Updated: December 2017

Ab Coaster Reviews - Best Abdominal Trainer:

Why the Ab Coaster May Be Worth Your Time - The Ab Coaster is another one of those products that promises remarkable abs in a very short amount of time. Other products that promise similar results to the Ab Coaster include the Ab Circle Pro, Ab Flyer, Ab Chair, and Ab Rocket. With so many ab machines out there, it can be difficult to know what direction to turn. Of course, all of these ab machines promise that they are extremely easy and fun to use, and that results will happen pretty much instantaneously! We surveyed a variety of reviews and press about the Ab Coaster to get to the bottom of the story about this machine. The Ab Coaster was created by the New Jersey company Ab Coaster LLC. Don Brown, the inventor of this product actually also developed the Ab Roller in 1996. With the Ab Coaster, it really does seem that Brown has brought his work to the next level. Even though the Ab Coaster is advertised on TV, it is important to note that the Ab Coaster is not a gimmicky device such as many of the other ab devices. It actually is a legitimate piece of gym equipment that is being used in many gyms including chains such as Gold's Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, World Gym, and the YMCA. According to the Ab Coaster blog, even the US Army and Navy use the Ab Coaster.

You can see a video about the Ab Coaster (see below). This video will give you a good idea what the Ab Coaster looks like and how it works. You can also see clearly in this youtube video how the machine is adjustable so you can work your obliques.

The reviewer who made this video mentioned she really liked the fact that she didn't have to get on the floor to exercise. She also mentioned additional benefits such as that the Ab Coaster is easy to put together and easily transportable.

How Does the Ab Coaster Work?

The machine has a curved track and a pad for elbows and a pad for shins. You hold onto two grips with your shins resting on the pads. The goal is to pull your knees towards your upper torso and target your abdominal muscles. You can make different movements on the Ab Coaster to target different parts of your body. The machine is made of commercial grade steel and is about 51 inches by 25 inches wide by 50 inches high. This is said to be a biometric design that shapes and tones abs faster than any other machine. Sure enough, the Ab Coaster design really is quite different than anything we have seen to date. It is important to note that you cannot simply fold the machine up. You will definitely need some decent size storage space for the Ab Coaster like you would expect for a piece of gym equipment.

When you visit the Ab Coaster website, you definitely get the impression this is a more reputable company than some of the other ones selling ab machines. The site of the machine states that the National Health and Wellness Club gave the machine a "Member Tested and Recommended" commendation. You can find a long list of reviews from people endorsing this product at http://www.abcoasterclub.com/testimonials.html. The testimonials are also from legitimate professionals including the coach at the Pittsburgh Steelers, various gym owners, and healthcare professionals. The site also has a press page where you can read past press about the Ab Coaster as it has been featured in a variety of magazines including Shape, Flex, Vogue, and Family Circle. You may have also seen it in an episode of The Biggest Loser. The machine has also been featured in World Golf magazine, which professes that the machine is even good for golfers looking to improve their game. Ab Coaster has a blog located at http://abcoaster.blogspot.com/ which overviews the product's achievements and milestones, among which is the fact that the Ab Coaster won a 2008 Global Innovation Award.Check out the Ab Coaster online here.

Costs for the Ab Coaster:

So what does the Ab Coaster Cost? The Ab coaster has a 30-day trial offer for $14.95. Like many other ab machines, you can get the machine and start exercising for a minimal investment. It is important to note that like many products marketed on tv, the initial price tag is a bit misleading. The machine really costs 4 payments of $99.95 or, in other words, $400. If you buy the Ab Coaster thinking it is just going to be $14.95, you will clearly be in for a big surprise! However, the company offers a 30-day trial with free refund. An exercise plan, fast track meal plan, and 14-day express program are all included with the purchase of the Ab Coaster. Take a look at all the details online - Ab Coaster.

Ab Coaster Reviews:

Amazon sells the Ab Coaster with free shipping for $395. So far, the reviews are good (see Ab Coaster reviews here). People state that the machine supports your back unlike other machines that promise similar results. Reviewers stated that they were pleasantly surprised they had no back or neck pain. Also people seemed to feel this machine was well built. On Walmart's review site, people also speak highly of the Ab Coaster (http://reviews.walmart.com/1336/10746013/reviews.htm). Reviewers recommend the machine, but some are still in a bit of sticker shock over the price. On the downside, some people mention they have been using it regularly but haven't seen results yet. It is important to note that professional trainers have concluded there is no thing as "spot training." To get a washboard stomach or 5-pack abs, you really need to lose weight along with your exercise regiment. It is a good thing that Ab Coaster supports that idea by including a diet suggestions and guidance with their product. Obviously, most potential buyers of the Ab Coaster, are going to be a bit taken aback over the $400 pricetag. However, keep in mind that if you are in a household where more than one person will use the machine, it is more worth the money. According to the reviews and press we saw, the Ab Coaster really is like having a piece of professional gym quality equipment in your house. Unlike many of the other ab machines that promise quick and easy results, the Ab Coaster is not a gimmicky device that is just going to fall apart.