Updated: December 2017

Ankle Brace Reviews:

If you have played sports long enough, the odds are very good that you will end up with an ankle injury. Probably one of the most common injuries amongst athletes since we use our feet in almost all sports. My favorite sports are tennis and basketball and ankles tend to take a beating in both. I am very fortunate to have never suffered a serious ankle injury, although I have seen dozens on the courts. Basketball is probably the worst sport to play if you want to avoid ankle problems. The jumping up and down is hard enough, but imagine landing on someone elses foot and turning or 'rolling' your ankle. This happens all the time and without some kind of ankle support, you will be out for a while. As I get older I notice more guys putting on ankle supports and braces before the game. They are well schooled after years of playing and realize that keeping your ankles healthy is important. I decided to do a review on ankle braces since I have used them myself and I wanted to hear from others what products they prefer.
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Choosing an Ankle Brace - The key feature is FIT. You want the brace or support to literally fit like a glove on your foot. It should be snug, but not cutting off circulation. The point of any brace or support is to keep the ankle stabilized throughout whatever activity you are doing. The adjustable ankle braces are the most popular since you can adjust them to your specific liking. Make sure you try them on with your shoes on to see how they feel. Replicate some of the jumping or footwork drills associated with the sport you play to see how they feel inside your shoe. The good news is that ankle brace manufacturers are making them better and better each year. It used to be you had to wear an ankle brace with metal rods that were uncomfortable, but the newest products from ASO and McDavid are form fitting and comfortable. I prefer the lace up ankle braces but many of my fellow players like the velcro style. Whatever ankle support product you choose just make sure you wear it when playing basketball, tennis, volleyball, etc. The ankle braces for sports are great, but if you leave them at home in your closet they are not providing the protection you need. I have a gym bag with my bag, water bottle, and basketball ankle braces. I leave it in my car and never forget it. BRANDS - If you are having problems with your ankles, it is best to see a doctor and see what they recommend. Certain braces are better for particular situations. My doctor told me to try the ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis so I researched it online. The reviews are completely positive for this ankle brace. The Mueller and Yasco brands are also worth looking at. You can find most of these in sporting good stores, although we feel that shopping online at Amazon.com is your best bet. They offer up all the top brands, have some of the lowest prices around, and you can read actual OWNER REVIEWS to see which products hold up the best. RECOMMENDED - We suggest you browse the best selling ankle braces and supports online here.

Best Ankle Brace:

RECOMMENDED - For most of us the basic McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace should work when playing sports or doing activities that require ankle support. If you have weak ankles and enjoy activities like volleyball, tennis, or hiking, the McDavid ankle braces are great. They offer non-elastic laced support. This is the brace I first started using, instead of taping my ankles all the time. They are commonplace amongst trainers, athletes, and those who just need extra ankle support. The laced ankle brace is lightweight and will fit either your left or right ankle. Features sewn in arch support, ventilated tongue, and spring steel stays. While we will get into more serious basketball ankle support down below, this brace can do the job for recreational players on the courts. I would say a heavier duty brace is best for those with recurring ankle issues related to basketball.

Basketball Ankle Support:

RECOMMENDED - From experts and owners alike, the best brace for your ankles is the ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis which sells for about $30. What a great investment given that you will still be able to play sports at a high level. Comes in white or black colors and features stabilizing straps which form the figure 8 to give your ankle the support it needs. The low profile will help it fit into any shoe. The durability and overall strength of this product shows up in the consumer reviews posted online. It's the most popular brace you'll find online and one that thousands of players trust. I wear mine while playing tennis or basketball and feel very comfortable with my movement. I have talked with those who had experienced high ankle sprains in the past and they say this doesn't do as good a job with those types of injuries. Talk with your doctor if you need something that goes higher up on your ankle.