Updated: November 2017

Moccasin Reviews:

Moccasin shoes are centuries old and were worn by the Native Americans that once thrived in the United States. Today, moccasins are worn more like a slipper, around the house after we get home from work or in the early morning hours before we leave the house. They are meant to be warm and comfortable on your feet. Made from materials like suede, leather, and sheepskin, moccasins are the perfect shoe on cold mornings when your feet could use a little warmth. Keep in mind that if you have sweaty feet to begin with, owning a pair of moccasins may not be a good idea unless you wear socks with them. My wife has a tendency to get sweaty feet and her pair of sheepskin moccasins were ruined after only about 6 months of use as the interior of them became soiled and smelly. The below the ankle moccasins tend to be the most popular style for men and the ankle high are what women prefer. The knee high moccasins are something you would have seen on Davy Crockett, but they are still sold today (not as popular). We will discuss materials, sizing, and brands down below.

Leather moccasins are the most popular type on the market. Leather material is perfect for shoes because it naturally softens and conforms to your feet over time. Moccasins made of leather come from deerskin, cowhide, and moose hide. Cowhide, a full grain leather, is the most common while the moosehide moccasins are perhaps the most natural looking with nuances to the material that closely match what you would find on the skin of a moose in the wild. Moose hide is known for its "soft and buttery feel". Deerskin leather is another common material that moccasins are made with and it too is soft and very comfortable. Sheepskin moccasins are popular with the ladies, especially when they are made with wool fur. Lastly, suede moccasins provide a little more style to your wardrobe and they can be worn outdoors. Experts say you should avoid rainy or moist weather conditions while wearing your suede moccasins, but otherwise they are good to go. I've seen women wearing these shoes in department stores, in restaurants, and in night clubs. Moccasins are pretty much like regular shoes in terms of sizes. We talked with our local shoe store owner and he said that you want a "snug" fit to start with on your moccasins because as they age they will expand and stretch like all leather products do. Some people with wide feet like the feel of moccasins since they will gradually expand to accommodate a wider foot. Anyone with big feet should be able to find moccasins in your size, many sites offered mens sizes 14, 15, and 16's along with womens sizes up to 11. The most recognized brand name in moccasins is Minnetonka and their leather products are very popular with shoes made from buffalo, deerskin, and moose leathers. Other top selling manufacturers include Footskins, Daniel Green, Old Friend, L.B. Evans, Eastland, Lamo, Smartdogs, and Acorn. Prices range from under $25 up to $75 or more. The cheaper ones are made with suede, although that is not a steadfast rule. Most moccasins are made in various shades of brown with some in black or white. Kids styles include other colors like blue or red. Modern designs have the moccasins mixing with slippers and several styles we saw have more of a clog design with no back on the heel portion. You just slip your foot in and go. Where can you buy moccasins? We found several websites that strictly carry Minnetonka brand moccasins and their selection was excellent. Try Minnetonkamoccasinshop.com or Moccasins.com - both offer traditional, casual, boots, slippers, and lot more for women, men and children. Even Macys carries the Tommy Hilfiger "Demi" Moccasin ($69) which comes in 3 color varities and looks more like a loafer. Many people like to drive in their moccasins and so producers have created a whole new style called "driving moccasins", we found several online at Target.com. You can browse the top selling mens moccasins and the most popular womens moccasins online here.

Mens Moccasins:

Zappos.com carries a nice selection of mens moccasins. With brands like Old Friend, Ugg, L.B. Evans, and Minnetonka to choose from, it's hard to go wrong. The Minnetonka Moosehide Classic ($65) are the perfect fit for any guy. They are soft and very breathable meaning your feet will not get too sweaty in them. The fully padded insole is a great shock absorber and the flexible rubber sole will help them last when worn outdoors. For a more classic look, consider the Minnetonka Mens Camp Moccasins which sell for under $40 on Moccasins.com and offer full sizes up to 15-16. The hard and durable outsole allows you to wear these while camping, walking to your local coffee shop, or just around the house. The Old Friend Terry Cloth Moccasins ($40) are another top seller for men and customers love these things. They say the moccasins "breathe well" and they like the cushioned insole and durable sole. Moccasins.com offers these in both mens and womens sizes. The moisture absorbing cotton terry cloth insole is what these are famous for. The charcoal-lined odor suppression system will help keep these smelling fresh months down the road.

Womens Moccasins:

Most women are suckers for new shoes and moccasins are just starting to make a comeback in the womens fashion industry. You can go with traditional designs that offer beading over the toes to ankle high moccasin boots. The Minnetonka Womens Sheepskin Hardsole Moccasin ($56) are the best sellers, but the Bistro Womens Laced Moccasin by Eastland ($50) is a close 2nd. The sheepskins look more casual while the Eastland moccasins have a more formal appeal to them. Moccasins are meant to be a casual shoe that you wear in your house and outdoors if the sole of the shoe permits it. For a basic pair, go with the Minnetonka Women's Kilty Suede Moccasin. Moccasins.com and Zappos offer a wide selection of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from.

Kids Moccasins:

I have to admit that nothing is cuter than to see a little baby or child in a pair of shoes, especially moccasins. The Old Friend Baby Soft Sole ($20) are very popular and include sizes from newborns to 24 months. They are available in pink or chestnut (girl or boy) and are handmade. The sheepskin insoles provide comfort and warmth on those little toes inside. The Minnetonka Infants Sheepskin Booties sell for $21 and are another great choice.

Driving Moccasins:

If you are just heading out to the store for a few groceries or down to Starbucks on a Sunday morning for a coffee and the paper, why put on a regular pair of shoes when you can simply slip into a pair of moccasins and feel like you are wearing slippers outdoors. Driving moccasins, as they are called, are just what you need. My personal favorites are the L.B. Evans Edmond ($90) since they look like a casual pair of loafers. The "durable, ultra-soft hand-stained nubuck" looks great and the sheepskin shearling lining is soft on your feet. The full cupped outsole in the heel provides improved durability over other designs. They work great worn indoors or outdoors. Driving a car with them is easy. We found them on Zappos.com. For women, the Minnetonka Women's Straight Plug Driving Moccasins have a smooth-finished cowhide leather and plugs on the soles that make them ideal for driving. The dark brown color helps them keep a stylish look while being functional for driving a car. These were found online at Moccasins.com.