Updated: December 2017

Adult Diaper Reviews:

There are various reasons why a person can struggle with incontinence, but there are far fewer reasons why it has to disrupt your life, keep you from doing the things you love or seeing the people you love, or simply having a fun day out. Incontinence is so difficult to deal with primarily because it creates a feeling of isolation and even fear. Far from being alone, the National Association for Continence estimates that some 25 million Americans suffer from incontinence or bladder issues. Adult diapers are designed to allow you to regain your freedom and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. They say youth is wasted on the young; prove them right by enjoying it to its fullest - and not worrying about where the nearest bathroom is. This guide will look at the best adult diapers to help you do just that. Sometimes you will see these products listed as protective briefs and underwear.
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How to Choose the Best Adult Diapers - The first step in choosing effective protection is to determine, quite simply, the level of protection you need. Some people have stress incontinence, which means that they may experience a bit of urination while lifting heavy objects, coughing, sneezing, or laughing. This is common in pregnant women as well as those with bladder issues. If this is the case, a lighter diaper or pad may be all you need. Some people have urge incontinence, or overactive bladder. This is different from stress incontinence because you will suddenly get an overwhelming urge to relieve your bladder. This can be uncontrollable as well as sudden. As your bladder can hold 24 ounces, three of your 8 ounce glasses of water for the day, a higher level of protection may be called for. In addition, look for the following:

*Comfort and compatibility with your clothing. Even if the adult diaper is comfortable to wear, you may not be comfortable with it if it can be seen through your clothes. If you prefer to wear loose fitting clothing, this is not a problem with even bulkier diapers. If you have occasions where you prefer tighter clothing, a less absorbent style or a pad may be better.
*Can you go to the restroom easily? Some people may prefer to wear a brief-type diaper with an absorbent pad inside. This way, you can simply change the pad if need be.
*Start with a sample or small pack of disposable adult diapers, and start at home. This way, when you do go out, you will be much more confident.
*Use them and hold your head up high. Millions of people have urinary and/or fecal incontinence; while you may not feel like shouting it from the rooftops or using it as an ice breaker at a party, you needn't feel too ashamed to walk into the store and purchase them. Wearing adult diapers is necessary for your health and your happiness.

Adult diaper reviews - Two of the better articles we found online were done by Slate Magazine (Slate.com) and by XP Medical. The more thorough was by XP Medical with testing for dimensions, absorbency, and they were also rated for cost per adult diaper. They tested Attends, Abena, and Molicare. Justin Peters of Slate.com based his review of adult diapers on wearability, absorbency, style, and longevity. He tested store brands like Affirm (from Target), Kroger (from Krogers), and Certainty (from Walgreens) as well as Depend and Molicare. Molicare was a clear winner although many of the other brands scored just fine in consumer reviews we found online at Amazon.com. You can browse the best selling adult diapers online here.

Best Adult Diapers for Moderate to Severe Incontinence:

The Abena Abri-Form X-Plus was chosen by ConsumerSearch and XPMedical as the most absorbent and protective adult diaper. The brief-style X-Plus is made in Denmark and is on the higher-end of the price spectrum. It has a maximum capacity of more than 121 ounces (15 of your glasses of water!); according to XPMedical, a medium-size has a 75 ounce usable capacity, which still far exceeds bladder capacity. The X-Plus features refastenable tapes, elastic waistband, standing leak guard, and plastic exterior. It comes is sizes small to extra-large. These are great for people with moderate to severe incontinence, and reviewers say it is the best on the market. ConsumerSearch did note two issues that users sometimes have: some people find the refastenable tapes are not secure enough, and they tend to be bulky under clothing. Despite this, it offers unparalleled protection. The X-Plus comes in varying levels of protection for each size: prices vary, but a medium package of 14, for instance, with an absorbency level of 32 ounces is a little over $20 on Amazon. ConsumerSearch also selected the Abena Abri-Flex as the best pull-on disposable diaper and the Abri-San X-Plus as the best incontinence pad. You can look at Abena's top quality selection here. Another great choice is Attends Briefs Waistband Style (make sure you opt for the waistband style). This adult diaper was chosen by ConsumerSearch as the most discrete brief. It does have the trade-off of being less absorbent than the Abri-Form X-Plus. It is ideal for those with mild to moderate incontinence. Featuring a soft, stretchable waistband and 6 tape fasteners for security, an Attend brief is comfortable and soft against the skin. A reviewer on Epinion says that they are the best on the market for his needs: he is a young man with both urinary and fecal incontinence, and Attends allow him to remain active and worry-free regarding leaks. One complaint echoed by consumers on various websites is these can be difficult to find in stores. You can easily find them online. A 10-pack of size medium costs $30. View the top rated Attends protective underwear here. Other popular names include Depends, Tena, Prevail, and Serenity. Some, including a reviewer from Associated Content, warn consumers not to buy adult diapers at the drugstore because they do not provide good absorbency, and they are more expensive than those you can find online. Is this true? It may be true as far as the price: you can often find great deals online, and if you are hesitant to walk into a store and purchase a package of incontinence products, this may make you feel more comfortable. If you look at consumer sites, like Amazon, you will see that these brands review very well. They will work perfectly well for some people; others may need the extra protection - or the extra peace of mind - that comes from a higher-end brand like Abena. If you are unsure whether or not a drugstore brand diaper will work, check out reviews online. These are from the perspective of the real experts, those that use them. If you look at Prevail Adult Underwear, for instance, you will see reviews that praise their comfort, their protection, their ease of use, and their low price. One reviewer who is a caregiver says her mother thinks they are the most like real underwear, which can help you feel more confident. Again, try a sample pack (which is available online) if you are unsure. This is a good idea in any case. Most manufacturers will be glad to provide you with a free sample. Dynamic-Living.com, for instance, allows you to order a free sample pack of 2 diapers if you are unsure of size or absorbency. You don't have to watch life go by; you can become an active part of it by choosing the right adult diapers. Browse the most popular adult diapers here.