Updated: December 2017

Foot Massager Reviews:

(We recommend the best foot massager below..) How many of us have sore feet at the end of the day? There are countless professions where people have to be on their feet all day long and even with therapeutic shoes, sore feet is just part of the job. You used to see people on TV shows put their feet in a bucket/tray of hot water to help sooth aching feet. With technology we now can find foot massagers that offer heated, vibrating, water, and rolling massages. The whole idea is to take all the weight off of your feet and relax the muscles and bones that support your body all day. There's probably nothing better than an old fashioned foot massage given by your spouse or significant other, but the modern electric foot massagers are coming close in terms of results. Some foot massagers concentrate on just your feet while others do the calfs and lower leg muscles as well giving you a complete and thorough massage.

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Which ones are the best? I guess it depends on which part of your foot or calf needs the massage. We read countless reviews on the Osim iSqueez calf and foot massager and consumers said it works pretty good on your lower leg and calf muscles, but the bottom of your feet and toes are completely forgotten about. Many promise a shiatsu foot massage or feelings of being at a reflexologist. Dr. Scholl's, Conair and HoMedics all offer bath foot massagers with water jets to soothe tired and sore feet. These spa foot massagers use the pressure of water to relieve tension in your feet and calfs. In foot and massager forums we read reviews on various foot massager products to find out which ones are really the best. Amazon.com, Epinions, Folica.com, and Footsmart.com all have foot massagers to choose from and the websites have actual customer reviews. In researching this topic, we found that many foot doctors recommend proactive behavior rather than reactive. That is to say, foot doctors say you should buy the most comfortable shoes you can find and replace them often if you are on your feet all day. Don't wait until you get sore feet to try and solve the problem with a foot massager at home. I have a genetic disorder where my heals get very sore after wearing certain types of shoes and my podiatrist recommended gel insoles as well as purchasing new tennis shoes (or similar) every 6 months or so no matter if the shoes are still in good condition. My sore feet are gone, although my shoe budget has increased a bit. Please read our findings below on the best foot massagers on the market, but do keep in mind that the shoes you are wearing could have a large effect on how your feet feel after 10 to 12 hours of constantly being on your feet. You can browse the list of best-selling foot massagers here.

Best Foot Massager:

The Sharper Image MSI-F140H ($60) gets the best overall ratings and ranks as the most popular and best selling foot massager out there. Sharper Image is well known for all their massage products like massage chairs, back massagers, handheld massagers, and foot and calf massagers. The MSI-F140H truly does "revive tired feet" with it's Shiatsu head feature. The deep kneading the Sharper Image foot massager offers has been described as "thumb pressure" not found on most foot massagers. Owners also say they like the toe-touch control that is easy to switch on/off with your big toe. The legs are adjustable so you can change the massage angle at any time. Also, a soothing infrared heat option is available. Reviewers of this product say it can "tickle" a little at first, and some even suggest wearing socks to get your feet used to the massaging motion of the rotating heads. You can check out (all Homedics products here).

RECOMMENDED: Another top rated (but more expensive, around $190) foot massager is the 2014 Model Qlive QL-2000 Quality Foot Calf and Ankle Massager. This is a completely different animal, and really does a much more thorough job for your lower extremities -- for a real massage type massage, you really have to pay more than $50 -- but believe me, you get your money's worth here. It's a boot-style massager that surrounds feets, ankle, and calves, (looks like 2 big ski boots combined, the top side being open so you can slide your legs and feet into the "boot") similar to a popular Brookstone model. You can check it out in the picture at right. It's fairly large at nearly 50 pounds, but it really covers you from calf to toe. It uses kneading discs to SQUEEZE... (gently), and utilizes reflexology points on the bottom of your feet for real relaxation. Buy online today and have it in your house in a few days...

CUSTOMERS SAY: "I work as a waitress and my feet thank me for this purchase.. 15 minutes a day and I'm as good as new (well almost!). I have bought one for my mother."
"Tried the Brookstone model (which cost more) at the store before buying this one -- in my opinion this is same or better. They sure look similar, for all I know the same factory makes all these things. Solidly built.. very happy so far."

Bath Foot Massager:

Which is the best bath foot massager? We compared the Dr Scholl's Toe-touch Foot Spa with Bubbles and Massage ($18), the Conair FB12NR Ultra Massaging Footbath with Water Jet ($60) and the HoMedics BL-300 JetSpa Deluxe Foot Bath ($40). Dr. Scholl's foot massager was the cheapest in the group at less than $20, but it did perform ok considering how "loud and noisy" it is says one reviewer. The warm water and bubbles do help to relax your feet and toes, but it does not have the same massaging ability as the HoMedics. The HoMedics BL-300 JetSpa Deluxe Foot Bath was the clear winner of the 3. The Bl-300 features 5 powerful jets, super quiet bubbles, a spinning pedicure center with 3 attachments, and the ability to maintain warm water temperatures for 20 minutes. The Conair FB12NR was the most expensive and users say the vibrating massage works well initially, quite a few users complained that the vibrate mode stopped working properly. For durability and reliability reasons, we can't rate the Conair higher than the well-built HoMedics. Brookstone makes a model that is a winner with consumers, garnering almost all 4 and 5 star reviews with their heated Foot Bath. The heating element keeps the water up to a soothing 115 degrees (you can adjust heat, jet settings, and bubbles).

Ottoman Foot Massager:

The Human Touch Ottoman Foot and Calf Massager ($189-$300) is the top Ottomon foot massager for the money. We found several other leading brands that cost above $300, but the Human Touch was the best value of the lot. It's really a portable ottoman that can be carried from room to room in your home so that everyone can enjoy its therapeutic massage. There are 2 ergonomically shaped massaging plates that will work your muscles up to 20 minutes (set the timer). Let it massage your feet or calfs with just the right amount of pressure. Adjust the massage speed from high or low with the simple to use hand controller. In reading reviews, the Human Touch Ottoman came closer than any other in replicating what a personal masseuse would feel like. Another excellent buy is the slighly more expensive Interactive Health iJoy Ottoman 2.0 Robotic Calf and Foot Massager ($250) which features 10 rollers on each foot that simulate reflexology. You get 2 speeds and 1 program of varying speeds to keep your massages from being boring. There is a 20-minute automatic shut-off on the timer which can be useful since several reviewers claim they fell asleep using this ottoman foot massager. You can find these ottoman massagers online at Amazon.com or Footsmart.com.