Updated: November 2017

Women's Slipper Reviews:

Men have a hard time shopping for the lady in their life whether it be a girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister. Men are not good shoppers to begin with and when the pressure is on the line to come up with gift around birthdays or Christmas they usually crack by buying kitchen appliances or non-personal gifts. The surest bet besides things like jewely (no woman can resist that) are things like a comfortable pair of slippers. Women love to be cozy in the evening and the early mornings before work and slippers help keep their feet warm. The choices are many but don't get intimidated with styles and colors. Most women's slippers are easy to select in colors like pinks or beige. Cashmere is the preferred material, but comfort is the most important feature you should be going after.
womens slippers

The hardest thing is deciding on which style is best - scuffs/open back, moccasins, slip-on, booties, flip flops, open back wedge, slipper socks, or sheepskin. There are hard sole, soft sole, and narrow/wide slippers. The top selling brands are Acorn, Bearpaw, Daniel Green, Hush Puppies, Jacques Levine, Minnetonka, Nixes, Old Friend, Oobees, and Smartdogs. You can find womens slippers in large retailers like Neiman Marcus, Bare Necessities, and J Crew or try going online to RedEnvelope.com or Onlyslippers.com. There are cheap pairs of womens slippers for under $25, but be prepared to spend closer to $40-$50 for a decent pair that won't fall apart after 1 season. The most popular slippers for women are those that are easy to get on and off (usually slip ons). The Old Friend Womens Scuff ($40) is a top seller online along with Acorn New Spa Thong Slippers that are more of a flip flop style but very trendy on the west coast. We found several websites and articles dedicated to buying slippers for women and past winners for "best slipper" have included Restoration Hardware cashmere slippers ($69), Bonjour Fleurette Meribel Booties ($36), and the Old Friend NothinZ Unisex Breeze (look like Crocs). The sheepskin interiors are definitely comfortable, but can often smell after extensive use just like most shoes that are worn without socks. We have tried to supply some of the latest styles that are popular amongst the ladies down below with pricing, where to buy, and a brief description. When buying slippers around Christmas, buy early since the most popular styles and brands will disappear off the shelves quickly. You can browse the top selling womens slippers online here.

Most Comfortable Womens Slippers:

Comfort is the #1 selling factor with shoes and slippers are no different. Certainly a little style never hurt when buying a womens slipper as well. The Old Friend Ladies Scuff ($40) definitely are cute and reviews point out that they are very comfortable. You can buy them online at Onlyslippers.com and they are offered in 5 pastel color varieties. The TPR slip resistant bottoms are great on all surfaces in your home and they can be worn outdoors as well. Owners say the "cushioned sole" and the fact the slippers "breathe well" makes them the perfect choice. Other reviewers mention they keep your feet "warm and cozy" and are very durable. Sizes range from Small (5-6), Medium (6.5-7.5), Large (8-9), Extra Large, and Double X Large (11-12).

Best Women's Slipper:

Sleepyheads.com is a fun site to go shopping on with dozens of exciting and new styles of slippers to choose from. With brands like Karen Neuburger, PJ Salvage, and Two Ladies you're sure to find something you like. The slippers from Two Ladies are the funnest we saw with themes on each - Bath Time, Dog Walker, Girl Essentials, etc. They run about $30 and rate as "very comfortable". They are not the type of slippers you will wear in your best negligee, but they will add personality to your feet. RECOMMENDED - Check out the very popular UGG Women's Coquette - available in chocolate, navy, pink, sand, black, and felt colors. Sizes range from 5 to 11 for women. There are knockoffs of UGGs at local department stores that are roughly $30, but we all know how women love name brand products. My wife wears hers to the bus stop in the morning with our daughter. They are durable and have a solid sole on them. Other pairs of slippers are no good on sidewalks and fall apart.

Women's Cashmere Slippers:

Cashmere is incredibly soft and comfortable material, so buying cashmere slippers for your wife, spouse, mother, etc would be a very nice gift. We found several sites that carry cashmere slippers but feel like Nordstrom.com was the best choice. Nordstrom's has a great reputation for carrying quality clothing and shoes for women and their return policy is one of the best in the market. The Nordstrom Cashmere Slipper for women can be bought on their main website or in their stores. We did find that the slippers can be hard to find in the off-season which is the spring or summer time. They are priced around $80 and should be in stock right in time for the Christmas holiday rush.