Updated: December 2017

Bowflex Dumbbell Reviews:

Bowflex has long been a leading name in the fitness industry. Their line of home gyms and treadclimbers has continued to raise the bar on home exercise equipment. Getting into the best shape of your life and improving your health requires healthy eating and plenty of exercise. To effectively build muscle, keep weight off, and maintain general health, strength training is essential. Cardio alone can't do it; eating well alone can't do it. Adding weight training to the mix increases the efficacy of your workouts. Who better to help you than Bowflex? In this guide, we will take a look at Bowflex's popular line of adjustable dumbells, the SelectTech Dumbells. Are they right for you? How do Bowflex SelectTech work? How much do they cost. We will try to answer all of that and more.
bowflex dumbbells

Bowflex: A Top Name in Fitness - For over 20 years, Bowflex has been leading the way in fitness machines. Their treadclimbers (a unique combination of a treadmill and a stairclimber) and home gyms are extremely popular. ineed2know.com is a leading unbiased review site dedicated to providing consumers with reliable product information so they can make the best buying decisions possible. Their team of experts noted the following strengths of Bowflex equipment:

*It is durable and sturdy.
*The home gym consolidates workout equipment to free up space
*You can easily transition from one exercise to another
*You don't need a spotter for most exercises
*Bowflex offers smooth operation

Along with the benefits of Bowflex exercise machines comes a few drawbacks, however. One affects those who want to bulk up and create larger muscles, particularly in the chest. The lifting is not typically adequate to build that type of muscle mass. For those who want to tone their muscles, Bowflex's home gyms are perfectly suitable. For weightlifters, however, free weights are a much better way to get the muscles they want. Luckily, you can still get superior Bowflex quality in a dumbbell set. What Do the Experts Say About Bowflex Dumbbells? - Exercise Equipment Expert, a review source for consumers, says Bowflex dumbbells are beautifully designed, space savvy, ergonomic, and easily adjustable. Home Gym Advisor, a review site which offers comprehensive reviews on fitness equipment, calls them smooth, attractive, space-saving, comfortable, versatile, and easy to use. But what do the real experts say? The people who actually buy and use Bowflex dumbbells? Awesome, the best fitness invention ever, amazing. Is this good enough for you? How about this reviewer who said that the Bowflex weight set provided a hardcore workout in a compact package? Overall, these weight sets are effective components of any strength training program. Bowflex Dumbbell Sets: Which is Right for You? - Bowflex makes two different SelectTech dumbbells for those who want a great workout every time: the 1090 and the 552. These differ from traditional free weight sets in that they are very easily adjustable. With other styles of adjustable weights, you had to stop your workout, find the right weight plates, secure them, and get started again. Bowflex's SelectTech line saves the aggravation and frees you up to spend your time working out, not getting ready to work out. You simply turn the dial to adjust the locking mechanism on either the 1090 or 552 to increase or decrease the resistance. So which Bowflex SelectTech weight set is right for you?

Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbell:

RECOMMENDED - You want a challenging workout. You also want one that is convenient for your lifestyle, home, and goals. The SelectTech 1090 offers both. The 1090 can be adjusted from 10 pounds to 90 pounds in 5-pound increments. When your muscles become used to one weight setting, you simply dial it up. This keeps the challenge constant, which means your muscles are continually being taxed and you will see the results you want. To get the same workout with traditional dumbbells, you would have to have as many as 34 dumbbells. Where would you keep them all? Unless you have the luxury of a dedicated home gym, you'll be tripping over dumbbells constantly. The 1090 eliminates clutter, allowing you to get an excellent workout without stubbing your toes on dumbbells strewn about your home. With the 1090, you can do up to 30 exercises with 17 weight settings and more than 80 variations. Because of the flexibility of the weight settings, you can do shrugs and lunges with higher weights and curls and raises with lower weights. This offers tremendous versatility to your workouts. Bowflex stands behind the 1090 dumbbell, offering a 2-year limited warranty on all parts, a 1-year warranty on labor, and a 5-year warranty on plates. If you choose to buy a stand for the 1090, that comes with a 30-year warranty. This is a deciding factor for many people because they know they will not have to replace their dumbbells and keep spending money. In addition, Bowflex offers a 6 Week Fitness Results Guarantee. If you are not 100 percent satisfied with your results after 6 weeks of working out, you can return your dumbbells for a full refund. Few other companies offer that kind of comprehensive guarantee with their products. The 1090 costs about $300 for a single dumbbell on Amazon. This presents the consumer with a $100 discount of other retailers - and you get free Super Saver shipping.

Bowflex 552 Dumbbell:

Bowflex weight sets are so popular because you can do a wide variety of exercises without buying a wide variety of dumbbells. Everything from calf raises and reverse crunches to flat chest presses and shoulder presses is possible with the SelectTech 552 Dumbbells. Like the 1090 dumbbell, the 552 works with a locking mechanism to adjust the weight to your desired level with a simple turn of the dial. Again, this allows you to transition from one exercise to the next without interruption. The 552 starts out at 5 pounds and adjusts in 2.5-pound increments to the first 25 pounds. After that, the weight is adjusted in 5-pound increments to a final weight of 52.5 pounds. There are 15 weight settings and the opportunity to do over 30 different exercises. As with the 1090, the 552 is space-saving and comfortable to use. You will see a 2-year warranty on parts and 5-year warranty on weight plates. A set of two 552 dumbbells costs about $370 online. The choice between the 1090 and 552 weight sets really depends on your workout goals and level. If you want to do heavy lifting to bulk up, the 1090 is a better choice. For lighter weights and toning, the 552 is ideal. You can increase your fitness level, even if you start as a beginner. I know several friends who bought the 552 dumbbells as part of their training with the P90X exercise program and they say it's a huge bonus to have the adjustable dumbbells ready to go for the workouts with Tony Horton.

The Cost of Bowflex Weight Sets:

One drawback that is consistently noted about Bowflex products is their price. This is true of their home gyms and treadclimbers, as well as their adjustable dumbbells. As you probably noticed, the price for the 1090 is for only one dumbbell. If you want to expand and do exercises with two weights, you would have to purchase two. For those who want the heavier duty lifting of the 1090, that can be a strain on the budget, especially if you want to use a weight bench with them. You can find products that cost less but too often you see lesser quality. Bowflex's SelectTech weight sets are durable, easy to use, comfortable, ergonomic, compact, versatile, and challenging. They offer a superior warranty. Yes, they are more expensive, but you are getting more in return. Plus, you don't have to buy weight plates, other dumbbells, or a gym membership, which can save you money as well. Tip for Your SelectTech Dumbbell Set - One issue that some users note with their SelectTech dumbbell set is that they can become clanky if they are dropped too frequently, and the locking mechanism may eventually weaken. If you burn out and then drop your weights, you could see this happening. If you do more controlled workouts, however, and place your weights down without throwing them, you will not have a problem with these Bowflex weights. There is a reason Bowflex leads the industry in fitness equipment: their products are durable, usable, and most importantly, effective. Whatever your goal, losing weight, toning, or bulking up, Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells are the perfect choice.