Updated: November 2017

Norelco Shaver Reviews - Arcitec vs Speed XL:

I have been shaving with Philips Norelco mens shavers for almost 2 decades now. I used to have a Remington foil shaver but switched to a rotary shaver from Norelco years ago. My current Norelco 7886XL Quadra Action shaver is still available on some websites for about $80 (orginally sold for $160) and is similar to the 8240XL which is priced at around $90 on Amazon. For Christmas this year my wife went out and bought the new Philips Norelco Arcitec 1060 Men's Shaving System. The design is definitely different from the older Norelcos with flexing rotary heads - the Arcitec sells for $160 in most stores, including online at Amazon.com. The Arcitec 1090 is the most expensive of the bunch and reviews are slightly more positive for the 1090 than the 1060. The rotary heads on my 7886 from Norelco were becoming dull and like a typical guy I was sticking with a product that worked and was reluctant to go out and spend $150. My wife forced the issue a bit with the new Norelco she bought, but I must say it's nice to have a new electric shaver again.
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The best selling shavers on Amazon (per customer reviews) are the foil shavers from Braun and Remington. Most notibly, the Braun Series 7 - 790cc (model # 9595) is a pulsonic shaver that gets the #1 rating for best seller. It's also priced at over $200 so you are paying a premium for the Braun shaver. The Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Shaver at $50 is probably the budget model of all the most popular ones we saw listed followed by the Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver which sells for $110. My new Arcitec 1060 is stylish and the three independent shaving heads do a great job of shaving my facial hair. Like my older shaver, the 1060 can be washed and cleaned easily by rinsing it under the tap. The dual stainless steel blade system "lifts and cuts" your hair and leaves you feeling smooth. Compared to the dull blades on my old shaver, the new one does wonders. As for the features I like the best, the automatic worldwide voltage is perhaps the most important. I travel to Europe often enough and not having to worry about getting an adapter plugin for my shaver is nice. Also, the Power Pod Charging Storage Case is a huge benefit for travelers. Put your shaver into the travel case and it plugs into the bottom and charges the unit just like at home. The charge takes about 1 hour and gives you up to 65 minutes of shave time. The small display lets you know about battery charge time. The tube trimmer is small and probably not what you would use to trim goatees, moustaches, or sideburns, but perhaps I just need to get used to it. On my older Norelco, the trimmer was larger but less sturdy. The Philips Norelco comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and a full 2 year warranty. Reviews are mixed on this model and I am not totally sold on it either. Lots of men go with the cheaper Philips Norelco SpeedXL 8240XL Men's Shaving System - reviews are more favorable on this model than the newer ones and costs about 1/2 as much. I wish my wife would have looked at the owner comments on Amazon and chosen a less expensive model that performs as well as the higher priced men's shavers from Norelco. You can view all the best selling mens shavers online here.

Norelco Arcitec 1060X:

Before you walk away thinking the 1060 is no good - that's not what I am saying. I just think there might be better value in other shavers either from Norelco or Braun for that matter. In head to head comparisons the Braun is preferred, even when experts like Consumer Reports do their unbiased lab testing on products such as mens shavers, they too give superior performance marks to Braun. My own test included letting my beard grow for about 4 days (enough stubble to show) and during that period I shaved my neck and cheek areas while the beard came in. Then, I tried to trim the beard with the trimmer on the Arcitec 1060. The trimming was not easy and certainly I would probably use a separate trimmer in the future. I even tried shaving the beard a bit with the Norelco but felt that "hair pulling" sensation and quickly stoppped. I must say my neck and cheek area was smoother than before and it appears the Norelco does an excellent job. It feels very lightweight in your hands and the shaving heads do an exceptional job of shaving faster than my older Norelco. Once I had trimmed my beard down, I then used the 1060 to shave down what was left of the stubble. It did the job quickly and effortlessly. Although the Norelco seems slight in your hands, the performance is actually quite good. As for the Norcelco, I have put a list of pros and cons down below:
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Gives you a close shave
  • Recharging system is superior to most we have seen
  • Travel case is perfect for business travelers - doubles as a recharging station as well
  • Automatic worldwide voltage built in
  • Blade cutting technology better than in previous models

  • Expensive
  • Trimmer needs to be larger
  • Harder to clean out the hair than on the Speed XL series

Overall I'm satisfied with the shaving ability of the 1060 so far, but for the money you are better off with the 1090 or 1050 which rate better on almost all consumer websites we visited. I'm a loyal brand user so I will stick with Norelco and the Arcitec series until this one stops working (or when my wife buys me a new one again). See the pictures of the 1060X I have included down below.

Other Norelco Men's Shavers:

If you are like me and prefer the rotary shaving heads to the foil kind, then Norelco offers a huge variety of styles in a wide range of prices. The Norelco 8894XL was a top rated model for years and still sells well on sites that have it in stock. If you want a budget Norelco shaver, consider the Philips Norelco 7340 Men's Shaving System priced at $40. We found that the older Norelcos like the 9160xl, 7240xl, and the 8140xl received more positive reviews from owners than do the current lineup from Philips. Until the Arcitec shavers prove they are superior, we say you should go with the less expensive models from Norelco. You can browse all the Norelco men's shavers here.

norelco shavers
norelco shavers
norelco shavers