Updated: November 2017

Review: Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System - What is Clarisonic?

After you wash your face, do you ever wonder if you have truly removed all the days oils, dirt and impurities from your skin? Do you wish your pores were a little less obvious and your skin were a little smoother? If you want to get the best Skin Care Cleansing System, try Clarisonic, which is made by the same company that makes Sonicare Toothbrushes. Clarisonic uses a sonic frequency that moves at a rate of 300 times per second. The Clarisonic has a removable brush that loosens the dirt from your skin, so when you wash your face, the excess dirt is removed and your skin feels cleaner and has a healthier glow.

Normally I am very skeptical about these types of products and what they say they offer, but this one appears to deliver! For the ladies who wear make-up, you know getting all the make-up truly off your face is not as easy as it sounds. Often you could still take a piece of cotton with cleanser on it after you've already washed your face and still remove a little bit more of that make-up and the dirt that hides in your pores. But using the Clarisonice Skin Care System loosens the dirt so well, that I actually didn't find any extra make-up, oils and dirt on my face after using it. My pores are looking smaller, my skin is smoother and my other face products, like a vitamin C serum that I used daily, seem to be absorbing better.

How to Use the Clarisonic Skin Care System

It's really a simple system and trust me, if I can use it and make the time, so can you. I am one of those people who doesn't always wash their face twice a day, but thus far with this system, I haven't missed a night yet and that's because it works! Here's what you have to do and it only takes one minute:
  • Get your towel handy
  • Wet your face
  • Get the cleansing brush head damp - the whole thing is waterproof so don't worry
  • Apply the Clarisonic cleanser to the brush (if you prefer to clean with your own cleanser, use a non-abrasive one)

    Cleansing --- Note: Do Not Press Brush Into Your Skin, Hold Gently and Let Brush Do the Work
  • Turn on the Clarisonic and choose your speed, sensitive or normal
  • Begin on your forehead and wait for the beep (25 seconds) ---
  • Move to your nose and chin area and wait for the beep (15 seconds)
  • Next do your left cheek and wait for the beep (10 seconds)
  • Now the right cheek and it will turn off (10 seconds)
  • You can determine how long to clean each portion of your face, this what I have mine set to - mostly recommended time, slight changes

    Finishing Touches
  • Rinse your face and wash with your regular cleanser if you have one
  • Pat dry (never rub!)
  • Apply your finshing products (vitamin C serum, moisturizer, eye cream...)
  • Rinse the brush of the Clarisonic, dry and place back in cradle
  • Smile, your done and it only took about 1-2 minutes.

How Much Does Clarisonic Cost?

Clarisonic is not cheap, but it's a worthy investment. It costs around $195 to get started and that will get you a face brush, 3 sample cleansers, the handheld sonic frequency mechanisim and the charger. The replacement brushes (different brush firmness for different skin types) are $25 and the 6oz replacement cleansers (normal/oily, combo, and sensitive) are $25 as well. You can go to Clarisonic.com to learn more and order. Clarisonic is also available through Amazon (check lowest price now).

Just about anyone can use it. It's so gentle that leading dermatologists, aesthiticians and skincare professionals are using it to enhance and maximize benefits for facials, pre-procedure cleansing and are recommending the Clarisonic System to their clients for at home use as well. Both Women and Men can use Clarisonic. For men it may make shaving a little less of a hassle and less painful by giving them less razor rashes and skin irrations and may help with a closer shave and smoother face. For adult skin it will help with minimizing pore size, exfoliating, smoother skin surface, removing more skin impurities by approximately 6 times than just washing and may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

I have been using Clarisonic for a while now and my skin has less patchiness, feels smoother, looks fresher without make-up, almost all blackheads in my chin are gone and my rosecea is not affected by it at all! I love this product and have been suggesting it to all my friends!