Updated: November 2017

Western Boot Reviews:

Looking for a new pair of western boots? Perhaps you want to bring out that 'cowgirl' in you next time you go out. Some people refer to them as cowboy boots, but anyone with a sense of style calls them western boots. With the right outfit, a pair of western boots can really stand out. You don't have to go to a country bar in order to wear your stylish western boots out on the town. The rugged leather and pointed toe are two trademarks found in almost all western cowboy boots. For the ladies, they have designed heights from your ankle to your knee. Want to wear them with jeans? How about with a cute skirt? Picking the right pair of boots can be tough given all the variations that are offered. Prices typically range from $100 to $300. Some custom design boots sell for $500+. We compared prices between large western footwear stores and online etailers. The online shops carry a larger inventory and usually have prices that are the same or less. The one drawback with shopping online is sizing and being able to make sure the fit is just right. Some online stores will allow you to order shoes and return the ones you don't want without a fee.
western boots

Choosing a Western Boot - The first thing you want to know are the various parts of the boot so you can understand the descriptions. The 'pull strap' is located near the top of the boot and is good for pulling up the boot. The heel cap on classic cowboy boots is about 1 1/2 inches high and the natural leather soles are great for things like line dancing. The shaft is the part around your leg and the vamp is the section over your foot. Sometimes the shaft will have a different color leather compared to the vamp. Watch for boots not made of genuine leather. The cheaper composite materials or even vinyl will not hold up. The toe shape is another feature to consider given there are quite a few options - R Toe, Square Toe, U/W toe, J Toe, and D Toe. You are probably used to seeing the narrow, pointed toe that is very common on cowboy boots. The Western boot styles have evolved and now designers have added slight variations to add uniqueness and individuality to the boots. Top brands include Tony Lama, Justin Boots, Roper, Dan Post, Stetson and Ariat. You want a snug fit, but keep in mind, getting off boots can be a problem for some. There are many times that I need my roommate to help me remove the boot since I can't seem to get enough leverage to get the darn thing off. Browse the best selling Western cowboy boots here.

Best Western Boot:

RECOMMENDED - The Ariat Women's Heritage Western X Toe Boot is a clear winner amongst all the 'cowgirls' out there. Rated #1 on several websites (by actual owners) - the boot features full grain leather on the foot and shaft. The Traid design and six row stitch pattern along with the X Toe profile are what set this stylish Western boot apart from the others. Yes, you will pay a slight premium for the boots, but given their beauty, they are worth it. Ariat produces top quality western boots and this pair is no different. View the Ariat western boots for women here. The Ariat Women's Fatbaby Cowgirl Western Boot is another popular choice with mid-height cut. The Ariat Women's Fatbaby II Boot is slightly cheaper, but still in the $70 to $120 price range.

Western Boots for Women:

RECOMMENDED - When it comes to style, we suggest the Justin Boots Women's Classic Western Boot which comes in 8 different color options. Comfort is one of the reasons our customers love these boots. The memory foam midsole, J-Flex comfort system, and leather sole are just a few of the reasons they are so well like. Justin Boots are well recognized in the industry for being stylish and functional. Want something that doesn't come up as high on your leg - check out the Justin Boots Women's Gypsy Boot. These feature a rubber sole, a removable insole, memory foam midsole, and a single stitch welt. Whether wearing them on a farm or in the city, the boots look and feel great.