Updated: November 2017

Wedding Ring Reviews:

It used to be that buying any jewelry online was a huge risk. Now that many of us shop online regularly, items like wedding rings and engagement rings are slowly being bought through the web too. I must admit it sounds a little weird to purchase a nice piece of jewelry through a website, but Amazon.com has done a great job of developing trust and a gorgeous section dedicated to high quality engagement and wedding rings. The GIA Certified engagement rings help comfort buyers knowing they are getting a quality product at a discounted price versus those mall jewelers. Jewelry is the most marked up product in the world. You never know if you are getting taken to the cleaners or getting a great deal. Online jewelry stores have leveled the playing field and now you can shop on the Internet and feel safe about buying things like diamond rings. Ok, so where do you start? We found the Amazon.com website to have all the answers to our questions. They offer a 'find your ring size' section that is easy to follow. You can also check out their 'buying guide' with jewelry terms clearly defined - like 'Princess Cut', 'clarity', etc.
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Choosing a Wedding Ring - Once you are educated on what determines the price of a diamond ring, then you can slowly browse the online selections. There must be 1000's to choose from so it's best to filter that down a bit before you get overwhelmed. Are you looking for a Bridal set, engagement ring, wedding ring, or maybe even an anniversary ring? What about ring setting - Halo, Channel Set, Solitaire, Three Stone? Price perhaps? We all have a budget in mind. They separate the rings into categories like $1000 to $3000, $3000 to $5000, and more. Of course you could just see the most popular rings and go from there. We suggest starting with a budget and proceed from there. You can always downgrade the quality of a diamond (something most people do when they realize how expensive they are). You don't have to sacrifice that much - you'd be surprised at how many of us can't tell the difference between different grades of clarity, cut, or color. Even carats can be deceptive - could you really tell the difference between a 1 carat and 1.2 carat diamond. Hopefully the experience of picking out an engagement ring is a positive one for your relationship. Be prepared to be open minded about rings, prices, and what makes the one you get so special. Check out the huge selection of engagement rings online here.

Engagement Rings:

We all know that when buying an engagement ring you want it to be special and unique. If you purchase an engagement ring on the Internet will it be unique? Depends on which one you go with. There are literally 1000's to choose from on most websites. Just like picking one from your local jewelry store, there are bound to be a few people with the same taste and you could end up with a ring that someone else has. Still, the odds are in your favor that if you buy a ring on a website like Amazon.com, you probably won't see that exact ring on someone else's finger in your lifetime. A diamond engagement ring should be special and mean something to the couple that is getting married. The Internet is just a new way for you to browse hundreds of rings and styles before making a decision. It sure beats going into a jewelry store and having to sit down for hours going over rings, sizes, diamond specs, etc. All of that information is right on the screen for you. Prices are also available, unlike jewelry stores that always seem to be having sales, so you never really know the actual price of the ring. My experience with buying an engagement ring was not awful, but I still felt like we got the short end of the stick on price. The ring was beautiful, but I would suggest to all young couples to at least look online first. How much should you spend? You hear it all the time - 2 months salary. That salary varies from person to person, but it's not a bad place to start. $1000 to $3000 is very reasonable for a quality ring with a solid diamond. Anything over $5000 is going to be very nice. Browse the most popular engagement rings here.

Wedding Rings:

A wedding ring is different than an engagement ring. Often you will see a diamond clustered engagement ring and a more simple wedding band. The wedding ring is meant to be worn every day, while the engagement ring may not come out as often. Wedding bands don't have to be plain, we see ones with diamonds all the time. The only difference is that the diamonds on a wedding ring aren't meant to be large - you will often see smaller diamonds that are flush with the band - not sticking out. With thousands to choose from online, you are still going to get a unique and personalized ring. Some women prefer plain wedding bands - like a solid platinum ring with no diamonds. The anniversary wedding rings are something that some couples buy. I know my wife and I have discussed a newer style ring as we approach our 20th anniversary. Ideall you could take the diamonds from your older engagement ring and put them into a newer ring. That's something you can discuss with your local jeweler. I will say this, when you look at all the reviews from people who have bought diamond wedding rings online, the vast majority are totally happy with their experience. Many of them say the pictures online don't do the ring any justice at all. In real life, the rings sparkle and look amazing. So, if you like the ring online, odds are you will love it when it arrives in the mail. I know, buying rings online seems really impersonal, but the Internet has made shopping so much easier and now engagement and wedding rings are just a part of that process.