Updated: December 2017

Fertility Monitor Reviews:

We were all brought up thinking that getting pregnant was not all that hard. It seems in the last decade or so with more woman working into their 30's before trying to become pregnant that the rate of fertility issues has really jumped. Experts say that even for healthy couples you can expect 6 to 12 months of actually trying before a pregnancy will actually take. To increase the likelihood of conception, you need to have intercourse during ovulation - when the egg is released from one of the ovaries. This is the most fertile time of the month for a woman and should be tracked from month to month if possible. Fertility monitors or ovulation kits are sold in stores and online at Amazon and will help guide you to improve your chances of success. The fertility monitor will test for the luteinizing hormone (LH) that is present in a females urine but increases roughly 24 to 48 hours before ovulation begins. Testing can be done at any time of the day, although some experts think that first thing in the morning provides the most accurate results. We know several couples who have tried using fertility monitor kits - a few have had success. Others have had to turn to in vitro fertilization as a way to get a successful pregnancy.
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Ovulation test kits are usually based on a urine sample but some measure body temperature, a few test saliva, and the OvaCue has a vaginal sensor. We read dozens of fertility monitor reviews from both happy and frustrated owners. Many women post product feedback on websites like Amazon so you can quickly see which ovulation monitors work and which ones fail miserably. One of the most reputable and top rated products is the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor which gets excellent praise on Amazon.com from close to 200 consumers. The Easy Fertility Monitor sells for $140 and you will have to buy the fertility monitor sticks that are required when testing your urine. The Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor gets solid feedback from owners as well - it's a basal thermometer that tracks body temperature and provides information on fertile days in your cycle. Some women prefer this method instead of having to use test strips or buying refills with other fertility monitors. The one big caveat to all of these is that you don't want to use them as an alternative source to birth control. We did read online several reviews from women who use them as such and all doctors and health professionals strongly urge you not to do that. In terms of fertility monitor comparisons, we found a good website HERE with a detailed chart on things like accuracy, advance notice of ovulation, home use, confirms ovulation, and the monthly cost associated with using it (based on 12 months of use). We found fertility monitors in most drugstores and online at Drugstore.com and Amazon.com. You can browse the top selling fertility monitor kits online here. I like that there are dozens of independent owner reviews that you can read and then make an informed buying decision. I could not find any testing that Consumer Reports has done on fertility or ovulation monitors, but we will add those results if they ever come out with them.

Best Fertility Monitor:

RECOMMENDED - It's really hard to go against the #1 selling fertility monitor offered on Amazon.com. With dozens of 5 star reviews to read up on, we suggest the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor - an easy way to reduce the time it takes to get pregnant. You will need the Clearblue fertility sticks which cost another $34 for 30 sticks. There is a combined package on Amazon if you want to buy both at the same time. The Easy Fertility Monitor tracks hormone levels in your urine and you can program the Clearblue to follow your monthly cycle. The small screen on the fertility monitor will tell you what your fertility status is at that time - low, high and peak. No product is a cure-all and certainly no one is saying that about the Clearblue, but given the choices in this category of product, the Easy monitor is the best available for the price. Many women don't track their ovulation cycle all that well, especially when they are not trying to get pregnant and are on the pill. This product really educates women on ovulation cycles, when you can get pregnant, and hopefully will assist you with the ultimate goal - conception.

Ovulation Test Kit:

Want a fertility monitor without all the test strips and urine samples? Consider the top rated Optimus Petit Sophia Fertility Monitor - the #1 computerized basal thermometer (see all ovulation test kits here). Keep track of your daily temperatures and track your fertility. It's easy to use and owner reviews are very positive. Some owners use the Clearblue as well and say the Optimus is just a good backup. For $90 it is cheaper than the Clearblue Easy although it does appear that it is less accurate. Getting pregnant may seem easy enough but irregular cycles can really throw your timing off. Always consult with your doctor before trying to get pregnant and discuss any fertility questions you have with an expert to get started correctly.

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor:

Not everyone that buys a fertility monitor is trying to get pregnant. Some people, as we mentioned above, use them as an alternative form to birth control. One product that gets perfect reviews is the Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor which requires just 30 seconds a day to use and gives you natural planning prevention compared to having to use something like birth control pills. It is rated at 99.3% accurate as an ovulation tracking system. Europeans use this device and just recently it has gained some recognition in the United States. Do your research with this one and see if it might be the fertility monitor that works best for you.

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