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Taking care of your feet is always a good idea since you are probably standing or walking on them for hours each day. Women need to take better care of their feet since they tend to wear open toed shoes more often than men and they also have more shoe types where socks aren't worn. After just a week of not taking care of your heels and toes, you may find calluses or even blisters forming on your feet. Many women do home pedicures, but many feel like the salons or spas that offer that service do a much better job than they do. Enter the home foot bath..

Salons really scrub and brush of all the rough skin and get feet back to a soft and manageable level. Investing in a home foot bath, or foot spa, is certainly one solution to foot fatigue and foot care. Many women like to include one as part of their home foot spa and pedicure treatment. What is a home foot bath? A foot spa or foot bath is basically a small plastic tub to soak your feet it. But it's more than that. Plug it in, and you get water jets, scrubbers, and massage rollers. They range in price from about $30 all the way up to $100+. A good mid-range model is the Conair Cord-Keeper Massaging Spa Foot Bath for $60. Below, we will discuss what to look for when buying a foot bath and what models to consider.

The video below shows the basic functions of a foot spa machine so you know what to expect:

What to look for in a foot bath?

Before you rush out to the store and buy a foot bath or foot massager, you'll need to consider what each one offers and decide if the fit is right for you. The high-end models from Brookstone or Helen of Troy offer all the extras but aren't necessarily better per reviews. When training for something like a marathon you'll want a foot massager so that after your long runs you'll be able to keep your feet in good condition so they are prepared for the big run. The Conair has gel inserts that are located on the bottom which are very comfortable for feet. Also, the Conair has 2 massage rollers which get to both the heel and ball of the foot.

In general, look for a foot bath that has messaging jets, vibrating rollers, and the ability to add bubbles into the water so your feet get a good soaking. Some have pedicure attachments which are convenient for those that want more than a foot massage or bath. The most expensive product we looked at was the Brookstone Aqua-Jet Foot Massage Spa which sells for $100, but reviews showed that the bumps on the bottom of the unit were not all that comfortable and the remote was less than responsive.

Even the cheaper Dr. Scholl's Water Jet Pedicure Foot Spa ($32) rated above average on Amazon.com, but the product was a bit too basic so that is why we went with the Conair model. In looking for reviews, we found the best ones located on Amazon.com, Target.com, and on sites like Folica.com. The problem we found with most consumer comments was that they weren't very in depth in terms of features. They would say things like "delightful" or "great foot massage", but very few went into details of what they liked. Even the recent Wall Street Journal article on foot baths was lacking in overall depth.

The one thing that was apparent from all the customer feedback was that a real foot massage at a salon or spa was always superior to any home product. That being said, most foot bath owners said they would "take a home foot spa treatment over nothing at all". If you just want the basics, then consider the Dr. Scholl's foot spa found on sites like Amazon, but if you are the type that really likes to pamper yourself, go with the pricier options from Brookstone or Helen of Troy which give you more attachments for a true foot massage and bath. The one caveat on all these foot bath products, if you have rather large feet or perhaps extra wide feet, then the effects may not be the same as someone with a regular sized foot. Most of these were ok up to a mens size 12, but we rarely saw any mention of foot width on the manufacturers websites and a few reviewers with wide feet said they had trouble getting a "whole foot massage". You can browse the top selling foot spas and baths online here.

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Best Foot Bath:

The Helen Of Troy Hotspa Professional Ultimate Foot Bath ($82) received the most consistent reviews from buyers on Folica.com and in articles done by the Wall Street Journal. The Hot Spa foot bath heats up the cold water so that you get a comfortable temperature for your foot soaking and treatment. It stimulates bubble action and a water massage. If you like having the sole of your foot massaged then go with this product.

The drawbacks on the Hot Spa are that it makes too much noise and can be a bit loud and the pedicure attachments are "silly" as one reviewer noted. Overall, though, the feedback is positive on the foot massage and bath part which makes this a solid buy. The water jets and vibration will give your feet the rest and relaxation they need.

To check out how to use a foot bath as part of a complete home pedicure routine - click the image below to go to video.

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Top Rated Foot Spa and Massager:

Not all foot spa products for your house are rated that high, but the Aqua-Jet Foot Massage ($99) is one that gets a great ranking by professionals and home users. It's sold through Brookstone.com but you can buy it via the Amazon.com website. The vast majority of reviews are very positive and favorable. One of the few negative reviews was written by someone looking to get rid of "foot pain" which makes us think there are bigger issues beyond a foot massage that will solve that. Otherwise, owners said things like "water heats up fast", "relaxes your feet", and "give a good deep foot massage". Others who had tried cheaper foot baths say the Brookstone product is more solidly built and sturdier than the competition making the price justified. The two rotating hydro jets will relax and sooth sore feet and increase the overall circulation leaving your feet fresh and ready to go. We found the best reviews on Amazon (see HERE).

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Budget/Value Home Foot Baths:

As we mentioned before, some people don't need all the extras that come with the higher priced home foot spas. The Conair Cord-Keeper Massaging Spa Foot Bath or the Dr. Scholl's Water Jet Pedicure Foot Spa are both cheaper alternatives to the more expensive products. Dr. Scholl's gets good reviews on Amazon.com from those not looking for the ultimate experience in a home food massage. For $32, many owners of the Water Jet Pedicure from Dr. Scholl's say it's a "great value" and a total "bargain". We found the Conair to be a good value for our needs, although everyone is looking for something a little different. If you do have sore feet from work or running/exercise, make sure the pain or discomfort doesn't persist or you may need to see a podiatrist in order to find out what is causing the problem.

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