Updated: December 2017

Back Brace Reviews:

Suffering from dreaded lower back pain? Is your back stiff when standing up from a seated position? Many of us have experienced some kind of back pain over our lifetimes. The older we get the more those types of injuries seem to creep up on us. I'm in the over 40 crowd and play competitive tennis and basketball once a week. I have noticed an increase in my lower back stiffness/pain - it's usually tightens up about 30 minutes to 1 hour after I play. Going to doctors has never been my thing and I am still a bit reluctant unless I am on the floor in complete agony. We all know our bodies pretty well once we reach 40 years old, so I figured this was just a part of getting older. I looked online to see what I could do to help alleviate the back soreness after doing a rigorous exercise. The first thing is to make sure you get plenty of fluids before and during any exercise routine. Then, it's always a good idea to stretch your trouble areas after exercising. For me, this was simply doing a few back stretching exercises immediately after the basketball or tennis. Beyond that, you can even be more proactive and buy a waist or low back brace that you wear during the exercise.
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Choosing an Back Brace - There are several different kinds of braces/belts you can buy. The first type are the neoprene belts that are available in drugstores and are very basic. Not bad for those that want a simple brace that will keep the trouble area warm and supported. Mueller makes the heavy, duty back braces - some are designed for those that have to lift weight for their job (i.e. - UPS guys, warehouse workers, etc.). I see many of my fellow players wearing the sports neoprene belts like the Maxar Airprene Sport Belt made with breathable neoprene. It's comportable, allows for a full range of motion, and keeps your lower back loose. Quite a few reviews mention people wearing their Mueller Adjustable Back Brace to work - say you have to sit in a chair all day and want that added support. As long as it can fit under your clothes, then most owners say it's worth it. A lumbar back brace is ideal for those that enjoy gardening but hate the back aches. You'd be surprised how many golfers wear these things as well. Any activity that requires your lower back to support you is where these braces come in handy. No matter what, get a complete check up with your doctor and see what they recommend. Most doctors will tell you to work on your core muscles and be proactive with your back rather than reactive. Although my back pain is not completely gone, it certainly is much better now that I wear a brace. Back Brace Reviews - Where can you find unbiased opinions about the latest back braces and waist braces? We always like websites like Amazon.com simply because they list a huge variety of products and almost all have actual owner reviews posted for readers like us to view. Read comments and feedback to find the back brace that is best for your circumstances. You can browse the best selling back and waist braces here.

Best Back Brace:

RECOMMENDED - Without a doubt Mueller products are some of the best on the market. The Mueller Adjustable Back Brace is one that we use regularly and reviews from owners support its top rating. Anyone who has ever had a back strain and still wants to get out and compete in sports or just do basic things like take the garbage out, this brace does the job. It's specifically designed to provide support when you are during activity - get rid of those sore, achy backs. The breathable fabric allows you to wear during tennis, basketball, or jogging. It's lightweight and quite comfortable. The 8 supportive steel springs will conform to your back giving you the lumbar support you require. My parents own one of these and they use for gardening in their yard. With all the bending and straining one puts on their back while puttering around the garden, this back brace works wonders. What I like is the price - at $15 it can't be beat. I've found that other back braces hinder my overall movement, but the Mueller doesn't restrict my movement at all.

Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace:

RECOMMENDED - Whether you tend to slouch in your chair at work or drive in a car all day, this type of back brace will give you the suppport you need. Low back pain is debilitating. The Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace is a top seller in this category and it's easy to see why. I have problems with not sitting up straight in my office chair while I work all day. When I wear this back brace, suddenly my posture is better and at the end of the day, my back doesn't hurt as much. I used to stand up out of my chair at 5PM and my lower back would ache. The brace from Mueller provides a custom fit for me with adjustable compression to both my lower back and abdomen. My neighbor drives hundreds of miles everyday for his job and was having trouble with lower back problems. I suggest this lumbar back brace and he now has very limited back pain. He can sit in his drivers seat for hours and get out after a long drive and not feel like his back is giving out. Reviews from other professions like dog kennel owner, carpenter, plumber, and landscapers all point toward positive results. It's listed at $30, but considering what chiropractors and doctor visits cost, this could be considered a bargain if it helps alleviate low back pain.