Updated: November 2017

Roxy Luggage Reviews:

Roxy: Fun and Unique Products for Girls - In case you are unfamiliar with Quicksilver, they are one of the world's largest manufacturers of surf equipment and clothes. Roxy is a special line that is aimed at young women from the people at Quicksilver. In fact, the Roxy logo consists of two Quicksilver logos put together to form a heart. Roxy debuted in 1990 as just a line of swimwear, and it immediately was successful. When Roxy introduced a sportswear line a year later, it was also enormously popular. Roxy became even more popular when Lisa Anderson, considered one of the best female surfers in the world, became the first member of the Roxy team. Roxy now makes a wide variety of products including clothes, accessories, shoes, jackets, snowboards, skis, and a line for girls 7-16 called Roxy Girl. Roxy has been profiled in ski and surf magazines and in women's and teens magazines including Lucky, Teen Vogue and In Style. Among Roxy's various accessories is Roxy Luggage. This luggage can be found for sale in Quicksilver stores, Macy's and some ski and swimwear stores. You can also find a fantastic selection of Roxy luggage selections here. The price of Roxy Luggage ranges from $25 to about $150, depending on whether you are choosing a Roxy backpack or Roxy suitcases and duffel bags. Roxy luggage has a unique and distinctive style with brightly colored floral patterns and tropical patterns. Also Roxy luggage is for a younger crowd, so high-end luggage materials like leather are typically overlooked. Instead materials like nylon, plastic, and polyester are chosen. If you have Roxy luggage, one thing you will never need to worry about is having your suitcase blend in with all the boring black bags on the airport conveyer. Roxy luggage definitely makes a statement that you are young, hip, feminine, cool and fun.
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Roxy Luggage Reviews - Luggage Guides recently wrote about Roxy luggage and recommended a few of their products. For example, they recommended the Roxy Trio Luggage Set, which sells for about $165 online. This attractive and fun luggage set comes with an upright roller, carry-on, and backpack roller. It is black with pink and blue patterns. Luggage Guides gave high marks to the usability, appearance and quality of this luggage set. They suggest that it is an excellent suggestion for weekend travel. The designers clearly have put a lot of thought into this luggage and its functionality. For example, the Roller Suitcase has a locking extendable handle, but also a hide away zipper section for when you are not using it. The bags also have in-line skate wheels so that young women can easily transport them. Luggage Guides also recommends Roxy Jamboree Carry-On Bag for the beach, and Roxy Supa Star Roller Suitcase for those looking for a suitcase with beautiful color and design. Luggage Guides writes, "Roxy Supa Star Roller Suitcase with Roxy star print, a distinctive pattern, gives the rolling duffle a quite cool appearance. Pink roller case with dozens of white stars provides people with easy and relaxing mood and adds fashion into practical suitcases." Learnabouthandbags.com wrote highly about Roxy's luggage, "If you are hip, young, and stylish then this might be the best choice for your travel needs." Eggs 3-in-1 luggage set is one of the most popular sets of Roxy Luggage. This Roxy set comes with a backpack; carry on duffel back and upright roller and sells for about $130 on Amazon. Check out the top rated Roxy luggage here.

Best Roxy Backpacks and Roxy Duffel Bags:

We also looked at Island Surf to find the best Roxy backpack. Reviewers highly recommended the Roxy Follow Your Heart Backpack. They loved this backpack because it is easy to load, comfortable and easy to adjust. It also has a clip that lets girls attach their lunchbox and a bottle to carry drinks. This is one of the many features that girls love. We also found reviews of the Roxy Juniors' Mystic Backpack on ebags. This backpack is bright pink and available for $30. Reviewers loved the colors and the quality of the Roxy backpack. It has two front zipper pockets, including one containing 3 slide pockets and 3 penholders, and two side mesh pockets. If you are looking for a duffel bag, a great choice is the Roxy Juniors' Tango 24" Roller Duffle Bag or Roma Roller Duffle Bag which has a spacious interior, logo heart applique and interior organization. We saw reviews on Amazon from customers who loved this bag for its design, practicality and size. People say that they get constantly get compliments on their Roxy backpacks and Roxy Duffel bags.