Updated: December 2017

Arthritic Glove Reviews:

As my parents age, I see them struggling with the onset of arthritis. They are both in their 80's and still garden at their house all the time. Unfortunately the pain in their fingers and hands has increased over the years and they are diehards in terms of not asking for help. I figured if they don't want me to weed a garden bed or plant some flowers, the least I could do is research and find a quality pair of gloves for those that suffer from arthritis. Arthritic gloves, as they are called, are not that expensive and provide quite a bit of relief from the daily swelling of joints associated with arthritis. I have slowly talked them into using Penetrex cream (great for those that suffer from arthritis) and they've even taken to the new pair of arthritic gloves I bought them. The gloves can be worn day or night and they provide relief through compression. Don't expect miracles, but my parents can now garden for hours in their own yard and still feel good at the end of the day. The gloves have given them a new sense of dedication and vigor for their garden.
arthritic gloves

Choosing Arthritic Gloves - Almost all of the gloves you find on the market are similar in design - fingertips are usually cut out so you can still grip and feel just fine. Any swelling and stiffness should be alleviated - mild compression will warm your hands and increase the circulation. Thermoskin probably makes the most popular set of arthritic gloves but Isotoner and Imak also have quality pairs available. Costs range from $15 to $30 and higher price does not necessarily mean better quality or performance. The Imak compression gloves for $15 received the same high marks as those that sell for $30 from Thermoskin. Ideally you get a chance to read some of the reviews posted on websites like Amazon.com and see which gloves perform the best for certain purposes. For those that like to garden, the Thermoskins did the best, but for everyday use around the house, the Imak ones get high praise. I bought the Thermoskin arthritic gloves for my folks and they are totally happy with the results. Sure, they still have their bouts with flare-ups, but they find that gardening for a few hours at a time is still possible and their garden has never looked better. As all of us have parents that age, it's actually good to familiarize ourselves with the products available for the aging population. Arthritis can be a crippling condition, but there are products on the market that can help make it easier to manage. I would highly recommend buying arthritic gloves and see if they can decrease the swelling and stiffness you feel from arthritis. Want to read arthritic glove reviews? There is no better source than going online to Aamzon.com. They literally have hundreds posted by actual owners so you can read feedback and comments before buying anything. Even check out your local drugstore or pharmacy. They often carry a few brands of these gloves and hopefully someone can help you pick the right ones. RECOMMENDED - You can browse the best selling arthritic gloves online here.

Best Arthritic Gloves:

RECOMMENDED - The top sellers are the Thermoskin Arthritic Gloves available for $30/pair. The gloves come in a variety of sizes. The sizing chart on Amazon.com shows clearly how to measure your hand for the gloves - you can always return for a slightly larger or smaller pair. It does appear that many of the negative reviews found for any arthritic glove is because of the sizing problems. IF the gloves don't fit properly, the compression design won't work and the gloves will seem to fail at what they are supposed to do. Get the sizing right or return for another pair and most likely you will be completely satisfied. Users say the inner fabric is soft against your skin and the outer layer has texturing so you can grip items fairly easily. Can be worn day or night and they will last quite a long time. My parents typically put on the cream and then the gloves and get relief for hours.

Compression Gloves for Arthritis:

RECOMMENDED - If you are just looking for an above average pair of compression gloves, consider the Imak Compression Gloves for Arthritis. At about $15/pair it's hard to go wrong with these. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes. The color is grey on all 3 sizes. They provide mild compression and are made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Again, the fingertips are left open so you can touch or grip as needed. They warm your hands and give you the added circulation necessary to help with arthritis symptoms. The Isotoner Therapeutic Compression Gloves also get excellent feedback online from consumers. A few mention that typing in them can be difficult at times, but otherwise they are perfect at getting the blood circulating in cold fingers and hands. You can find them online at Amazon or in the therapeutic product section in your local drugstore.