Updated: December 2017

Ear Plug Reviews:

Ear plugs have many uses, but their main purpose is to protect your ears from excessive noise or things like water from getting clogged in them. I first started wearing ear plugs when I would attend rock concerts to try and avoid the next day when my ears would be "ringing" from my ear drums being damaged. Many musicians have gone deaf over time by not protecting their ears properly since they are around loud music all the time. Musicians have certainly become smarter over time and now they realize their hearing will be effected by loud music if they don't wear protective ear plugs. Howard Leight ear plugs and Mack's are two popular brands that you find musicians wearing on stage. Swimmers have been wearing ear plugs to help keep water from their ears for years. I notice water effecting me since I have ear wax buildup that gets moved around after having my head submerged in water. Wearing ear plugs in while swimming definitely alleviates my issues. Workers who run heavy machinery that can get loud (like in factories or production shops) should always wear protective ear wear. Hearing loss is a terrible thing that tends to catch up on your if you don't take the safety precautions early on in life.
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Other common uses for ear plugs are for those that travel on airplanes and want to eliminate their ears getting plugged from elevation changes. Some people who sleep next to a snorer can only get rest while they have a quality pair of ear plugs in. Many a wife puts on her trusted ear plugs to get a good nights sleep. If you are a policeman or just a recreational shooter of guns, it's imperative to wear ear plugs while shooting at a gun range. The noise can be deafening with guns going off only a few feet away from you. Recently I also saw some Harley Davidson motorcycle riders wearing ear plugs since their engines are so loud and after a few hours of riding they would be deaf without the protection. Some of the best ear plugs are rated NRR 34 and made from cotton, lanolin, and beeswax. The soft and moldable ear plugs not only form to fit your ear canal but they also seal it off to keep the high noise levels away from your sensitive inner ear and if you are swimming the water will be kept out. Many ear plugs are reusable if you want, although some are cheap enough you don't have to keep resuing them if they get dirty with ear wax. The disposable ear plugs may not be as efficient as the custom made ones, but for the average user they work just fine. We found several online stores that sell ear plugs like Uline.com which carries E.AR, AirSoft, and Howard Leight varities. The Howard Leight Max Lite ear plugs come with cords or without and they are rated NRR 30. Earplugsonline.com is another website with ear plug protection products. Browse the best selling ear plugs here.

Best Ear Plugs for Snorers:

Nothing is more irritating than trying to go to sleep and having your partner snoring in your ear. Some people don't realize how loud a snorer can be. I've heard stories of women being woken up in the middle of the night because it is so loud. The men usually don't even realize they are snoring so they sleep just fine. As for those of us that live with a snorer, having a good pair of ear plugs on the nightstand will surely give you piece of mind. Some of the more popular ear plugs for those living with snorers are the Boules Quies Ear Plugs from France, Snore Calm Foam Ear Plugs, SnorePlugs, and Mack's Silicone Ear Plugs. Mack's come in a 6 pack for about $5 and are the #1 selling earplugs in America. The silicone putty "molds" and fits the "contours" of your ear. The majority of customer reviews say they do a good job of drowning out a snorer, although some women still say they can hear their husbands with these on. You can find them at Drugstore.com or in your local drug store or pharmacy.

Ear Plugs for Rock Concerts:

There's no doubt that musicians are exposed to loud, high decibel music night in and night out. They need the best ear plugs available, those that will not only drown out all the noise but fit comfortably as well. There are several top rated concert ear plugs like the Hearos Ultimate Softness Foam Ear Plugs, Howard Leight MAX, and Mack's, but professional musicians say you should fork over the $100+ for custom molded musician's earplugs. I would have to agree - if you are a member of a rock band and perform multiple nights out of the week and rehearse, then having a set of quality ear plugs will save years of hearing loss on your ears. If you are just a concert goer every once in a while, then consider the cheaper plugs that should do just fine for a few hours.

Top Rated Ear Plugs for Flying on Planes:

Millions of people suffer from altitude changes when traveling in an airplane and often they get off an airplane with clogged ears and equilibrium problems. There are quite a few products on the market that claim to help with this issue and one of the most popular is one called EarPlane Air Pressure Regulating Ear Plugs ($7). They are disposable and help your ear pressure when taking off and landing. Chewing gum is also recommended for those with ear problems while flying. Your ears can naturally fix their "clogged" feeling if you are using your jaw such as when chewing gum. You can pick up a pair online at Amazon.com or if you forget, always check out the general stores in an airport since EarPlane plugs are readily available in those as well.