Updated: December 2017

Balance Board Reviews:

You have probably seen them at your local gym or even on the Biggest loser tv show. They are called balance boards and often referred to as core boards or wobble boards. A balance board is a somewhat new piece of fitness equipment that is designed to use your core muscles to work on balance and stability. The most famous of all is the BOSU Balance Trainer which you can find on Amazon.com and in your local sporting good store. It's similar to what you see Jillian and Bob working out the contestants on Biggest Loser. I tried one of these at my gym and nearly fell off right away. They take some time to get used to just for balance and then when you try to work in weights or standing on one leg it really gets challenging and you have to have a strong core. You can lower body, upper body, and total body workouts that incorporate the core balance trainers. As we started our research on "balance boards" we realized there are many different styles and some are meant to learn specific motions or sports.
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One of the first types is the roller board, or rocker board, like the Fitter First Bongo Board which is great for those involved in skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, and even martial arts. You stand on the board which rests on a ball bearing wheel system down below. It's pretty difficult when you first start, but ultimately you will build up your entire core musles that keep you balanced and stable when not on a flat surface. The other popular style are the balance trainers (we mentioned the BOSU above) which allow you to work out all parts of your body. Do lunges, pushups, hip extensions, rows, flies, bicep curls, and much more. Your coordination will dramatically improve and your muscle tone will increase as well. The BOSU balance trainer looks like one of those balance/exercise balls that has been cut in half. Physical therapists use these in their offices and almost all trainers at gyms have their clients on these at some point during the workout. The Bosu Balance Trainer Home Version sells for under $100 on Amazon.com and gets excellent reviews from almost all owners posting comments. There are DVD's that come with most of these balance trainers so that you can see how to use them without getting hurt. Be safe and don't try anything beyond your comfort zone to start with. Eventually, as your balance and stability increase, you will be able to really work your core muscles. As for balance board reviews - we found the best ones on About.com in their skateboard and snowboarding sections. The Vew-Do and Indo Board are the top sellers. As for balance trainers, Amazon.com has the best unbiased consumer reviews we could find. They list 100's of owner comments online which should help you make an informed purchase. You can browse the top selling balance boards here.

Best Balance Trainer:

There really is only balance trainer that gets all the attention from trainers at gyms and even those we see on reality TV shows. The Bosu Balance Trainer Home Version is the best product on the market for coordinating your core muscle groups and working on your stability. Those that accel on the BOSU are able to concentrate and focus on their core muscles and strengthen their balancing abilities. Great for sports athletes and even recreational fitness enthusiasts. Work on your lunges, perfect your bicep curls, do hip extensions, pound out some pushups, and much more. The workout DVD and exercise manual will lead you down the path to fitness and strength you never knew you had. There is also a Bosu 3D System Balance Trainer which is slightly more expensive but it too gets excellent feedback from owners. You can view all the most popular BOSU balance trainers here.

Buy Balance Board:

Do you want to buy a balance board? RECOMMENDED - The Fitter First Bongo Board (EA) is a skate style balance board that features a double ball bearing wheel system and tapered roller ends which let you do toe-heel movements. If you like surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding this board will work you out like no other. Get balance and coordination that your sport demands. Balance boards can be a bit dangerous so use the safety retaining cord when you first start your workouts. Just like falling off a skateboard onto your butt can hurt, so can a spill from the Bongo Board. These wobble boards are much harder than they look, but I found that using one for a few weeks straight helped me improve my stability on a snowboard. I'm looking forward to trying surfing in the summer.