Updated: November 2017

Heys Luggage Review:

The Tremendous Appeal of Heys Luggage - Heys has the claim to fame of being the "world's lightest luggage." If you have done a lot of traveling, you already know what a pain a heavy suitcase can be. Not only can it be a pain to lug around an airport, you also have to worry about transporting it in and out of your taxi and into your hotel. This isn't even mentioning how hard it can be to lift a fully stuffed carry-on bag into the overhead compartment on a plane. Heys promises to solve this problem of heavy luggage by providing feature-rich luggage for low prices. The company, which has been in business since 1986, claims to use the latest innovations in "material, design and structure." Heys luggage products include luggage, backpacks, business cases and kids luggage. In addition to having luggage that is lightweight, Heys luggage also has a unique design. Their luggage is typically available in novel, modern colors and shapes. Canada's famous design museum The Design Exchange noticed the Xcase due to its innovative design. It has also been in fashion magazines. You can see the most popular Heys Luggage products here.
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Heys Luggage Features - So what is Heys Luggage made out of that makes it so light? Heys luggage includes German made polycarbonate plastic. According to Heys, this is the toughest most durable material used on products. Polycarbonate is important factor for the innovative of Heys luggage as the shell flexes under stress to absorb impact. Polycarbonate is the same material used in the making of Bullet-proof glass. The idea is that it will not deform when under pressure and it will pop back to its original shape. This means that if your bag is dented in going through the airport processing procedure, it should reshape and look perfect once again. Heys luggage also has chrome plated inline wheels with metallic ball bearings. Inline wheels help a case to glide effortlessly. Because they are on the outer edge of the luggage, this gives you more stability. The handle is also a special feature for Heys luggage. It curves to elongate the distance between your feet and the case. This way you avoid accidentally kicking your luggage when you walk. The special elongated handle is definitely an added plus as far as I am concerned because I know I have certainly kicked my luggage while walking at the airport. So what are the models of Heys Luggage? There are a variety of choices of Heys luggage, which include the Eterna Elite, and Ecase. The Ecase is a lightweight hard shell business case on wheels. Ecase Exotic is another option, which comes complete with exotic prints and patterns. XcaseXL is the 20-inch version of the Xcase by Hays. This piece of luggage was even the official nominee bag for the Emmys. Browse the best selling Heys luggage here.

Best Heys Luggage:

Heys USA Edge Case 3 Piece Set Hardside Luggage comes with three pieces including a 30-inch upright, 26 inch upright and 20 inch upright. On Amazon, you can buy this polycarbonate suitcase set for $325. This lightweight luggage comes with a 7 Year 'Better Life' Warranty. We looked at a variety of sources to see what the Heys Luggage reviews were. Unfortunately, overall people were not satisfied with the durability of their Hey's luggage. On the plus side people did agree that their bags were extremely light. But there were some serious consequences to the materials of Heys Luggage. For example, on Ebags, reviewers said that they found that their suitcases had dark marks on them coming off the baggage ramp. Another reviewer mentioned that when they picked up their suitcase at the airport, there was a hole all the way through the luggage. Upon reading these Heys luggage reviews, we found that the special material Heys is using to keep it lightweight does not seem to be providing the durability that it promises.

Heys Carry-On Luggage - Another piece of Heys luggage is the Xcase 20 inch Carry-on which sells for anywhere between $75-$100 on Amazon. If you choose less popular colors include Fuchsia, Pink, Red and Turquoise, you can get the lower price. The Xcase is touted by Heys as the World's Lightest Carry-on weighing a mere 5.3 lbs. However, the bag promises to have ample interior room. It also has full zippered openings and well designed zipper pulls. According to reviews on Amazon, this carry-on really is very lightweight. We even looked on Flyer Talk and Purse Forum saw the same types of reviews that were very hit or miss on the quality of Heys Luggage. Reviewers mentioned that on the positive side, Heys luggage looked fantastic and it was sometimes even half the weight of what they were used to. However, with the Xcase 20 inch carry-on, unfortunately, we read negative feedback about bad durability. Reviewers complained how the surface scratches easily. Also those who had their luggage for a few years mentioned that the seams were beginning to fall apart. Although it is more expensive, something like Samsonite Silhoutte 11m hard sided luggage may be a better choice for very lightweight luggage that is also durable. If you decide to buy Heys luggage, we advise to be extremely careful and think twice before checking it on a plane. Ideally only use your Heys luggage for car or train trips where you know you will be the only one handling the luggage. You can view the top rated Heys luggage sets here.