Updated: November 2017

Rogaine Reviews:

Is Rogaine the Answer to Your Hair Loss? - Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis can rock bald heads; powerful leaders of the free world, like Winston Churchill, have been bald; Michael Chiklis and Chris Daughtry both look great sans hair. Even Natalie Portman has a fine looking bald head. For the rest of us, though, hair loss can be not only jarring, but downright traumatic. Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. And when it's not there, it's still the first thing that people notice about you. For years, the myth has persisted that hair loss has been limited to male pattern baldness, and ladies were fortunately spared. That is not the case. Female hair loss is very common. Though it looks different from male pattern baldness, hair loss in women can be even more traumatic and damaging to one’s self-esteem. Rogaine is the first hair loss treatment that has been approved by the FDA to prevent further baldness and it may help you re-grow hair.

What is Rogaine? - Rogaine is a common enough name, and chances are good that you've heard of it. But what exactly is it? As with some of the best inventions, Rogaine came about by chance. Researchers developed a drug to help lower high blood pressure. Minoxidil, known as Rogaine, had an interesting, and completely unexpected, side effect. Participants in the minoxidil study experienced hair re-growth. The drug was modified into a topical hair loss treatment, and hope for millions was born. Your hair goes through growth and resting stages all the time; typically, about 90 percent of the hair on your head is growing at any one time, while the remaining 10 percent is in a resting phase. Many people experience hereditary baldness, which is related to your genetics, hormones, and the aging process. As this happens, some hair follicles on your head can shrink. Your hair's growth phase is shortened as the resting phase grows. As this condition progresses, growth periods may stop altogether. It isn't known why Rogaine works: it is thought that the topical hair loss treatment may enlarge hair follicles and prolong growth cycles. Hair will become longer and thicker looking because more follicles are in active growth stages at the same time.

Does Rogaine Work?:

This is the question we all want answered: does it really work? That depends. Probably not the answer you wanted to hear! But it is important to know what Rogaine can and cannot do before you make your decision. Rogaine is effective in helping you keep the hair you do have and delaying hair loss. It is also effective for growing hair on the crown area of the head. What can't Rogaine do? If you're completely bald, Rogaine isn't going to give you a head full of flowing locks. It can't re-grow hair on the frontal hairline. In fact, it is only the minority of Rogaine users who re-grow hair, though many see thin re-growth. Why use it? If you are at the beginning stages of hair loss, Rogaine can help you stop it before it is noticeable. If your hair loss is moderate, you can keep what you have. Perhaps you'll grow more, but you won't lose more; that is a huge relief for many people. According to the Hair Loss Learning Center, the "real benefit of Rogaine is keeping what hair you have or slowing your thinning." A review from About.MensHairLoss, written by a "typical 42 year old male with a receding hairline and some thinning at the crown," noted that Rogaine delivered positive early results, was very easy to use, and had a neutral odor. He also noted that it didn't work on his receding hairline, which we already know Rogaine isn't designed for. So, in this writer's case, he can expect to retain the hair at his crown and perhaps thicken it as well. You are the only judge of whether that is good enough for you. RECOMMENDED - We suggest you browse the best selling Rogaine products here.

Rogaine Hair Loss Products:

Rogaine for men comes in two different forms: foam and topical solution. Let's take a look at each to help you determine which is the right choice for you. Rogaine Foam contains 5 percent minoxidil. In clinical testing, Rogaine's foam hair loss treatment helped 85 percent of men re-grow hair; further, it is the number one choice of dermatologists. The foam is easy to apply and easy to make part of your daily routine. You simply apply twice a day every day. Studies have shown that applying Rogaine, whether foam or topical solution, only once a day is not effective. Also, if you discontinue use, you can expect any re-growth to reverse. You can find a three-month supply for just over $47 at Amazon. Rogaine's topical solution also contains 5 percent minoxidil, which is extra-strength. Like the foam, it applies easily and neatly and is meant for twice daily use. An Amazon reviewer cautions people to know what to expect in terms of realistic results before they buy and advises they start early, when they first notice signs of hair loss. You can get a three-month supply of the topical solution for $40. Initially, Rogaine was exclusively for men. But women also experience hair loss, and it tends to follow a different pattern than it does with men. When men lose hair, it is typically according to a pattern. This is why you may see men with hair on the sides but with a shiny dome. Women, by contrast, tend to experience thinning over the entire scalp. Rogaine's formula for women contains 2 percent minoxidil (5 percent often causes hair to grow on the face. Not where women want to grow hair, that's for sure!); interestingly, and fortunately for the ladies, Rogaine is proven more effective for women. Why is unknown, but you won't care why when you see the results. One Amazon reviewer said it made a noticeable and welcome difference; another said while it isn't magic, it works well and produced noticeable results. You can find a three-month supply for $43. View Rogaine for women products here. It is a good idea to view before and after photos, some of which you can find on YouTube. Not only will you find this encouraging, but it will give you an idea of the type of results you can expect - as well as the type of results which are unrealistic. We're sorry, but we have to: Use it or lose it. This has never been truer than it is with hair loss. Use Rogaine to stop further hair loss and get on with your life.