Updated: December 2017

Callus Remover Amp Reviews:

We all get feet that could use a good pedicure every once in a while. Do you go to the salon and pay $40, $60, or $80 for that? We suggest starting at home with a simple callus remover. Gone are the days of having to shave off the callus - that can be dangerous and potentially leave your feet with an open cut. The latest callus removers from Emjoi and iVog are great at getting rid of dead skin on your feet without harming your foot. The rollers in these callus removers buff off the old skin and leave your feet soft and smooth - the way they should be. We talked with many women at a local spa and they said they prefer the rollers to the metal scrapers which can cut the skin. The Rechargeable Emjoi Micro-Pedi Pro Foot Buffer is a top seller in this category and definitely worth a look. If the rollers wear out, then just order refills (about $20) and put them into the callus remover. What brand gets the best feedback from consumers? How much are callus removers? Where should you buy? We get into all those details down below along with in depth reviews and a complete buying guide.
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Choosing a Callus Remover - Let's start with the manual callus removers. The Sof Feet Callus Reducer for less than $10 is a nice tool. Designed by a dermatologist, it will remove all the hardened skin on your feet. Best if used before showering or bathing and the screens are replaceable. Another good maual tool is the Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver with Rasp which sells for about $15. The 2 in 1 tool features the rasp which is great at removing dead skin and the shaving blade which takes on bigger jobs. Reviews are mostly positive, although some users are still weary of the sharp blades. There is a video you can watch which demonstrates the different uses to the Tweezerman. Now we move on to the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover - sells for $28 - and gets nearly perfect scores in reviews. It requires 2 AA batteries and the unique roller spins 360 degrees so results are even and smooth. The iVog Xbuff products are also battery operated and ideal for home pedicures. They are excellent at removing dry, rough, and callused skin. We like that the product comes with 3 additional interchangeable rollers, a cleaning brush, and travel pouch. The Emjoi foot buffers are the best sellers overall and they offer a large variety of callus removers. The rechargeable version from Emjoi is the priciest at $60, but owners say it works great. With 2 speed options the micro mineral rollers spin at 360 degrees - up to 47 times per second. Results are quicker and more effective than on any other callus remover we could find. Sure, you will pay extra for this model, but keep in mind you'll never need batteries to run it and you get superior performance on each use. The Emjoi Micro-Pedi POWER is a corded model that sells for $50. Compared to the battery powered callus removers, this unit will save you the cost of batteries and provide a quality home pedicure for much less than what you pay at a salon. We found in the online reviews that women still tend to get pedicures even though they use these devices. They just tend to go less often since they can maintain smoother feet at home using the latest callus removers. You can browse the best selling callus removers here.

Best Callus Remover:

RECOMMENDED - The #1 rated and top seller is the Emjoi Micro-Pedi Battery Operated Callus Remover which is priced at less than $30. This foot buffer may not replicate a professional done pedicure, but it sure comes close. Gently remove dry, rough skin from your feet and do it easily. The Emjoi will quickly buff away the callused skin and leave your feet smooth and soft. What women doesn't want that. The only negative comments we could find were related to the cost of batteries, as some owners mention they go through quite a few batteries. Otherwise, feedback is excellent on this model. Some consumers posted in their reviews that it's better to go slow at first and no overbuff your feet. There is always a risk you could take off more skin than you want and leave your feet sore or hurt. It's almost like 'sanding your feet' said one customer and that is why we say take it slow the first few times you use it. Check out the top rated Emjoi callus removers here.

Cordless Callus Remover:

RECOMMENDED - No hassling with batteries or cords that get in the way, the Rechargeable Emjoi Micro-Pedi Pro Foot Buffer (Special Edition) is the product for those that want a superior home buffing of their feet. As we mentioned above, the price tag ($60) may scare off some, but those that try it say it does a perfect job in less than the other models. The product is accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. What we like is that all Micro-Pedi Refill Rollers are compatible with all Micro-Pedi models. This leaves you open to buying whatever roller you prefer and putting it into the device. The rollers are sold just like sandpaper - light to rough. The super coarse rollers come with a warning - glide over the callused skin for 2-3 seconds and then check the results. If the skin could use another passover, then go over it again for 2-3 seconds. They will get the job done, but some users don't realize how quickly and can possible do more harm than good if they go to fast. Comments from consumers include 'super soft feet' and 'amazing how quickly my feet had no calluses'. No one likes disgusting feet with hard calluses, so do yourself a favor and get a callus remover that will have your feet looking great in no time.