Updated: November 2017

Dr. Martens Shoes Reviews:

Recently, Doc Martens celebrated 50 years of "worker-punk-rebel style." Dr. Martens have amazing brand loyalty, and they pay their customers back by making consistently high quality, durable, and funky shoes. They manage to be a bit retro, a bit contemporary, a bit cool, and a bit nerdy all in one: they're the black rimmed glasses of the shoe world. And for some people, they just work. Originally developed by Dr. Klaus Martens, a German army doctor, to make walking on an injured ankle less painful, Docs are distinguished not only by their characteristic looks and yellow stitching, but also their superb comfort and air-cushioned soles.
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Doc Martens Style - There is a Doc Martens shoe or boot for everyone. The styling is unique, and within the brand there are a host of excellent options from which to choose. About.Shoes recommends the Zack-Elastic Slip On Oxford Shoes, which as they say "are so cool it makes me a little crazy." They may or may not make you crazy, but you are sure to like the laid-back style and comfort. The shoes, which earn nothing but 5-star reviews from Amazon users, are an oxford style with a rugged tumbled leather upper, elastic side panels, a padded color, PVC rubber midsole and insole, and an EVA cushioned insole. As one reviewer says, these Dr. Martens are like a dream. They slip on and off and can be worn to add a new and fresh spin to jeans or khakis. You can even sneak them into the office on casual days. How about price? These ring up at $90. But you will have these shoes forever, and they'll pull double and triple duty for you. A great buy. And they make you crazy free of charge. For the ladies, Doc Martens offers a great selection, and they even take on the ever-popular traditional Mary Jane, giving it new life and a distinctly Marten-ish appeal. The Dr. Martens Women's 5026 Mary Jane Shoe has a beautiful leather upper, manmade sole, and slight heel. There is a cute adjustable buckle closure that adds a hint of innocence and charm to the rugged, no-nonsense Mary Janes. Zappos reviewers remarked that even after standing all day at work, these shoes provided the absolute best comfort. One note of warning: you need to break these puppies in. The heel, especially, is quite stiff so you'll need to work it a little. After that, you'll never want to take them off. You can get these great Mary Janes for $100 (women's Dr. Martens shoes here). A great choice for men or women is the Dr. Martens Unisex 8312 4 Eye 2 D Ring Padded Collar Shoe. With the characteristic Dr. Martens comfort, these shoes offer a full grain leather upper, manmade sole, 1-inch platform, BEX sole with the Doc yellow Z stitch, Goodyear welt construction, and light PVC sole. These things will last forever. You'll wear them with jeans, cords, khakis, skirts, shorts...you get the idea. You can find these for $70 to $113. One reviewer said it was the most comfortable shoe he'd ever bought. You'll have to agree when you put them on. Some of you may be surprised to know that Doc Martens makes a mean work boot. These shoes have always been made for comfort and performance. Their good looks just came naturally. For rugged work wear, try the Dr. Martens Men's 8836 Heritage Industrial Strength 6" Steel Cap Boot. This steel toed boot offers full grain industrial leather, manmade sole, PVC HUD sole with 90-degree heel, is resistant to electrical hazards as well as slips, has an air-cushioned outsole, distinctive stitching, and has a padded collar for comfort and extra protection. These Doc Martens boots are rugged enough for any job site but also perfectly at home with a casual night out. That's asking a lot of a work boot, but Doc Martens doesn't mind. You can find these for $110 to $122. For a non work boot, try the 1460 series. You won't want them anywhere near your work, but they're fun, fresh, and comfy.

Doc Martens Sizing:

When you go to buy your Doc Martens, you'll notice that the sizing is in UK terms. A ladies 8 in the US is not the same as a ladies 8 in the UK. This is just something to be aware of - you'd hate to wait for a package only to find out they're the completely wrong fit. In general, if you are ordering men's sizes, buy 1 size up for men in the US, and buy 2 sizes up for women. So if you're a size 8 lady, you'll order a pair of size 10 shoes. If you're a size 8 man, you'll order a 9. Pretty easy to remember. For youth shoes, just add a size. Breaking in Your Doc Martens - You've heard about the legendary Dr. Martens comfort, but that's when the shoes are broken in. Generally, you don't want to have to break in shoes, but in the case of Doc Martens, it is worth it for two reasons: they are extraordinarily comfortable once the stiffness wears off, and these things last for years and years. Once you break them in, they'll be your favorites. How do you do this? Don't put on a brand new pair of Docs before a long 8-hour shift of waiting tables. Your poor heels will be screaming, you'll be grouchy, your tips will dwindle. A very bad day. Wear them first for an hour or two. Then steadily increase that. Make sure you're wearing socks with the shoes as well. In about two weeks, you won't want to take them off. If you want to hurry it a little, you can work the heel back and forth with your hand to soften the leather. Many people also put a little bit of olive oil on the shoe or boot, walk around the house, and then leave them to dry. Nothing works as well as time, though. Doc Martens is still going strong at 50; get a pair today and start celebrating the next 50. View top rated Dr. Martens shoes and boots here.