Updated: December 2017

Chi Machine Reviews:

So what exaclty is a chi machine? We found many definitions online but the one that stuck the best is - 'passive aerobic exercise device'. It looks similar to a leg or foot massager and you put your ankles into the 'cradle' portion of the box. While your body is lying down on the floor, your feet are in the machine and are then oscillated back and forth forcing the rest of your lower body to move 'like a fish'. What are the benefits of a chi machine? That is where the controversy starts and there are no proven results that are consistent for everyone. We do know that some people afflicted by fibromyalgia say there pain is gone or vastly improved. Others with back or spine pain will see improvements, and some even say it promotes weight loss. A few things that the machine does for sure are that it pushes out toxins that have built up in the legs and it increases oxygen flow to your cells, thereby relaxing your body. Lots of different exercises will do the last 3 things we mentioned though. So is a chi machine worth investing in? They start at $100 and go up to $350. You may see them marketed as a chi swing machine or just swing machine. Originally patented in Japan years ago, the machines are now making a strong showing in the United States and people are getting curious.
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Choosing a Chi Machine

- Like any machine that is advertised to help people with all there aches and pains, we say venture into this product category with your radar on full alert. It's not to say that a chi machine can't help your specific situation out, but not everyone gets relief. We watched the segment (see the video below) that was on The Doctors TV show. They all used the chi machine and at least discussed the potential uses and benefits of using one. A few people stood up in the audience and mentioned how they had been helped by chi machine therapy. The doctors simply say that you should start slowly, maybe 5 to 10 minutes a day. Then build up to 15 or 20 minutes twice a day. Also, never just jump up after doing the therapy. Take your time to let the effects permeate. That being said, what are actual owners saying about the products. We found the best consumer comments and feedback on Amazon.com where you will find at least 10 varieties of the chi machines. The Chi Vitalizer Machine-USJ106 is the most popular of the bunch and the Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine with Swivel Disc is a close second. The price difference is huge - almost $100 between the two devices. As a consumer which one is the better deal? Overall reviews are more positive for the Chi Vitalizer as it's a more durable machine and seems to do a better job of relieving the aches and pains of the average user. Sure, there are some people that see no benefits from using it and that is to be expected. One owner even said their doctor had recommended the machine for their Fibromyalgia, but they found zero relief with the Chi Vitalizer. As for the Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine we found more owner reviews that mention a device that is not comfortable and has some quality issues with the motor.

A few reviewers say there is a 'thumping' sound that comes from the machine and it 'shakes violently'. The one big positive is that the remote is quite user friendly and the time settings are superior to what you find on the Chi Vitalizer. The Evergain Aerobic Exerciser 308 DL is another similar chi machine boasting of reflexology and far infrared ray technology. So far comments are quite good for this machine as consumers say things like 'great for de-stressing' and 'use it to relax my lower back'. At $270 it's near the high end of pricing but with a 1 year warranty and a high efficiency motor, experts say it could be worth it. REVIEWS - If you want to get the most owner comments and opinions in one place, we suggest going to Amazon.com. They have a wide selection of top brands and dozens of reviews posted online that you can delve into for pros and cons on each chi machine. We have listed our 'top picks' down below and will certainly revise this article once more evidence is shown that these machines can hold up over time and really help those of us that need pain relief. For now, you can browse the best selling chi machines here

Best Chi Machine:

RECOMMENDED - The top rated Chi Vitalizer Machine-USJ106 at $225 is really the stand out product in this category. Doctors and pain therapists recommend the machine to their patients - not easy to get that type of support from professionals. The claims are many with this chi machine - improves blood circulation, induces sleep relaxation, increases metabolism, promotes weight loss, relieves back pain, and relaxes muscles. Features on the machine are a quality 40 watt motor, variable speed control (90-150 RPM), a 15 minute timer, and it weighs 20 pounds. What are customers saying about the machine? We found feedback like 'smooth and quiet running' and 'great for those with back pain'. The positive comments outweigh the negative ones 10 to 1 but that doesn't guarantee it will give you the same results. As the doctors mentioned on The Doctors, it can't hurt to try one of these machines. As long as it doesn't cause any further pain or discomfort, then perhaps it can help alleviate your symptoms. There is no machine that gets any higher praise from actual owners, so if you have the $200+ in your budget, this chi machine is the one to get.

Budget Chi Swing Machine:

RECOMMENDED - Can there really be much of a difference between chi machines? Apparently so as the Sunpentown Healthy Swing Machine with Swivel Disc sells for less than $100 and still gets above average feedback. You get the same side to side rocking motion as you would with other chi machines, only for less. Now, we will say that many more reviews posted online say this machine from Sunpentown is susceptible to breaking down and that is not a good sign. At less than 10 pounds, it's much easier to lift than the 20 lb behemoth Chi Vitalizer (see above). Perhaps, though, the motor on the Vitalizer is heavier and more durable, making it cost more. Not all reviews are negative on The Healthy Swinger as more than 50% rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Another 30% give it 4 out of 5 stars. At $125 less than the more expensive models, you may say that even if the Sunpentown lasts a few years, it's done its service. Those that rate the machine high, say features like 14 different speed adjustments and 95-175 rotations per minute are just what they want. The remote is considered 'user friendly' by many as it has 1 touch buttons. There is an auto timed program with 5 minute intervals (5 to 30 minutes). All the features are there, but maybe the durability and stability issues are things to consider.