonds. Other stones can also be used. The tennis bracelet, however, is always held together with a latch and often also a hook. The hook keeps the bracelet around the wrist in the case that the clasp becomes less reliable. The tennis bracelet should not fit too snugly or too loose. Ideally, you should be able to place one finger beneath the bracelet. Lengths typically run 5 inches to 9 inches. How much do tennis bracelets cost? - Some of the cheaper ones are less than $100 while the high end bracelets are over $100,000. We found one on Amazon.com that lists for $144K. Depending on the occasion, spending between $200 and $1000 is about right for a tennis bracelet. Many of our friends have bought them for girls graduating from high school as a nice gift. You can browse the best selling tennis bracelets online here.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets:

Most of the tennis bracelets that you will see worn are diamond tennis bracelets. Diamonds are usually paired with either yellow gold or white gold for a truly elegant look. Sterling silver is also used. Although these diamond bracelets can be quite expensive, the style of the tennis bracelet allows for it to be worn casually as well as for dressy occasions. You can just as easily see someone wearing a tennis bracelet wearing jeans as you would at a cocktail party. One important note is not to shower with a diamond tennis bracelet. Soap can eventually make your gold appear less shiny. It is best to keep a diamond tennis bracelet dry. It is also important to make sure that the hinges on the bracelet work properly. Obviously, if your clasp is malfunctioning you could lose your bracelet (especially while playing tennis). If you can find a backup locking device, that is best. Most expensive tennis bracelets will have a figure eight clasp to catch the bracelet before it falls off the wrist. In general, diamond tennis bracelets range from $1000- $12,000 based on the size, cut and quality of the diamonds.

Best Low Cost Tennis Bracelets - Due to the similar look of cubic zirconia to diamonds, you can find some very inexpensive tennis bracelets that truly look elegant. Amazon sells the 4.5 Carat Sterling Silver CZ Tennis Bracelet for only $30. This is an extremely popular bracelet which many reviewers state passes for real when they wear it. The bracelet is sterling silver, but it passes as white gold. The stones, of course, are cubic-zirconia instead of diamonds. This sterling silver tennis bracelet is treated with rhodium, which keeps it shiny and free from tarnish. Reviewers love this bracelet because it indeed looks so real. One customer mentioned that she constantly gets compliments. There is also the Sterling Silver 2ct Diamond Three Row Bracelet for $139. This bracelet actually has real diamonds, but due to the low price they are very small. On the plus side, reviewers commend this tennis bracelet for being very elegant. They also felt that this price was more than reasonable for a tennis bracelet with 2 carats.

White Gold Tennis Bracelet:

One nice option that is among the most popular options for diamond tennis bracelets, according to Amazon, is the Round Brilliant Diamond 4 Prong Square Look 14K White Gold Tennis Bracelet which sells for $1600. This diamond tennis bracelet has 54 round diamonds and it is also a 14k white gold setting. Each white gold tennis bracelet is made to order. The Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2 Carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold is also quite popular and sells for about $2000. It is also available in yellow gold. The Diamond Tennis Bracelet 2 Carat has 10 karat gold and the two carats of diamonds.