Updated: Oct 14, 2017

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Whether you work in a bank, credit union, restaurant, bar, or any other place of business that handles lots of cash each day, owning a currency counter machine will save you time and energy. The banknote counting technology has improved over the last decade and now the machines are able to handle counterfeit detection functions. The less expensive options like the Royal Sovereign Bill Counter (RBC-600) are not bad for $140, but most experts agree that for the extra $$$ go with the Carnation Bill Counter CR180.

The CR2 Currency Counter from Carnation is a high end model that sells for $600 and is used by financial institutions in the USA and abroad. Works with USD, Canadian Dollar, Euro and many more currencies. Which one is right for you or your business? Which model scores the best in owner and expert reviews? We have provided a buying guide down below with all those details.

The video below shows the basic functions of a currency counter so you know what to expect:

Choosing a Currency Counter

Long gone are the days of having to manually count your money. Currency counting machines have improved quite a bit and prices are very reasonable given the amount of time they will end up saving you. In talking to many local businesses, human error in counting was one of the main reasons they switch over to a currency counter. Banks have been using them for decades and the good news is that there are many priced around $200 or less that are very accurate and easy to use.

Front loading vs rear loader - There is still a mix of machines on the market, but those with front loaders say they are easier to use than the older back loading counters. The CR2 Currency Counter is an example of a front loading machine.

Counting Speed - This is really a moot point given how fast these machines are. The Carnation CR180 boasts about a 1000 notes per minute speed while some machines will do well over a 1000/minute. In any event, your counting problems will soon be a thing of the past. Those with variable speeds are the best.

Counterfeit Detection - Several of the counters we researched do detect counterfeit notes. Our problem is that by the time you realize you have counterfeits, it's probably too late to catch the customers who gave them to you. It's best to detect fake bills at the point of purchase. The machines use infra-red, ultra-violet, and magnetic functions to find the counterfeit bills.

Additional Features - Touch screen controls, LED displays, computer connectivity, bill carrier capacity, and batch feeds, total money counted, etc. Many reviews mention the portability of these counting machines. Simply take it from job to job if necessary and plug it in. One of the biggest complaints are machines that JAM or spit bills out of the hopper. It appears from the research we did that machines priced below $200 did a worse job with things like JAMS than those priced above that cost. The leading brands are Royal Sovereign, Carnation, Accubanker, AccuTotal, Cassida, and Kuper. You can browse the best selling currency counters here.

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Best Currency Counter:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated Carnation Bill Counter CR180 with UV and MG Counterfeit Detection is one that seems to get the best reviews across the board. This money counting machine gets nearly perfect marks from all types of owners. Those dealing in cash - fundraising, churches, small businesses, etc. - they all had good things to say about the CR180. Cash counters from Carnation are a solid purchase and this one at $220 is a great buy for those businesses dealing with a low to medium volume of cash. There is fake bill detection and owners say they like the Batch and Add functions. Some consumers mention having trouble feeding the bills into the feeder, but after a few tries it works like a charm. Read the manual to understand all the functions that are offered.

To check out how to use a currency counter to save time - click the image below to go to video.

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Banknote Counter with Counterfeit Detection:

RECOMMENDED - Need a powerhouse of a currency counter with counterfeit protection, go with the CR2 Currency Counter. Priced at $600 this piece of money handling equipment is found in banks and credit unions around the United States. The 3 speed counting function ranges from 800 to 1500 banknotes a minute. The feeder capacity is 400 bills and the carrier capacity is 300 bills. The state of the art counterfeit software will protect your business from fake bills.

The LCD touch screen is a nice feature which makes it easy to use and get to the functions you want. One owner notes that this machine is almost identical to the Accubanker's AB6000 but less expensive. Another person mentions their experience with a Cassida 6600 and the repairs required to keep it running versus their hassle free counting with the CR2. Accuracy and efficiency are two words that pop up in several online postings for the Carnation money counter. Customers are completely happy with the results the counter offers. See Cash Registers HERE.

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